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Article: Men's Guide to Business Casual Attire

Men's Guide to Business Casual Attire

Men's Guide to Business Casual Attire

Adding a bit of casual style while maintaining the notion of an office dress code allows you to give it a less rigid and formal appearance. Maybe every man considers it, and in the last few years, a lot of them have noticed how the centuries-old stereotype is slowly, but in a way, quickly, disintegrating. It is enough to observe business owners dressed in office attire, typically wearing jeans, shorts, T-shirts, and flip-flops. However, for those who wish to make an impression in a work environment without having to wear white and black but aren't quite ready to impose their own fashion choices on others, Original Luxury will tell you what business casual for men can be to enjoy freedom.

How can you arrange the ideal closet to complement your everyday professional style?

This style solution effortlessly combines corporate and casual elements; however, you must maintain the balance to avoid appearing careless or, conversely, overly rigid. This is probably the hardest thing to do, so we've compiled a list of crucial closet elements for you:

Stop wearing a suit

Suits themselves add a formal look, so use outfits that can replace them. Pay attention to blazers, only not strict classics but unstructured. Simple cut with some ease of wear, slightly shorter length, soft fabrics, but no bright accents, shiny buttons—what you need for your new self. Italians do a great job with this decision; just look at the luxurious models Barba Napoli offers in 2024!



Instead of a blazer

Interestingly, the blazer can be made from the typical fabric of this type of clothing but also from jersey or soft "knitted" fabric. Such an outfit can quietly and smoothly turn into a jacket or cardigan, which is light and cozy. If you decide to bring a cardigan into your image - choose models of natural fabrics with even shades - black, blue, or light brown, with a shawl or V-shaped collar. For example, ZILLI cashmere-silk cardigan will fit perfectly into business casual for men. Besides, like Billionaire's, a striped or plaid sports coat and even a bomber without flashy elements and fittings hinting at street affiliation will look great.


Pair it with a blazer

How difficult it is to make a choice when it comes to casual shirts, especially when we are challenged to maintain our own individuality and relaxed mood while still keeping the elegance of business style! In 2024, look out for the Oxford shirt. Its soft, supple collar and versatile cut will always look gorgeous paired with an unstructured blazer or sport coat. Even layered over pants, this shirt will look delightful.

Another option is the mens polo, which is now gradually moving away from the sporty style. It is so often used in different outfits that it has acquired a steady reputation for double-digits in the fashion world. Pay attention to ZILLI knitted polo with long sleeves - it will be most suitable for office work.



Pants that will add balance to the look

Having abandoned the traditional suit and chosen blazers, shirts, and polos for our top choices, it's now time to consider the bottom half to give the picture a harmonious balance of elegance. Everything relies on the type of business casual menswear that you currently have in your closet. You can choose opulent pants with more ease if you have already selected a shirt and blazer. Structured pants made of a material that isn't too light or flashy will be the ideal option if you have selected a shirt that is already comfy with a bomber. Unsure whether to wear comfortable jeans or give in to the urge to wear suit pants? Choose an in-between alternative; chinos with rolled cuffs and arrows on the front; such luxury clothing will look great on you. When selecting a style, keep an eye out for models that aren't overly baggy or tight, as well as those that might slump and give the ensemble a sloppy appearance. Additionally, incredibly plain pants with little accents, such as corduroy, subtle stripes, or subtle plaid, will look stunning. However, if you have a strong need for jeans, don't deny yourself; instead, concentrate on more traditional selections that are straight cut, medium fit, and free of rips and scuffs.



T-shirts are sophisticated accents in a look

Naturally, T-shirts with adorable bulldogs or floral patterns should be avoided. Instead, choose an outfit that is simple or has a faint stripe, and avoid going too flashy or thin. Selecting a T-shirt in line with this style trend is a challenging task, but you can accomplish an elegant look if you start with other items in your closet and, most significantly, with the blazer. 



Creating a business casual style for men can be a real challenge. However, how else can you show your individuality and get comfortable without wearing the "boa constrictor" of a boring suit? Give freedom to your mood to choose a blazer, T-shirt, oxford shirt or polo, chinos, and jeans! Remember to wear beautiful purses, gloves, glasses, thin ties, and comfortable yet exquisite shoes. These details will make you seem fantastic and attract attention from others.

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