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Faliero Sarti Beige Gioco del Baco da SetaFaliero Sarti Beige Gioco del Baco da Seta
Faliero Sarti Beige BaleariFaliero Sarti Beige Baleari
Faliero Sarti Beige Baleari Sale price$346.00
Faliero Sarti Beige Holiday In ItalyFaliero Sarti Beige Holiday In Italy
Sold outFaliero Sarti Blue ProvenceFaliero Sarti Blue Provence
Faliero Sarti Blue Provence Sale price$346.00
Faliero Sarti Beige Palazzo Del QuirinaleFaliero Sarti Beige Palazzo Del Quirinale
Faliero Sarti Brown Hearst CastleFaliero Sarti Brown Hearst Castle
Faliero Sarti Blue Palazzo BorromeoFaliero Sarti Blue Palazzo Borromeo
Faliero Sarti Blue LoryFaliero Sarti Blue Lory
Faliero Sarti Blue Lory Sale price$428.00
Faliero Sarti Pink GinnyFaliero Sarti Pink Ginny
Faliero Sarti Pink Ginny Sale price$166.00
Sold outSave $88.00Faliero Sarti Grey DanteFaliero Sarti Grey Dante
Faliero Sarti Grey Dante Sale price$205.00 Regular price$293.00
Save $92.00Faliero Sarti Grey New EraFaliero Sarti Grey New Era
Faliero Sarti Grey New Era Sale price$216.00 Regular price$308.00
Sold outSave $92.00Faliero Sarti Beige Mon AmourFaliero Sarti Beige Mon Amour
Faliero Sarti Beige Mon Amour Sale price$216.00 Regular price$308.00
Save $76.00Faliero Sarti Beige LuckFaliero Sarti Beige Luck
Faliero Sarti Beige Luck Sale price$176.00 Regular price$252.00
Save $56.00Faliero Sarti Brown GianlucaFaliero Sarti Brown Gianluca
Faliero Sarti Brown Gianluca Sale price$132.00 Regular price$188.00
Save $106.00Faliero Sarti Multicolor Musei VaticaniFaliero Sarti Multicolor Musei Vaticani
Faliero Sarti Multicolor Musei Vaticani Sale price$247.00 Regular price$353.00
Save $124.00Faliero Sarti Multicolor PaolinaFaliero Sarti Multicolor Paolina
Faliero Sarti Multicolor Paolina Sale price$289.00 Regular price$413.00
Save $141.00Faliero Sarti Beige KatalinFaliero Sarti Beige Katalin
Faliero Sarti Beige Katalin Sale price$329.00 Regular price$470.00
Save $115.00Faliero Sarti Grey CorazonFaliero Sarti Grey Corazon
Faliero Sarti Grey Corazon Sale price$268.00 Regular price$383.00
Save $83.00Faliero Sarti Multicolor LinusFaliero Sarti Multicolor Linus
Faliero Sarti Multicolor Linus Sale price$195.00 Regular price$278.00
Save $71.00Faliero Sarti Pink ShantaFaliero Sarti Pink Shanta
Faliero Sarti Pink Shanta Sale price$166.00 Regular price$237.00
Save $128.00Faliero Sarti Brown SavanaFaliero Sarti Brown Savana
Faliero Sarti Brown Savana Sale price$300.00 Regular price$428.00
Moschino Red Printed ScarfMoschino Red Printed Scarf
Moschino Red Printed Scarf Sale price$106.00
Moschino Purple ScarfMoschino Purple Scarf
Moschino Purple Scarf Sale price$124.00
Moschino Red ScarfMoschino Red Scarf
Moschino Red Scarf Sale price$98.00
Moschino Grey Shawl
Moschino Grey Shawl Sale price$256.00
Moschino Pink Printed ShawlMoschino Pink Printed Shawl
Moschino Pink Printed Shawl Sale price$233.00
Moschino White Printed SquareMoschino White Printed Square
Moschino Yellow Printed ScarfMoschino Yellow Printed Scarf
Sold outMoschino Printed Scarf Moschino BlackMoschino Printed Scarf Moschino Black
Moschino Blue Printed ScarfMoschino Blue Printed Scarf
Moschino Blue Printed Scarf Sale price$109.00
Joshua Ellis Beige Featherweight Plain NaturalJoshua Ellis Beige Featherweight Plain Natural
Joshua Ellis Multicolor Classic Check RippleJoshua Ellis Multicolor Classic Check Ripple
Joshua Ellis Red Classic Blackwatch RippleJoshua Ellis Red Classic Blackwatch Ripple
Joshua Ellis Dark Brown Classic Blackwatch RippleJoshua Ellis Dark Brown Classic Blackwatch Ripple
Joshua Ellis Purple Classic Blackwatch RippleJoshua Ellis Purple Classic Blackwatch Ripple
Joshua Ellis Brown RP SandJoshua Ellis Brown RP Sand
Joshua Ellis Brown RP Sand Sale price$462.00
Joshua Ellis Grey Classic Plain Ripple SpecialJoshua Ellis Grey Classic Plain Ripple Special
Joshua Ellis Orange Classic Check RippleJoshua Ellis Orange Classic Check Ripple
Joshua Ellis Beige RP Dark Fawn FadeJoshua Ellis Beige RP Dark Fawn Fade
Joshua Ellis RP Grey SolderJoshua Ellis RP Grey Solder
Joshua Ellis RP Grey Solder Sale price$222.00
Joshua Ellis Beige Classic Check Brushed FudgeJoshua Ellis Beige Classic Check Brushed Fudge
Joshua Ellis Mid Steel/White Grey ChalkstripeJoshua Ellis Mid Steel/White Grey Chalkstripe
Joshua Ellis Brown Classic Check Brushed BlockJoshua Ellis Brown Classic Check Brushed Block
Joshua Ellis Brown Windowpane Crocket/Dark FawnJoshua Ellis Brown Windowpane Crocket/Dark Fawn
Joshua Ellis Mid Steel/White Grey WindowpaneJoshua Ellis Mid Steel/White Grey Windowpane
Joshua Ellis Red Classic Tartan Brushed RoyalJoshua Ellis Red Classic Tartan Brushed Royal
Sold outJoshua Ellis Grey Classic Pain Brushed SolderJoshua Ellis Grey Classic Pain Brushed Solder
Joshua Ellis Mid Grey Classic Plain BrushedJoshua Ellis Mid Grey Classic Plain Brushed

