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Article: Spring into 2019 fashion trends.

Spring into 2019 fashion trends.

With every year comes new trends in fashion. Don’t be behind the curve this fashion season, lead it! Let’s review what popular this spring in 2019!

Scarves add a nice touch to any outfit, you don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe every year, but as you acquire things over time to add to it, you can be prepared for any new trend! With a catalogue of scarves, you can look amazing and be on trend.

Rebellion by Faliero Sarti adds a touch of elegance to any outfit, and patterns are on trend this year. Made from the finest Italian silk, Faliero Sarti scarves are legendary in the fashion world. Be rebellious this spring!

Faliero Sarti Rebellion

Pale blue is a winner in 2019, we’ve selected this beautiful Blue Yalta Petrolio Ostrich belt by Artioli. Add it to your collection and fashion trends will follow you! Fine Italian leatherwork, sustainably and humanely sourced, not only is this belt on trend this year, but it’s also socially conscious. Perfect for spring 2019!


Belts are very stylish, but if they’re not your thing, try Big Bang by Christian Lacroix. From the streets of Paris to your closet, Christian Lacroix is as fashion as fashion gets! With intelligent design and a keen eye for detail, Christian Lacroix is a fashion staple in the wardrobes of the trendy elite!

Big Bang Christian Lacroix

Another favourite this year is magenta. This lovely 100% cashmere scarf GLC from Joshua Ellis is right on time to the party. Looking trendy with a scarf is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You can’t go wrong with Joshua Ellis. Joshua Ellis has over 250 years of experience in the luxury fashion market, and that experience translates into very high-quality items made from the finest natural materials available anywhere.

GLC scarf by Joshua Ellis

Lavender is on the rise this spring! With this luxurious lavender scarf Jade Purple from Faliero Sarti, made from a unique blend of high-quality fibres, Sarti is unmistakable this spring season.

Jade Purple by Faliero Sarti

Another amazingly popular colour this spring 2019 is orange. This lovely silk scarf Archivio from Mantero, in a brilliant orange, is just up your fashion alley this year! And this scarf will look just as good any other year too, not just 2019! Mantero has staying power! Fine Italian silk born from 500 years of tradition make these incredible scarves come to life.

Archivio scarf by Mantero

Mixed patterns are mixing it up in 2019! And just on time comes a lovely woven Big Bag Carré from Mantero. Sporting a coveted mixed pattern, this bag is the talk of Fashion-town! And did I mention it has pale blue integrated into its mixed pattern?

Big Bag Carré Mantero

Staying on trend in spring 2019 is simple! Pale Blue, Orange, Magenta, Lavender, and Mixed Patterns. These 5 things will set you apart from the rest, and pretty soon, everyone will be asking you where you got that incredible accessory! You can find all of these and more at Original Luxury, proudly shipping luxury European brands to Canada for the first time!

Happy fashion hunting!

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