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Article: The Art of Living to a Higher Standard — Billionaire: Classic Clothes for Men Made From Stingray Leather, Rare Furs, and Diamond Powder

The Art of Living to a Higher Standard — Billionaire: Classic Clothes for Men Made From Stingray Leather, Rare Furs, and Diamond Powder

Italian fashion brand Billionaire was founded in 2005 by the talented and creative businessman Flavio Briatore. To implement his creative ideas, the entrepreneur teamed up with the famous designer Angelo Galasso, who invented the unique Watch Cuff shirts (with special cuffs for convenient watch wearing). Thanks to the exceptional quality and unusual, expensive materials of his clothing and accessories, as well as strong marketing, the young brand quickly gained popularity in high society.

Flavio Briatore believes that his main talent is the ability to succeed and create a new lifestyle in any field. The meeting with Galasso and the creation of the Billionaire brand allowed him to make exotic leather jackets, rare fur coats, fine silk shirts, Australian wool jumpers, velvet jackets, key rings with rubies, buttons with diamond chips and new versions of his famous shirts. The Billionaire collections features embroidered ornaments and unusual prints, on which the brand’s creative team is constantly working.

Billionaire clothes, shoes, and accessories are intended for successful men from big cities who know how to work and relax. Branded items are handmade and produced in small batches, and the number of stores where you can purchase branded products is strictly limited. Thus, only select customers can become owners of their exquisite wardrobe essentials.

A Unique Brand Philosophy

Billionaire presents a luxuriously eccentric wardrobe for mature men who are not afraid to show who they are and who they want to become. The strong, courageous, and stubborn Billionaire man does not need boring, traditional clothes because he does not want to resemble his Swiss accountant. He is proud of his achievements and ready to demonstrate them without fear. His clothing — from a crocodile leather trench coat to a jacquard jacket with a metallic sheen — is a clear indication of success and does not go unnoticed. Billionaire brand products, like their owners, maximize the style of a confident person.

Each Billionaire model combines valuable natural materials with the best traditions of its tailor's art. Outerwear is made from exotic leather and rare fur, and shirts are made of the finest silk, with a special design on the upper loop. Suits are cut using the Neapolitan cut and look especially exquisite thanks to their gold buttons. Soft and warm Australian wool is used for sweaters. Shoes are made using wooden nails, and each pair is assigned its own serial number. The collection also contains stingray leather belts, trinkets with rubies, and more.

Billionaire is equally meticulous in its product packaging. For example, jeans are sold in cedar boxes to keep the fabric soft.

How to Buy Men’s Shoes

If you want to buy men’s shoes, first, you need to visualize your whole look. Shoes are one of the main components of a man's suit. A man’s shoes and ties reveal his essence. For example, for a more serious man, the Billionaire Runner Crest shoes with a small insert would be perfect, like those shown here:

Billionaire Runner Crest shoes Black/Gold

Patent-leather shoes made of genuine leather with metal inserts in gold or black would be perfect for a rocker style or artist. Python and crocodile Moccasins would look especially stylish. Billionaire’s shoes are quite comfortable, keeping your legs from feeling tired, especially after a long day.

What if I want to buy men’s trousers of the Billionaire brand?

There are a few things to consider, before you go out to buy men’s trousers. A well-fitting pair of men’s trousers is a key component to making any outfit look smart and sophisticated. It’s the choice of trousers (not watches) that really show whether a man knows how to dress stylishly or not.

Billionaire trousers are cut to shape and lengthen your legs. In terms of colors and patterns, there are as many pairs of trousers in absolutely fantastic colors as there are in classic styles. All are made of high-quality materials. When selecting your pair, ensure that you look for comfort, that they fit you in length (a good tailor may be your best friend here), and that they represent your style. The Original Luxury website has many pairs for you to choose from.

Buy a black t-shirt.

A wardrobe classic. Every man should have a stylish black t-shirt with the Billionaire logo in his wardrobe. The prints on these t-shirts are quite diverse and well-executed. For instance, a roaring lion and the brand’s initials are featured on the water-print on the front of this cotton jersey t-shirt.

The iconic crest is also water-printed on the yoke.

His t-shirt has a ribbed neckline. Its bottom hem features side slits and two-needle stitching.

How a Man Should Buy Jackets in Canada.

Why should a man dress fashionably? The answer to this question is simple: "You won’t understand until you try." Comfortable and fashionable clothing adds confidence and attracts the attention of others.

You will feel special. Stylish clothing draws the attention of others, who will admire your self-expression. We all know that men's clothing — especially the classic business style — is often simple and boring. Why not opt to be different and buy this single-button evening jacket made from lurex and silk-blend damask fabric embellished with a jacquard woven pattern?

For a party, a gold jacket is the perfect choice to stand out. Pair any of these jackets with a bow tie to really make a fashionable statement.

Also, check out other this brand’s jackets.

Billionaire Leather Bomber Members Only Red

Billionaire Leather Bomber Members Only Black/Gold

Billionaire Bomber Jacket Gold

If you want to buy a leather belt…

Handmade Billionaire men's belts provide the best solution for both daytime and nighttime. The brand’s range of accessories includes models made from smooth calfskin, velvety suede, or textured reptile skin, such as python. They are adorned with metal buckles — in the form of a logo or various engraved designs.

How to Buy a Leather Belt

Choosing the right belt is important to tying together your outfit. Empty belt loops are a big fashion faux-pas. There are two main categories of belts – simple and statement. A simple belt is clean and functional, whereas a statement piece works to really draw the eye. Regardless of which one you are looking for, there is an option for you in our online store:

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