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Article: Men’s luxury shirts: Style and quality from Barba Napoli

Men’s luxury shirts: Style and quality from Barba Napoli

Men’s luxury shirts: Style and quality from Barba Napoli

Many brands of menswear claim to have the title of luxury. But today, we want to tell you about a particularly unique brand with a history that starts with the best tailors in the city of Napoli. The name of this brand is Barba Napoli, and it makes dress shirts and blazers solely by hand and maintains the traditional Neapolitan style.

Classic clothes shop Barba Napoli: Brand history

The history of Barba Napoli began relatively recently in 1988 with the release of its first shirts. However, nowadays, the clothes shop offers a range of both men’s and women’s products, including a knitted products as well as coats or suits. It is considered one of the best shirt manufacturers in Italy and the world. The founder and owner of the brand is Raffaele Barba - a professional tailor.

Napoli - home of Barba Napoli, the classic clothes shop

Why was classic clothes shop Barba Napoli founded in Napoli? The fact is, Napoli had more tailors than any other city in Italy. Not only that, but the city was home to aristocrats and the Italy’s elite. These groups began their morning at a barber shop, after which they moved to the tailor’s, who undertook their most extravagant orders. The life of a noble person consisted of buying fashionable outfits, the art of being beautiful and spending money. Demanding clients were not only stressful but also a powerful motivation for professional growth. That is why Neapolitan tailors have such refined skills. Thirty years ago, Italians adopted the style of wearing light jackets with handmade shirts. There was no internet back then, but the trend gradually spread all over the world. The tailors had their work cut out for them - there was no equipment, the loops were made by hand, and the cuffs were too. The classic Neapolitan seam (with small folds) was not immediately appreciated by foreigners, as they did not realize its convenience. But this cut eventually became the trademark of the brand.

Neapolitan tailors are considered the best in the world, as they can combine the more severe classic London style with slight negligence, which Italians call sprezzatura.

The sprezzatura style needs to be discussed. In simple terms, it is carefully chosen negligence. This approach means looking as if you dressed carelessly, wearing whatever you found first. So, if an Italian has a button on his vest unbuttoned, a tie knot loosened, cufflinks that simply don’t go well, or a pocket square falling out of his pocket, most likely, this was not because he got dressed in a rush. He just knows that the devil is in the detail, and it can be beneficial for creating a stylish image. Italians wear shirts in an exquisite way.

How Italians wear shirts

An Italian puts on a shirt for work, for a picnic, going shopping or having breakfast at a nearby coffee shop. They wear shirts both tucked in and out and of any colour or pattern, even floral. The most popular colour for a shirt worn with a suit is blue, including various shades. But the most important thing is the silhouette! Usually, a fitted silhouette is the best option. Men often order shirts from specialty shops where you can choose a type and the fabric, and the shirt will then be sewn according to your measurements.

Italians very often roll up the sleeves of their shirts. A very elegant gesture is to come to work or for a meeting, take off your jacket, unbutton your sleeves, wave for a couple of minutes (don’t forget about active gestures and sleeves), and then tuck them up to the elbow in a smooth movement.

Barba Napoli white classic shirt

Barba Napoli is renowned for its traditional tailoring style that combines elegance, sophistication and exclusivity. Although there are many types of men’s clothing in the company’s selection, special attention is paid to shirts. They have always been the Barba family’s favourite. Since its launch, the brand has produced some of the best white classic shirts in the world.

Raffaele Barba himself started sewing shirts 35 years ago for a rather simple reason: it is the most sought after item of clothing. How often do you buy new pyjamas? Twice a year? Shirts are far more common. This is an essential element of a man’s wardrobe, especially a classic white shirt. Of course, now many people prefer T-shirts and jumpers, but still, every man has shirts.

The creation process of Barba Napoli’s white classic shirt

The process of making a classic white shirt (as with other types of shirts) takes a significant amount of time, as it is mostly done by hand and includes several stages.

How the Barba Napoli white classic shirt is made

Tailors, together with the brothers Lello and Mario Barba, select only the best fabrics for sewing that meet the high standards of Barba Napoli.

The fabric is cut in bright light so that any imperfections are noticeable.

All components of the white classic shirt, including the sleeves, are sewn together. Craftsmen carefully cut holes for buttons, trace the side stitching and make the collar symmetrical. Such painstaking work leads to high-quality products that are popular among stylish and well-dressed men around the world.

Distinguishing features of the Barba Napoli white classic shirts

The Barba Napoli white classic shirts are made exclusively in Italy by hand;

Single yoke;

Thick, high-quality mother-of-pearl buttons;

Collars are fused.

All shirts are sewn with one needle

High density of stitches - 6 by 1 cm for long seams and 7 by 1 cm on the collar and cuffs

Buttons are sewn in the Neapolitan “chicken foot” way

The sleeves are sewn on after sewing the shirt body, which indicates really high quality.

Buy a designer men’s shirt as a gift

If you want a cool gift, a Barba Napoli men’s shirt is what you need. But the man you are gifting it to needs to understand what it is. Experts in the world of men’s fashion say that the ability to wear shirts is given. There are men who literally change when they put on a suit. Others do not know how to wear a suit at all and will look like a child in their father’s clothes. So you have to understand that this man will appreciate the gift.

If we are talking about the Neapolitan style, then, according to Raffaele Barba, in the modern world, this style has moved away from Naples. Some appreciate it, and some do not. It is, by definition, more relaxed and informal. And it will bring joy only to a man who appreciates it.

Where to buy a designer men’s shirt

In our online store you can find a large number of luxury brands. And if you are trying to find where to buy designer men’s shirt, you should pay attention to the Barba Napoli brand, which we also offer. It truly demonstrates the quality and originality of the product. Just imagine that you don’t have to go to a boutique in London or Naples. You can order a high quality and handmade shirt in our online store.

Here we have specially selected the best models of Barba Napoli shirts for you. Go ahead and take a look.

Barba Napoli Classic Shirt Blue

Barba Napoli Classic Shirt Black

Barba Napoli DandyLife Shirt Multicolour

And here are some overcoats of Barba Napoli brand:

Barba Napoli Brio Overcoat Beige

Barba Napoli Brio Overcoat Navy

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