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Article: Designer Shirts for Men by Robert Graham. How to choose a luxury shirt

Designer Shirts for Men by Robert Graham. How to choose a luxury shirt

The image of a bold and confident man is impossible without suitable luxury shirts, and Robert Graham shirts play a large role in creating masculine outfits. Robert Graham is a luxury shirt brand, well known internationally. The brand’s products have long occupied a reasonable proportion of the wardrobes of modern gentlemen. Given that it is a popular and respected brand, the company is not afraid of competition, because it is confident in the impressive quality and consistent style of its designer shirts for men. This is why the company is able to maintain its reputation as a successful producer for every season.

For the 2020 collection of Robert Graham shirts, we can see an amazing combination of fashion, quality, and style. Rober Graham allows every modern man to find a shirt that suits him, whether it is a laid back shirt in calm shades with an unobtrusive design, or a bright shirt with an abstract pattern, to show off his individuality. All products of the company have exquisite detailing and a truly subtle sense of style. For Robert Graham, it’s the details that matter. Even simple-looking models contain a “zest” that lies in special fittings and special combinations of materials. Original touches make the company's products recognizable and unique.

How to choose a stylish shirt

The look of a stylishly dressed man largely depends on his stylish shirt. You can flaunt an expensive and fashionably cut suit, but, if a man's shirt does not match it, the result will look blank and definitely not impressive.

When planning a purchase, it is important to understand:

  • What you intend to wear the shirt for (ie., business even, social gathering, etc.);
  • What style is preferable to ensure better fit of the look;
  • A modern stylish shirt should have a collar;
  • Color should match the rest of your look;
  • Above all else, the shirt should be a good fit.

How to choose a men's shirt of the right size

The first step is to make sure the collar fits properly, particularly if you will be wearing the shirt with a tie. When the collar is buttoned, there should be a distance of 1 - 1.5 cm between the neck and the collar.

If you choose a classic shirt to wear with a tie, pay attention to the stiffness of the collar. A collar that is too soft will not look nor feel good. Normally special stiffeners are inserted into the collar for rigidity. Also, remember that after washing, the fabric may shrink, so make sure you do not purchase a shirt with a collar that fits too snugly around your neck.

The shoulder seam should be exactly in line with the end of your shoulder.

The sleeve should cover the wrist. If the cuffs are closed with buttons they should protrude from the sleeves of the jacket by 1 cm. If you choose to wear cufflinks, then by 2 cm.

Shirt length can confuse people a little. It is important, however, that the shirt is not just long enough to be tucked in, but rather the shirt should cover the buttocks. If not, when you rise from a sitting position you run the risk of your shirt coming out of the back of your pants. Not a good look, particularly for a formal event.

It is easy to check shirt’s length. You need to tuck your shirt into your trousers and raise your hands. If the shirt is too short, it will come out of the trousers, and this will not be a good look. If the shirt is too long, it will look comical when tucked in.

Style and purpose

There are many styles of shirt, enough to confuse the uninitiated, but we have narrowed it down to three main styles in general.


The timeless classic - Regular-Fit - implies a regular cut, and the collar is usually stiff, rectangular or slightly pointed at the ends. The classic does not come in vivid colours or pretentious prints. The only decoration, normally, is an optional chest pocket.

Slim-fit, on the other hand, is the opposite, offering many options. This is the sort of shirt that is normally worn in less formal situations. It matches with jeans, light trousers, or shorts. Such shirts are often tapered cut, with many pockets and bright colours. As for the collar, since a tie is not normally worn, it is soft. Some shirts of this style dispense with the collar entirely.

Custom-Fit has a loose fit and is suitable for men of all sizes. They are usually worn with sweaters and jackets.

Collar types

Just basic style, though, is not enough. The collar will tell a lot about the owner of the clothing, his preferences and tastes. Choice of collar will have a major impact on the look of the shirt, and therefore, on the look of the man.

The classic collar type is suitable for people with square or heart-shaped faces.

