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Article: Types of pants for men

Types of pants for men

Types of pants for men

Are you looking for a fashionable image, do you want your style to be impeccable, or do you just want to feel confident when you go out? Whatever your objectives, pants are the type of apparel that really makes the full impression. They have a significant impact on both how you see yourself and how other people see you. Because of this, it's crucial to choose wisely when adding new, high-end pieces to your wardrobe. In order to select the ideal pair for a gorgeous closet, let's examine the most fashionable men's pant styles.


Naturally, these are the first kind of pants to introduce for each of us. Jeans are as versatile as they can be - they fit almost any clothing style and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Designer jeans for men in narrow or straight cuts in subdued hues like black or blue are a great choice for a stylish look.



What to wear with?

This type of pants perfectly combines with any kind of clothing. Wear jeans with shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and blazers, and always feel comfortable. You can experiment with casual or street style by choosing ripped, painted, or embroidered jeans. An elegance formal image will give more classic models without excessive decoration. Light, white colors can also look interesting, especially in a dressy or summer look.

Classic pants with pleats

Classics are always elegant pants that accentuate the masculine silhouette and offer your image a distinct style. Pay attention when selecting; they should fit flat across the hips and waist, not snugly. A model that is shorter and tapered may look fantastic.



What to wear with?

Combine the pants with shirts tucked into the waistband for a formal style and straight or semi-stretched blazers. Sweaters, vests, coats, raincoats, or long jackets will also create harmony with the classic look. T-shirts, sweaters, and shirts with a straight collar work well together to create a casual look.

Training pants with drawstring

It is the choice of people with an active lifestyle. Sport pants have gradually moved out of the range of home clothes and outfits that are worn exclusively in gyms. Models are made in more elegant universal styles made of expensive materials. For example, the brand Zilli in its collection combines a sporty trend with a straight or tapered cut. Such pants can be worn for walks, or meeting with friends.

What to wear with?

Pants with drawstrings look great with hoodies, t-shirts, jackets, and casual blazers, and you can even experiment with elegant looks by adding a long coat, or structured outfit.

Pants with prints, and decorative elements

Are you feeling like standing out? If you do not accept the typical "gray" stylistic fixes, choose Philipp Plein jeans that include eye-catching embellishments, exciting designs, paintings, inscriptions, and sketches with confidence. So you will definitely stand out, emphasize individuality, and show unique taste and creativity.




What to wear with?

Men's printed pants are stunning when worn with monochromatic or even just plain T-shirts and shirts, either tucked in or left out of the waistband. Additionally, strive for balance; the more colorful and non-traditional the design, the more straightforward the top or cut should be. 


Fashion brands offer luxury Men's Trousers for the perfect semi-formal or casual look. A simple, straight, streamlined silhouette enhanced by tapered pants legs and a waist fit will look great. Typically,  chinos are sewn in simple styles made of breathable natural fabrics - just what you need for your spring or summer closet.

What to wear with?

For a casual look, combine chinos with shirts, polo shirts, vests, and sweaters. If you want to give the image a special charm, to make the style more formal, add a blazer. In general, these pants are so versatile that they will look great with any clothes, the main thing is to keep the balance of proportions, color, and style.

Cargo pants

Practical pants, created for active people, are an indispensable item in the closet of every modern man. No matter if you are going for a walk, hiking, fishing, traveling, or meeting with friends, they will always be appropriate. Free cut, functional pockets, and sometimes the ability to change the style made the pants a favorite of fashionistas who do not require attention.

Loose-fitting pants

Are you tired of tight men's pant styles? It's time to try on a loose fit! This clothing style becomes a powerful basis for a fashionable and, most importantly, comfortable image that does not constrain movements.

What to wear with?

Loose fit perfectly combines with casual and formal attire. It does not matter what you put on, a T-shirt, polo, shirt, or sweater, the main thing is that they should be not loose, emphasizing the silhouette. Don't forget about the shoes, the pants should not hide them, so think about the length.


This type of pants is slightly shorter, with a rather loose cut, mostly with cuffs. These stylish pants are indispensable in everyday life, they are easy to wear to a meeting with friends, or a walk.



Every style of pants has its own unique qualities and should have a place in a respectable man's closet. To ensure you have the most stylish luxury men's trousers all you have to do is define your style, select the color, and make a choice. Original Luxury will take care of the rest.

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