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Article: Basic criteria: how many scarves and silk scarves to have in a girl’s wardrobe

Basic criteria: how many scarves and silk scarves to have in a girl’s wardrobe

A scarf and a silk scarf are not unambiguous things in the women’s wardrobe. This piece of clothes has become an object to supplement and sometimes even to form the overall look. Such accessories are acceptable at any time of the year. They match almost any clothes. Scarves and silk scarves are never enough. Or there must be at least some major models appropriate for any occasion.

Classic square silk scarf

A multipurpose and canonical thing, that indicates a real lady, is a classic square silk scarf. It has dozens of variations to wear. You can tie it on your neck in at least 5 ways. And it is only a neck!

An extremely popular Hermes silk scarf, which has become a sign of a fashion house and the thing, desired by millions of women is a perfect example. The scarf was introduced in public during the 100th anniversary of the brand in 1937. Thousands of unique designs have been developed since then. Despite the annual renewal of the collections, the Hermes silk scarf is recognized because of its fixed parameters. The classic size of the silk scarf is 90 cm x 90 cm, the weight is 65 grams. Each scarf usually has 30 different hues, the details are thoroughly worked out. The various patterns make people collect the silk scarves. The genuine Hermes silk scarf is perfect in any form: piled, tied on the neck, wrapped around the head, pinned over shoulders or even crumpled.

Chunky knit scarf

Cold weather obliges you to have a chunky knit scarf. Certainly, it is a seasonal fashion-biased piece of clothes. Even though, one will feel uncomfortable with no warm wool scarf in autumn and winter. It is the reason why many people long for cold weather. The possibility to wrap oneself into a bulky scarf make them indifferent to a gloomy nature mood. The bulky becomes a key element of your look, so choose it with all your heart.

It can be a classic plain scarf or a braided one, with waves or with a complex knit pattern. Bulky chunky knit scarves made of merino yarn are popular this season. You won’t regret to choose a cowl - a solid scarf with no end. You can wear single or double wrap. Any scarf’s model is suitable, the only thing is to get warm and enrich your individuality.


The piece of clothes in which you can easily wrap yourself from top to bottom appeared in designers’ collections several seasons ago. It is not going to give up its popularity. The blanket scarf corresponds to the current trends on practical and convenient things. It protects from the wind and can even interchange the outdoor clothes. In spite of the fact that designers are offering new variations of this accessory from day to day, the classic blanket scarf imitates the Scottish pattern, in accordance with its origin.

Such a scarf protects from cold weather if your clothes is inappropriate for this weather conditions. It also creates a comfortable cocoon if you are in a bad mood and want to hide from the world.

Pre-folded into a triangle, you can wrap it around your neck, use it as poncho, secured with a belt, pin over your shoulders or single wrap it, leaving both ends loose freely. When including a blanket scarf in your look, it is recommended to avoid other oversize clothes.


A shawl is a wide long rectangular scarf, often made of cashmere, wool, silk, viscose, atlas or fur. The fabric determines its purpose: weather you are going to wear it in summer or leave it until the autumn. Initially, shawl was made of fur. Today, fur tippet is more an exception then a rule. A shawl is usually worn off season, when it is cold for silk ad too early for wool things. It can also be a light cotton supplement to a summer look.

It is, perhaps, one of the most multipurpose accessories. There are a variety of ways how to tie a shawl described on the Internet. There is even a turban wrap. A shawl is an accessory for elegant women, sticking to classic style. A shawl suits the best to classic and female looks.

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