French, due to its width, is ideal for faces with triangular shapes and rough features. Quite large ties are required, with a large knot.

"Kent" is worn with a bow tie. Unbuttoned it also looks elegant. It’s a versatile collar.

The corners of the "Oxford" visually form an acute angle. Popular models go well with jumpers and suits.

The Italian collar has straight points and a wide spread. A tie is not normally welcome.

"Butterfly", a standing collar with slightly curved corners, was created specifically for the tie of the same name. Generally, the Butterfly requires a tailed coat and an important occasion. In a less formal situation, can work well with a scarf.

The tab has a button on the underside of the collar to push the tie out slightly. It is suitable both for quite formal events and for everyday meetings. Of course, it is intended to be worn with a tie.

Crombie, with its pointed edges directed downward, is for men who value quality, not fashion trends. The collar will work well with a tie, but will not look out of place without.

Batten down looks great on sportswear and is certainly meant to be worn sans tie.

The Varno never touches the shirt with the corners of the collar. A dense material is used that creates elasticity and keeps the collar edges slightly away from the shirt.

"Mandarin" has no fold-over edges. Obviously not to be worn with a tie, it can add elegance in a less traditional way.

The Eton collar, with rounded edges, has a delicate look. A soft cardigan is most popular with this look.


The classic look is white and various shades of blue. However, stylists' recommendations suggest that seasonality matters. So, in cold weather, you should wear clothes of darker colours. Black, wine, blue, grey, rich beige, and browns are appropriate in winter and autumn. In the spring and summer, preference is normally given to shirts of light blue, light beige, light lilac, and other light shades. However, do not forget about the features of the physique; sometimes spring colours may be inappropriate, drawing attention to what needs to be hidden. Well-known fashion designers believe that there are universal colours that have no relation to the seasons - black and dark blue.

How to buy classic shirt for men. Important tips.

There are further suggestions on how to buy classic shirt for men beyond the issues mentioned before. We have collected the most important tips to consider when choosing this important piece of clothing.

When choosing, the first thing you should pay attention to is the fabric the shirt is made from. Ideally, this should be 100% cotton. This is the most practical option. Such shirt allows air to pass through easily, allows your body to breathe, and therefore will not cause you any discomfort. In addition, there are also mixed materials. For example, viscose, silk, or polyester can be added to cotton. This option is quite common, and it costs less, but it will also affect the quality of the product. Therefore, our advice to you is simple - do not look for bargains, it is better to pay more for your comfort.

For expensive classic shirts, designers use light weave fabrics such as poplin, royal oxford, twill, and pinpoint. They all consist of 100% natural cotton, differing only in the twists and weave of the threads. This is a huge area, and one well beyond the needs of this article. It’s probably enough to remember the importance of cotton.

Another important point is that the fabric should not allow anything to show through. Firstly, this is because some people prefer to wear an undershirt under a shirt. In general, if an under-shirt is visible under the shirt, it will wreck the look. Secondly, many men may have hair on their chests. Showing that off under a business or formal shirt is not really desirable. To avoid such issues, just choose a denser fabric for your shirt.

We discussed colour before, but remember for a classic men's suit, you need to choose a shirt of a suitable colour without a pattern. Basically, you can’t go wrong with snow-white or white, as well as light shades (light blue, light pink, beige). Another great option would be saturated colours - burgundy, cherry, etc.

Keep in mind that in the classic version, the colour of the buttons should match the colour of the shirt. Remember that it is important that all three components are in harmony: suit, shirt, and tie or bow tie.

Why should I buy Robert Graham shirts?

Wearing Robert Graham shirts will give you a feeling of confidence and freedom. Robert Graham shirts are elegant, while still allowing you to show your individuality. Robert Graham shirts are available in our online store, where we are ready to provide quality service and reliable delivery.

Here we have chosen for you some shirts of this unique brand. Feel free to take a look.

Robert Graham Andretti Shirt Steel

Robert Graham Andretti Shirt Black

Robert Graham Glory Days Shirt Purple

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