Women's Scarves

A luxury designer scarf will help emphasize your style, brighten the outfit, complete an image, or hide from the cold!

Popular models

Do you want to buy a fashionable women`s scarf but need to know which one to choose? You don't have to worry about it because the Original Luxury store has all the models that are in trend now:

  • Monochrome classics of pastel, neutral, and muffled tones as in premium models of Escorial.
  • Colorful variety - spectacular plaid and stripes in juicy colors of fashionable Joshua Ellis scarves .
  • Monograms and inscriptions - a stylish unobtrusive shading addition like Moschino.
  • Incredible prints - floral motifs, geometric ornaments, and patterns of luxury scarfs that Billionaire is famous for. However, the brand has more quiet models.

How to choose a scarf?

Considering that Original Luxury has a lot of original designer scarves when choosing, the main guidelines are:

  • material;
  • price;
  • type of knitting;
  • color;
  • presence of print and fringe;
  • texture;
  • brand;
  • width;
  • length;
  • style.

How to wear a women`s scarf?

Accessories are an integral part of the image, which can create a fashionable appearance. Wear a premium scarf with a jacket, blazer, or coat; the main thing is that it harmonizes with clothes and shoes, as well as is suitable for the occasion and style:

  • Strict conservative style. Choose predominantly monochrome, in particular elite white silk or satin scarf.
  • Business style. A broader palette is acceptable here, but not bright. It can be complemented by stripes, unobtrusive checkered print, "pied-de-poule," and "herringbone."
  • Sporty style depends on the type of sport, but not voluminous, short enough, and narrow. A bright coloring will look great.
  • Street style. You can complement the image with an accessory with decor or a catchy pattern.
  • Casual style. Textured, modest models without significant elements and knitting are suitable.

If you are looking for a fashionable, original women`s scarf, Original Luxury store will definitely offer the right thing in the catalog. It contains the latest collections of accessories from England (Joshua Ellis, Escorial) and Italy (Billionaire, Moschino), which will become a luxurious element of a stylish image.