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Article: Women's scarves 2018-2019 year

Women's scarves 2018-2019 year

Fashion trends, photos. Modern women of fashion with a regular scarf can significantly diversify wardrobe. You can choose the option of a stylish scarf for each season that will complement the image, make it more vivid, rich, feminine and expressive. In 2018, 2019, a variety of fashionable colors will allow women to select a version of their style, taking into account personal preferences.

What scarves will be fashionable in the upcoming season?

Stylists give recommendations to give preference to the brightness and richness of tones and shades.These scarves will be in perfect harmony with any major female image.

Fashion scarf will emphasize your style.

According to the fashion masters, such brightness is not accidental, because it is she who makes the woman attractive, and the image liberated (but, in moderation), as well as expressive.

About the most fashionable colors of scarves 2018 - 2019

Fashion designers indicate that neutral pastel colors and shades will remain out of competition. After all, these scarves can be combined with classic images, moreover, they perfectly complement the image of a modern woman. At the same time, scarves are presented, albeit in neutral colors, but can be complemented by stripes, cells, and even chaotic graphics. The range of offers just conquers the imagination, so that every fashionista will find her own - a unique and non-standard solution.

Incredibly fashionable are these tones:

  • Bright yellow 
  • Red and white 
  • Impressively burgundy 
  • Saturated purple 
  • Orange and green

Moreover, fashion designers say that such colors will be perfectly combined with any way and with any tones of basic things. Indeed, in fact, such a scarf is designed to highlight, the formation of brightness and showiness.

The fashion trend of the new season is the gradient color, it is a smooth transition of dark color to lighter colors.

Such an original "color" must necessarily make the image perfect and unforgettable. But, in this situation, the important point is the correct selection of the main dress, which should be in harmony in color with the selected scarf.

About the texture of scarves 2018 - 2019

Designers are sure that the most important thing in a scarf is elegance and comfort. This attitude to the product provoked the formation of the relevance of coarse-knit and warm, dense materials. Warmth and comfort for women is the main motto of the season. At the same time, the designers made a significant emphasis on elegance, which made it possible to obtain an excellent result.

Accessories will be relevant rather rough rustic binding.

To give products a certain zest designers use these jewelry options:

  • Fringe fur;
  • Aran pattern;
  • All sorts of embroidery;
  • Original knitted patterns;
  • Harnesses and braids;

Interesting interlacing of threads of various shades, etc. The fabric is warm, dense. At the same time, lightweight scarves have not lost their relevance, especially as an addition to light jackets and cloaks.

About fashionable custom scarves 2018 - 2019

Non-standard solutions have always had a significant demand, as they allow us to form the image of individuality. In the future season, experts have made a kind of emphasis on the brightness of fantasy patterns, focused on intricate shapes and additional decorations. Practically in every season there is an actuality of extraordinary, non-standard scarves. In the same season, stoles that will have intricate, fantasy drawings become topical.

Products in a cage and a strip at the peak of fashion, options with ornaments of geometric meaning will be equally relevant.

Contrasting color change is an excellent option for discerning and demanding women.

There should follow certain rules:

  • The basic wardrobe set is classic and expressive;
  • The color ratio with the colors of the scarf;
  • Very relevant now and in the future scarves with various applications and embroideries. It is recommended to pay attention to those products that are additionally equipped with wooden bead decoration.

These scarves are suitable for both classic and extraordinary, catchy style. Non-standard products decorated with natural fur are considered an elegant solution. Such an image will be rich and luxurious.

Scarves, which are made of fairly thin fur strips, are becoming very popular. Such products perfectly warm, and most importantly stylishly adorn the wardrobe of a woman. And then the designers tell us that such jewelry options appeal to any style, which in fact makes them incredibly relevant.

Be sure to carefully evaluate the novelty - scarves, sleeves. The structure of the product is interesting and extraordinary, hands are directly in the scarf, which creates the appearance of a cuff of an elegant knitted sweater. Such jewelry options are recommended for sensitive and delicate persons.

Quilted scarves, which are endowed with an additional clasp in the form of a button, gain considerable popularity among young people. This element allows you to fix the combination you need from a scarf. For example, you can create a type of yoke and even a bow. This is an incredibly fashionable accessory and an element of the true comfort of a modern girl.

About fashion scarves 2018 - 2019 with fringe

Products, complemented by fringe - a kind of trend of the season, and you should certainly emphasize that the decoration can be placed not only in the traditional way, but also complement the product on the sides, which makes it even more non-standard and elegant.

Scenery fringe can be:

  • From one side, the decoration from the other is densely mated;
  • On both sides of the decor;
  • The decor on the perimeter of the product;
  • The decor in length;
  • Decor with different materials at different ends.

Of particular relevance will be scarves of substantial pomp, knitting of non-standard cross-section, fabric options. The most important thing is that they are decorated with original fringe. But it can already be made on the texture of the fabric, that is, from yarn or coarse yarn, or from suede or leather, which will make the scarf more interesting and gorgeous.

Models will be offered in which the fringe adorns the product at the bottom - the standard version can be decorated on all sides of the product or on the side edge.

There is also an option where the fringe at different edges is made of different textures. This option looks quite interesting.

About knitted fashion scarves 2018 - 2019

In winter, knitted scarves have never lost their relevance. This season, the popularity will be knitted from coarse or thick yarn.

Actual trends:

  • Coarse, large country knitting with the use of dense yarn;
  • Large knit any yarn;
  • Knit the original pattern.

