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Article: The Magnificence of Mantero

The Magnificence of Mantero

There are few things in this world as exciting as Mantero. Mantero have been creating some of the finest fabrics and textiles available on any market since 1902. Four generations of excellence are imparted into each fibre of every exquisitely detailed Mantero fabric. A family business, Mantero has been passed from hand to hand since its inception. Legacy is a word Mantero understands well, and their incredible legacy continues to grow with every coming year.

Operating within the luxury fashion sector, Mantero continually sets the standard for fabric production. Combining heritage techniques with modern cutting-edge digital printing and design, Mantero breathes new life into the luxury fabric industry with every pass of the loom. Superb finishing work, and an eagle’s eye for detail set them apart. When you experience Mantero for the first time, you understand why they are so revered, and it is an experience that will stay with you. Perfection pales in comparison to Mantero fabrics.

Mantero is a premier company operating at the highest level of fashion and luxury. Mantero is a hidden secret of the fashion world, those who know them idolize them and the uninitiated quickly develop a deep respect for what they do. Mantero scarves and prêt-à-porter stoles are just small examples of perfection to which decades of persistence and innovation can attest.

Mantero is a sustainable company, relying on a strict code of ethics and responsibilities. Mantero provides equal opportunity growth, mobility, and training, free of any and all discrimination. Mantero’s production is:

  • Free of hazardous chemical discharge.
  • Uses fewer energy resources.
  • Advances eco-innovation

Mantero began in 1902, but operates as a company should in 2019.

So why Mantero?

Mantero scarves are perfect examples of Italian Luxury. Amazingly detailed and innovative, Mantero fabrics are the gold standard of luxury production. Here are some examples of their fantastic craftsmanship. 

Mantero Blossom Journey Scarf 1Blossom Journey by Mantero is a perfect example of Mantero’s keen attention to detail and exceptional style. Woven from 100% Italian Silk, and hand made in Italy, luxury has never looked so good. The expertly printed pattern is worthy of admiration by individuals from all walks of life. As the master craftsperson hones their skill over time, creations such as Blossom Journey begin to surface, and such creations are perfect in every way. Take a closer look at this incredible scarf here.

Mantero Archivio N39-6 Scarf

Mantero Archivio is a stunningly beautiful collection, featuring a variety of world-class colours and styles. N39-6 in this collection is perfect for a spring evening. Delicate florals are emblazoned onto a plum coloured 100% Italian Silk background. Stunning looks and expert stitching are the foundation of any Mantero scarf. Check out this stunning scarf in detail here.


rio vibes mantero scarf


Rio Vibes by Mantero is woven full of good feelings. 100% Italian Silk, expertly stitched, divinely woven. The bright floral pattern printed onto this delicate scarf is brilliant, both in design and to behold. A fine addition to any spring outfit, Rio Vibes by Mantero is a powerful statement in fashion. Take a closer look at this mesmerizing scarf here.

In addition to fine scarves, woven from fabrics of the highest quality, Mantero produces incredible hand bags. Expertly stitched and every bit as excellent as their scarves, Mantero bags are work by the fashion elite across the globe. No spring outfit is truly complete without one of these fashionable bags. 

Big Bag Carré style 2 Mantero

Big Bag Carré by Mantero is a stunning example of the impeccable craftsmanship and quality that only Mantero can provide. Woven from a unique blend of luxurious fibres, and hand finished with incredible detail, Big Bag Carré is the future of handbags. Take a look in detail here.

These richly detailed Mantero pieces are available now on Original Luxury has over 20 years of experience bringing the best of the fashion world to the masses. High fashion is now available in Canada! Designed by the world and brought to you by Original Luxury. Please feel free to click here to see the entirety of this fabulous Mantero collection.


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