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Article: Incotex - luxury pants for the office and everyday life. Best choice for cotton pants online shopping

Incotex - luxury pants for the office and everyday life. Best choice for cotton pants online shopping

Incotex is an Italian brand of trousers and jeans for men and women, owned by the Italian company Slowear S.p.a. The brand's narrow focus on just jeans and trousers has allowed the company's designers to create the perfect versions of these items of clothing. The fashion house pays maximum attention to detail and interior decoration quality, which any customer is sure to appreciate. Incotex men's trousers are solid one-colour models with a classic fit at the waist. The design may not be very extravagant; however even the buttons are made of noble materials, for example, from natural horn. These trousers are so well-tailored that fakes are difficult or almost impossible to make. That is why they are the number one choice for cotton pants online shopping.

Incotex trousers - all about the brand

Incotex was founded by Carlo Compagni in 1951 in the city of Mira, near Venice. Initially, Incotex produced pants for big luxury brands, as well as army uniforms, but eventually entered the market under its own brand. In the 1970s, Carlo's sons, Marzio and Roberto Compagno, took over the company.

Since the early 1980s, Incotex has been creating its trousers with a special belt hook holder. This is made by threading the "needle" of the belt buckle into the loop. Thus, the belt is held in a loop and does not slip.

By the early 2000s, the brand had achieved a strong position in the American, Japanese, and other markets. The majority of the products (about 70%) were exported, but many were still sold in Italy.

In 2002, the brand expanded to women's trousers. In the same year, the very active marketing development of Incotex started. In the 2000s, Incotex grew significantly and acquired several other clothing brands including Glanshirt, Zanone and Montedoro. All of these brands are now part of the Slowear S.P.A. company, headed by Roberto Compagno.

Lines and series of Incotex trousers. New stylish cotton pants

Although many sewing traditions have remained in Incotex since 1951, this does not mean that the brand hasn't modernized. New stylish cotton pants continually appear in the product line. Let's take a more detailed look at Incotex trousers' main lines and series.

Venezia 1951 - austere (though not too formal) trousers. Zipper from YKK + three buttons; all buttons are made from natural horn or bone (including the spare button). This model has a split waistband and the belt hook holder we described above. Many models are garment-dyed. The materials are cotton and cotton with linen, sometimes with the addition of 1-3% elastane. Cunning machines are used to imitate hand seams (on the codpiece, sometimes along the pocket edges). The lining is usually missing. There are no branded engravings on the buttons, and there are no extremely visible logos on the outside of the trousers.

Archivio – the trousers in this line are distinguished by special finishes and specially selected fabrics, for a vintage look. There are woollen and tweed models (albeit light ones). Archivio trousers have a specific belt design, including a split waistband, but this isn't typical (see photo below). These trousers are fastened with a vertical fastener comprising three buttons (not a zipper!) + A horizontal fastener consisting of a button and hook. The buttons are made of horn or bone (including the spare button). There isn't a belt hook holder.

Chinolino - casual trousers made from a blend of cotton and linen. These trousers include a split waistband. Details may vary depending on the model. For example, the fastener could be either a zipper + 3 buttons, a zipper + 2 buttons, or a zipper + 1 button. Buttons could be made of metal and horn, with or without branded engraving.

Incotex RED (i.e. Slacks) are informal trousers, with young people in mind. The material is cotton or cotton with linen. The buttons are usually metal (including the spare button). Zipper from YKK + two buttons ("bolts") without branded engraving. There is a split waistband but no belt hook holder. There are models with effects like washing and degrading. This model line also offers more stand-out models, with rhinestones and appliqués. There is usually a logo under the belt or around the pocket. As a rule, the logo is discreet, but on some models, it is very noticeable.

Jeans - usually without a split waistband, although some models have it. The jeans have no selvedge. Zip fastener from YKK and metal button ("bolt") with branded engraving. There are models with a washed effect, too, and there is a logo on the outside. The pockets sometimes have a particularly nice lining. Some models have a belt hook holder.

A few words about the cut options. In each series (except Archivio), there are skinny trousers/jeans, slim, and more loose forms. The length varies significantly from model to model and also depends on the size. For example, in the Venezia 1951 line, trousers are long (from 35 to 38 inches at the inseam), depending on the size. Jeans and most informal trousers are often shorter (usually 32 to 34.5 inches at the inseam), depending on size.

Black casual trousers from Incotex. Detailed description

Incotex makes excellent black casual trousers, sold both under the Incotex name and other brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna. Let's take a look at Incotex pants in detail to understand why they are so popular.

Incotex Casual Trousers Black

Let's start with the fabric. The model in question is made of high-quality cotton with the addition of 2% elastane. The fabric is dense and pleasant to the touch and very comfortable. If you look closely, you will notice that the material is textured: the diagonal lines consist of peculiar teeth.

The fabric is also excellent because it is dense enough for the trousers to be worn in cold weather. However, due to the excellent breathability, these black casual trousers can also be worn in summer (although they may not be the best option for exceedingly hot weather). Naturally, these cotton trousers are machine washable but requires special care as instructed in the label.

The hinges, of course, are seamed on a machine tool, but not in the typical way.

However, one of the trademark features of this Incotex line is a unique loop for fixing a belt (belt tab or belt hook holder). The "needle" of the belt must be passed through the loop and then fastened. It may seem awkward at first, but you'll quickly get used to it, and you may not even need it if your belt doesn't slip.

The "insides" of the trousers are very neat and elegant. The care label, in particular, is not made of paper and does not stick out to the side, as is often the case. Instead, it is entirely sewn inside and made of dense blue fabric.

Finally, we'd like to note the split waistband, which is an indicator of the tailors' skill and the time spent on the product's production. We believe that this waistband provides a more comfortable fit, but it is still more decorative and, perhaps, even partly "status" detail.

Where to buy trousers online?

Incotex pants can be purchased at Slowear brand stores in Padua, Rome, Milan, Paris, New York and several other cities. However, we know that not everyone has the opportunity to fly to New York or Paris for the new stylish cotton pant. If you are interested in this brand and want to buy trousers online you can place an order in our internet store, or visit our showroom at #11-8888 Keele st..

We have selected the best models of trousers for you. Take a look!

Incotex Casual Trousers Beige


Incotex Casual Trousers Burgundy


Incotex Classic Trousers Blue

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