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Barba Napoli Burgundy Spider CoatBarba Napoli Burgundy Spider Coat
Barba Napoli Beige Brio CoatBarba Napoli Beige Brio Coat
Barba Napoli Beige Brio Coat Sale price$1,424.00
Barba Napoli Navy Brio CoatBarba Napoli Navy Brio Coat
Barba Napoli Navy Brio Coat Sale price$1,123.00
SALEBillionaire Black Long CoatBillionaire Black Long Coat
Billionaire Black Long Coat Sale price$1,065.00 Regular price$2,129.00

Men's Coats

Are you looking for designer men's coats? Here at the Original Luxury store, we offer many trendy new products for you. They can be long and short, with or without a belt, with a graceful clasp or with many buttons. The coats are waiting for their new owner who wishes to highlight their sense of style and their impeccable image.

Choosing the right luxury coat: the basis for your image

Do you want to choose the most luxurious coats, but you can’t decide which to buy? Nowadays, designers offer many various clothing item models. In order for you to not get overwhelmed by it all, we offer several hints:

  • Pay attention to the fit: a fashionable coat must be beautiful, but it also has to highlight the wearer’s figure while obfuscating its imperfections.
  • The material must definitely be natural. For the spring/fall season, you can use coats made of cotton, linen, and fine leather. For winter, the best option will be cashmere or camel wool, which was implemented in a designer coat by Barba Napoli.
  • The size of a brand coat has to provide freedom of movement, so that you can actively move. Don’t forget: during the cold season, you have to also wear a blazer or a jumper.
  • The color is one of the important parameters affecting the chance of a purchase. It has to fit your style, be in line with fashion trends, and highlight the elite status of the coat.

Premium men`s coats – Original Luxury’s best

Our store is delighted to offer you only the most luxurious coats, and given our 20 years of experience, we are good at what we are doing. The features of our clothes are:

  • Unique design: the unusual cuts and fits and the exclusive prints with trims will certainly attract the attention of a true connoisseur.
  • High-quality materials: natural fabric and expensive accessories.
  • Expression of style: a well-chosen brand coat will always serve as the highlight of your image.
  • Price: the cost of high-quality and exclusive clothing items is always considerable. Purchasing a premium coat will be a smart investment, showing the status of the owner.

A plethora of colors, cuts and fits of fashionable coats awaits you at Original Luxury!