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Article: Top luxury brands for men - What to wear in 2024?

Top luxury brands for men - What to wear in 2024?

Top luxury brands for men - What to wear in 2024?

It is possible to view fashion as a distinct aspect since it is so unique, erratic, cyclical, and unpredictable at times. Therefore, it is difficult to feel stylish while wearing the first item you come across. For instance, the 2000s displayed refinement and elegance, while the 1990s were defined by a kind of boldness, brutality, and grunge overtones. You might inquire what is in style right now, in 2024.  This year, a broad range of textures and distinctive design aesthetics are available from luxury brands for men, guaranteed to make you feel amazing every time. Now, let's examine some of the key fashion elements of this year.

The play of opposites in luxury men's fashion

Now you can notice the demand for the so-called "quiet luxury" trend, dedicated to simple motifs and lack of pretentiousness. Many confident, self-sufficient, wealthy guys who can afford anything would rather stay out of the spotlight. Even Philipp Pleina representative of rebellion, has simple silhouettes in his new collections but with spectacular accents.

However, many individuals desire to feel carefree, festive and relaxed after a difficult year to escape the drabness of everyday life. For this reason, luxury brands provide trendsetters with unconventional fixes, vivid imagery, and a change in the dress code. Nowadays, a semi-formal image does not require wearing a stiff, monotonous suit; streetwear or casual attire is appropriate.

Philipp Plein

The German fashion brand has been impressing with its incredible clothing collections since 2004. The target audience for Philipp Plein's work is primarily young, active individuals. The brand will dazzle with its harsh aesthetic and unconventional attitude, even to rather traditional items. When dressing to create a fashionable image, choose modest designs with basic colors for T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, sneakers, and accessories, accented with branded elements like skulls, inscriptions, and ornamental elements. 




This Italian company gained popularity by taking a somewhat satirical approach to fashion essentials. Established by Moschino in 1983, the brand captured the attention of numerous style enthusiasts with its vivid and impressive accessories and its fantastical clothing lines. These days, it is difficult to think of a stylish man who does not own a scarf or hat from this well-known brand in his closet.




Italian brand for those who seek perfection. Men's luxury clothing Billionaire will allow you to reflect your individuality and spontaneity simultaneously, stand out from the crowd, and at the same time remain the embodiment of elegance. The most luxurious fabrics, fashion trends, and perfect cuts are traced in each style of the famous brand.



Barba Napoli

Looking for a luxury brand that will help you create a flawless, needle-to-toe style? It's the Italian label Barba Napoli. Whether you select a jacket, vest, sweater, shirt, or accessory, you can expect amazing styling options, flawless fit, gorgeous cuts, and high-end natural fabrics. A men's shirt is the first item you should purchase if you are unfamiliar with the brand. With it, the world-famous manufacturer embarked on its stylish path. A piece of clothing becomes a work of art when its patterns are created using age-old techniques, thoughtful silhouettes for all body types, handcrafted details, and current fashion trends. Take a look at these styles that nicely accentuate the body shape! What will look well on you today—a classy classic or a unique print that infuses your regular outfit with something new? A stylish answer can be found in the new Barba Napoli collection.



Fashion trends in men's fashion 2024

Let's take a look at what fashion trends are offered by high-end men's brands:

  • The emphasis is on practicality and outward simplicity with stylish accents.
  • This year, fashion is moving away from strict silhouettes in favor of freedom of movement.
  • Experiment with coloring, creating a look. You may notice how collections of clothes in basic colors are complemented by more complex shades, stripes, floral prints, abstractions, or patterns.
  • Be prepared to find items with a sporty style in your regular closet, as it is still a developing trend.
  • Opt for functional outerwear like parkas, puffer jackets, and coats for the cold season.
  • Spring season luxury brands for men offer to start with unusual fabrics and textures created with knits, velvet, leather, suede, and silk.
  • Designers began supplementing office-style sets with more elegant details, departing from the cut. In some models of clothes, you can find a simultaneous combination of casual and street style.
  • Summer is the time to show off your style. Try a rebellious theme; combine spectacular T-shirts with blazers and classic or casual pants.

A fashionable verdict on luxury menswear

Whether you prefer to express your individuality with expressiveness like Philipp Plein or elegant classics like Barba Napoli, luxury menswear brands will always offer a fashionable option. The main thing is to choose your style and the right clothes to create an image. So before buying fashionable clothes pay attention to your lifestyle, style, and silhouette features and study the size chart. And if you have difficulty choosing Original Luxury consultants will always provide the necessary support.

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