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Article: The latest trends and innovations in luxury men’s T-shirts

The latest trends and innovations in luxury men’s T-shirts

The latest trends and innovations in luxury men’s T-shirts

A T-shirt is the basis of each man’s clothing. Using it, you can create any image from a sportsman’s to a businessman’s. The variety of designs, colors, textures, and models makes it possible to dramatically change your image, stress out your individuality, demonstrate your character while staying comfortable at the same time.


And all that remains is to choose appropriate designer T-shirts, which is not an easy task because fashion changes constantly. Nowadays each one leads such a dynamic lifestyle that there is no time to keep up with all the solutions of fashion. This is particularly why we suggest a selection of the most recent trends and innovations of this year, striving to help you in choosing the best T-shirt and creating your own flawless image.

Color variety

First thing that everyone pays attention to when choosing clothing is color. To ensure stylish and modern appearance, try to pay enough attention to T-shirts of the following colors:


Philipp Plein T-Shirt Iconic Plein White

It is a faultless option for anyone, which keeps its positions in a basic, or any other wardrobe. It will look great in various styles, especially in combination with jeans, shorts, or chinos. It is also a great option for a multi-layer outfit.


Philipp Plein T-Shirt PP1978 Black

Another classic color which always looks great by itself. It always adds some special appeal. This can be achieved using both sole-colored models, and those with various pictures, texts, stripes, and logos, like those on Philipp Plein T-shirts.

Quiet colors

Philipp Plein T-Shirt PP1978 Beige

Such colors like gray, blue, green, brown, burgundy, or beige keep the trending positions in the every-day image.

Bright colors

They will be useful in sticking out of the crowd and attracting attention. Pay special attention to yellow, orange, and golden. Such T-shirts as Billionaire Polo SS T-Shirt Gold emphasize tan perfectly and look great with shorts and jeans of coffee and dark-blue colors.


Philipp Plein T-Shirt V-Neck SS Rose/Pink

Neutral, not bright but well-saturated pastel shades of pink, light-blue, violet, or beige will suit well even business-style clothing.


Philipp Plein T-shirts with skulls set a new fashion trend in this season and, as the results of new collections show, it will not cease too soon. Only one question: what such a rebellious picture should be worn with? Stylists recommend combining it with blazers, denim and leather jackets. T-shirts with skulls will be a striking option for everyday life, meetings with friends, or evening banquets.

Flower print

Billionaire T-shirt Round Neck SS Palms White/Gold

It occupied all trends in women’s fashion, and factored in men’s fashion as well, and rightly so! This year, any manifestation of flower motifs, from a simple drawing and ornament to abstract pictures and complex visual compositions are in fashion. Let’s consider the main looks:

  • An ideal solution for a lighthearted image will be to put on a designer T-shirt with brown chinos with loafers.
  • For walks in a park or gatherings in a bar, it’s good to combine with light-colored jeans or sport shorts. The outfit may be complemented with chucks on a classical bottom.
  • Getting ready for a meeting or office? Then add to your floristic T-shirt a suit with leather chucks or shoes.
  • If you need to add some party-like feel, this is easy to achieve by using white relaxed or straight fit pants.
  • A universal solution is to put over a leather or denim jacket: you can create a calm or rebellious image, depending on the model.


Philipp Plein T-Shirt Hexagon Black

Emblems and logos on original brand T-shirts are a symbol of wealth, prestige, and high quality. Such clothing brings its owner to the elite hall automatically. Besides, T-shirts can help in reflecting your own success, refined taste, and style. Usually, self-dependent and special men wear them creating their extraordinary image. Try to wear elite Philipp Plein T-shirts, Zilli and Billionaire in combination with fashionable jeans or cargo pants. Logos and emblems of restrained design will look properly even in combination with a business suit.


Billionaire Polo Dark Blue

After becoming a fashionable element in 1815, stripe occupies top positions among trends in the modern world. Its presence on a T-shirt provides unlimited opportunities in experimenting with your image:

  • Diagonal stripes add aesthetic attractiveness to your figure, making you more slender and your image more attractive.
  • Frequent horizontal stripes emphasize advantageously your torso, and enlarge visually your silhouette.
  • Vertical stripes add visually centimeters to your height and some refinement to your style.
  • Contrast stripes attract attention; light and neutral colors make your outfit lighthearted, while dark colors make your outfit more formal or business-like.
  • Narrow stripes suit better ceremonial or formal events.
  • Wide stripes can change your outfit to more lighthearted.

Besides the visual magic, striped T-shirts leave space for style solutions. Please, note that you can create a flawless image by combining jeans, classical pants, chinos, and cargo. Striped T-shirts look excellent in multi-layer compositions. Put on a shirt, jacket, blazer and you will feel stylish and confident even on cold days. In general, if you have a designer T-shirt with such a print, you will be able to create any image: from sportive, to party-like.

What prints are also in fashion?

As can be understood from fashion parades and runway shows of famous brands, besides skulls, floristic motifs, stripes, and emblems, trends are: animals and birds, 3D patterns, geometric ornaments, pictures devoted to movies, hobbies, or protests, and reproductions of pieces of art.

Models in the fashion

Among the variety of brand T-shirts, the hottest are considered semicircular collars, the best trend solution of the year. They can be of relaxed fit, which will hide all flaws. Tight fit will emphasize the advantages of your figure. Combine ideally with any clothing. V-shaped collar will suit perfectly solid and massive men: such a cutout allows a visually elongated neck. Items with a U-shaped collar emphasize shoulders and visually soften facial features.


As you can see, designer T-shirts are not just some clothing, but are a many-sided manifestation of style and luxury. They can be used in creating any image and demonstration of flawless taste, high status, and an excellent image. When considering a T-shirt to choose, it’s better to keep in mind the cause of putting it on, and innovations of the fashion. Nowadays, fashion offers a wide choice. Trends are various colors, prints of skulls and flowers, stylish stripes, and logos. The only thing that’s left is to choose something which will express your individuality.

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