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Article: 15 Style Tips Every Man Should Know

15 Style Tips Every Man Should Know

15 Style Tips Every Man Should Know

Men's fashion is constantly changing. Stylists and fashion designers around the world are always on the hunt for new stylish ideas for men. Men's clothing is still considered not as diverse as women's, but the options are definitely growing, while still maintaining a relatively conservative, classic style for those who want it.

The ability to dress stylishly can be learned, and you can use this skill to gradually improve your image. However, as said, the main advantage of men's clothing is that it is quite conservative. Therefore, to look good, you only need to remember a few simple rules that will put you right on the path to being "stylish."

Below we will outline the main rules on how to combine what you have in your wardrobe to achieve a more fashionable image.

  1. Buy mens t-shirts in the right colour
    When it comes to a suit, the shirt should be lighter than the rest. This will slim down your figure. This tip also works for shirts and business suits. For those who do not want to spend too much money and end up with an unmanageable wardrobe, but still want to wear stylish apparel, we recommend limiting yourself to black, dark blue and grey shades. The first is ideal for special occasions, and the rest for business meetings and everyday wear.
  2. Do not tuck jeans into shoes.
    It is better just to roll them a little. You want your elegant shoes to be clearly visible, and, besides, rolled-up trousers are the leading trend this year.
  3. Learn to create accents in clothes – buy mens tie or silk scarf, etc.
    Buy mens tie or a pocket square, or a unique scarf – these will help you create a stunning look. Warm and bright colours in clothes suit darker skin tones.
  4. A jacket with one or two buttons can make your figure look more trim.
  5. If you do want to look slimmer, avoid horizontal stripes.
  6. For those who strive to "grow" visually, try dark jeans with a T-shirt or shirt a few shades lighter. Shorter men should avoid loose or baggy clothing.
  7. Medium-length socks should be worn to avoid exposing your legs while sitting (when the pants naturally lift).
  8. Combine accessories harmoniously. Keep track of the colour combination of accessories such as your belt buckle, tie clip, cufflinks, and watch. Your tie should reach the top of your belt buckle. Try wearing a pocket square occasionally, as it will give your look some personality. Everything must be in harmony with the colour scheme of the tie.
  9. For a bigger sized gentleman, it is better to give preference to a single-breasted jacket rather than a two-breasted one.
  10. A checkered shirt could be worn with a monotonous tie in black or grey. Or go for the colour of one of the shirt cells.
  11. Do not unbutton more than two buttons on sports shirts.
  12. A denim shirt goes well with jeans only when it is one-two tones lighter than said jeans.
  13. In whatever style, remember: the sleeve of your shirt should always be longer than the sleeve of your jacket. You should see your shirt sleeve peeking out.
  14. The collar of your shirt should always be perfectly ironed, even if you're wearing a jacket.
  15. Carefully choose your sock colour. You need to build around the colours of your trousers. If trousers are striped, choose monotone socks, while plaid trousers can be worn with socks that feature geometric shapes. Don't think black socks are your automatic fallback. Brown or dark grey socks should definitely be the first choice in this regard.

Try to leave the so-called "comfort zone" more often: wear things you would not normally wear, and be more daring. Doing this will open up a new world of fashion possibilities.

Zilli - Luxury men's clothing

There is one brand of menswear that offers classic products for a man's look. Zilli is a French brand providing respectable ultra-luxury menswear named after its creator, tailor Teofilo Zilli.

Zilli men's clothing is created in such a way that you can get everything you could possibly need just from this one brand. Zilli covers all bases: from everyday and business to evening and formal for special occasions.

Buy mens classic shirts from Zilli to achieve the ultimate classic style

Buying products from Zilli will demonstrate to the world a refined taste you have in your clothing. You should even consider how building your wardrobe with this brand will help you in your career and could potentially boost your status in the society around you.

In the online store "Originalluxury", you can buy mens classic shirts from Zilli menswear.

Zilli Classic Shirt White

Zilli Classic Shirt Blue

Zilli Classic Shirt Red

Zilli pays special attention to practical and comfortable casual wear. In Zilli's collections, you can find several different forms of 'casual.'

Casual. This includes the most comfortable examples of clothing: long sleeves, T-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, polos, chinos, jeans, informal shoes, and so on.

Smart. This trend is also going for casual but in a business style: shirts, blazers, skinny trousers, office-style shoes, and so on.

Sport. Zilli clothing in a sporty style: T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, sneakers, etc.

The colour scheme of all lines covers every possible figure, appearance and skin tone. It is universal and built around basic colours: black, gray, beige, white, blue, light blue, and burgundy.

 Zilli Shirt Lova Zip Petroleum Blue

Zilli Cap Red


Zilli David Sunglasses

Zilli Leather Jacket

This brand became famous thanks to its leather jacket, which even began to be called a "second skin." The fact is that initially, Teofilo was not just a talented tailor; he was a unique master in leather processing and introduced many new methods to the field. The Zilli jacket he created became revolutionary.

Zilli jacket sale online in «Originalluxury»

You can attend a jacket sale online in our online store. Zilli-brand jackets are the style and quality you could expect from the ultra-luxury class. Especially for you, we have selected several trending products for this year.

Zilli Jacket Navy

Zilli Jacket Navy


Zilli shoes are a real work of art. Any pair is unique, no matter the style. Of course, taking the top prize are the classic models: brogues, oxfords, derbies.
Semi-formal classic shoes are also important: moccasins, Chelsea, loafers. As for the casual, informal group, the brand excels in laconic sneakers, sandals, sneakers and low shoes.

Zilli Boston Matelasse shoes Chianti/Bordeaux

Any of this brand's footwear will be a profitable purchase for several reasons: the quality of the product, which will not wear down even after a decade, as well as the simple design, which will allow you to fit a pair into any ensemble.

Zilli Bags

The main attraction of these bags is the structure of the leather. The recognizable geometric Zilli print or company logo can be seen right in the design. The fittings are also often gold plated.


This brand's various accessories are typically created in a minimalist style. Here we can also see the use of neutral palettes, prints and patterns. Most often, designs are selected in an oriental style, for example, Arabic, Persian or Indian. But they are practical and won't overwhelm anything they're paired with.

Zilli Taurillon Graine Belt 40mm Black

Zilli Boston Z Buckle Belt 35mm Blue

Zilli Woody Sunglasses

If you are interested in creating a successful man's wardrobe, then pay close attention to what our best stylists have selected for you in the current fashion season 2020/2021. Here is the link.

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