What to wear with such scarves:

  • Knitted scarf is perfect for parks and youth jackets;
  • Delicate options for large-knit, but of small width perfectly complement the coat strictly style;
  • Knitted scarf is a great solution for any winter thing (it looks perfect even with expensive, natural fur coats).

No less relevant options remain large-knit products, original patterns, variants knitted with an elastic band, scarves with braids.

Products allow you to create an image of a large collar, which is incredibly popular in the coming season. This scarf will create a certain image of carelessness and lightness. It must be said that the clamps and snoods do not lose popularity, they must be made of a thick thread. Large beads, wooden elements, buttons and brooches are used as decor. These scarves perfectly complement the leather jacket, denim clothing, etc.

About fashionable fur scarves 2018 - 2019

Despite the standard accuracy in fashion trends for fur scarves, in the future winter season lovers waiting for a wonderful surprise. Not only scarves will become relevant, but also boas and even boas.

The demand for scarves is not always significant. But in 2018, 2019, fashion designers focus on this accessory, and the relevance will be not only natural options for fur products, but also options from faux fur.

This is an excellent element of warmth and comfort, as well as an incredibly luxurious decoration.

With what to wear a fur scarf:

  • A good solution for youth short jackets. In this situation, the scarf will be an element of a certain luxury;
  • A great addition to a warm coat;
  • The best option for decorating natural sheepskin coats;
  • The highlight of the evening style, can be worn on the shoulders with an evening dress.

    About silk fashion scarves 2018 - 2019

    Every woman knows that in a wardrobe a silk scarf is an irreplaceable thing. Next year silk lovers will enjoy the variegated variety and chic novelties. Silk scarves at the peak of their relevance.

    Light silk scarves are a wonderful element of a stylish and interesting woman. In the future spring-summer season, both standard versions of single-color pastel shades and bright variants with a colorful print will be relevant. Moreover, it is bright scarves will be a great variety of autumn wardrobe.

    Scarf-bows, which gently complement the image of not only the autumn style, but also bring brightness to the ordinary business style, will have an increased interest.

    It is thanks to silk accessories you can make the autumn landscape more vivid, and your image - perfect and gorgeous, catchy and original.

    About fashion scarves 2018 - 2019 oversized

    Overseas can be a great addition to modern wide and voluminous jackets, which have gained unprecedented popularity, and will keep it next year. Also, such a scarf can be an addition to the coat.

    The peak of popularity at overseas falls on the next season. A long and comfortable scarf will become not only the basis of comfort and warmth, but also emphasize the style of a woman. You can simply throw it on the shoulders, and if necessary, wrap the neck several times. They can also be worn as a poncho.

    The oversized scarf is a unique piece that combines a transforming look.

    In the future season, special attention should be paid to elongated versions, in fact, the scarf can hang down to almost the hem of clothing and even below it. It will be very stylish and harmonious.

    We also note that this element of the wardrobe makes it possible to perfectly hide certain figure flaws, precisely because of the considerable length and width. Designers believe that the product can be a great addition to clothing that has a maxi length.

    About fashion scarves hooded 2018 - 2019

    Clamps are becoming increasingly important among young people. This is an element of decor that does not require additional skills in tying. At the same time, the product has significant aspects of style.

    Snoods or clamps - a kind of trend of the season among the younger generation.

    Options of knitted type will become more actual, and it is obligatory from coarse or thick yarn. Especially interesting are the options, the ends of which are connected or sewn. Such a product has an interesting and original appearance.

    The clamp should be purchased for the following reasons:

    • The structure of the product is such that it allows you to wrap the neck several times, which allows you to get an image of a magnificent and original gate, while the owner will not be afraid of any cold;
    • The options of several multi-colored threads became quite interesting. Such snoods and clamps are able to make an image fun, bright and original. As a decor designers use elements of wood, leather and suede.

    Since the yarn for the manufacture of scarves is used very differently, and the elements of decor are presented in a wide variety, with the acquisition of such a collar you get not only an element of comfort and protection from the cold, but also an element of true stylishness.

    About fashion scarves, stoles 2018 - 2019

    In the coming season, stoles will become an element of elegance and warmth Not only standard monophonic variants, but also variants with various decorated elements and printed products will be especially popular.

    Palatines give the owners of some charm, isolated from the crowd, create a more stylish and romantic, attractive image.

    Stylists say that palatines with color transition, with geometric patterns and variants in a cage will be of particular relevance. The dimensions should be as large as possible, since this allows the use of a tippet in the form of a yoke or even in the form of a turban on the head. It is recommended to combine a tippet with classic jackets, stylish coats and even down jackets.

    How to tie your scarf fashionable

    1. An elegant and beautiful option will be the standard binding of the two ends of the scarf. In fact, the decision is banal, but it does not lose its relevance;
    2. A fashionable option is considered to be winding a scarf in the form of a yoke, despite the peculiarities of the texture of the product;
    3. A rather relevant option for creating a supplement of the image will be the tie of a scarf in the form of a magnificent bow;
    4. Not knotted, just a beautifully laid scarf is also an excellent solution, you can just carelessly cover the shoulders with a scarf, and this will make the image stylish and elegant;
    5. A great option is to wind the scarf in such a way that its ends are at the back. In the future, they can be left just like that or cross;
    6. You can make several intersected knots in front, which will form the appearance of a light pigtail, it will be very original, volumetric and at the same time incredibly elegant.

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