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Article: The best luxury brands of men's polo shirts

The best luxury brands of men's polo shirts

The best luxury brands of men's polo shirts

Everyone wants comfortable, high-quality clothes that fit the style and emphasize status. A polo shirt is exactly the right thing to have in your closet. It will fit perfectly into a casual, sporty, and even business image, but it is difficult to choose the option that will cope with a modern man's requirements. That's why Original Luxury has selected the best luxury brands that create stunning status polos. Let's find out more about them!


The Italian brand is the king among status clothes. Billionaire's luxury polos feature fine materials made of natural cotton, a precise cut that guarantees a flawless fit, and classic styles. They are made just for successful men who desire the best and know how to live. The collection's primary line features models with mid-length silhouettes, short sleeves, a lapel collar with a traditional button fastening, and the company emblem, all in keeping with the best traditions. Limited edition individual polo shirts are enhanced with wide elastic bands, embellishments, and eye-catching vertical stripes to accentuate your perfect appearance.


Philipp Plein

"Don't be like everyone else, stand out!" - the German brand is known for extraordinary clothes of high quality, dictating the modern lifestyle. If you are tired of the usual neutral notes in your image, Philipp Plein polo will help you to diversify it. In the new collection, the classic style of the models is complemented with contrasting inserts, inscriptions, branded hexagons, skull,s and stars.



Viva Italia! Thanks to the best quality, unique design, and adherence to the famous cut and hand-sewing traditions, the Zanone brand has become a trademark of Italy. Luxury polo collections are created so that everyone feels confident and can create any image. A luxurious polo will last you for years, varying in style with each season but never going out of style or losing its form or appeal due to the attention to detail, sturdy fabrics, and excellent stitching!



Undoubtedly,  superior quality is a defining feature of all premium polo shirt brands, but this particular company cannot be ignored. Combining classic cotton items with separately woolen cashmere with a silk weave that is polished, Zilli demonstrates experimentation with material combinations. From short sleeves to long sleeves, patterned or not, textured or silky smooth, the brand offers a gorgeous model for every occasion and style. Make an impression with a polo that reflects your style, status, and personality!


Everyone who appreciates high quality, exclusive design, comfort, and fashionable style should choose polo manufacturers that have long established themselves as the best in the world. This selection of luxury brands will help you choose the polo that will be part of your elegant and sophisticated style.

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