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Article: Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein – Flashy Design, Rebel Spirit

Provocative and blatantly showy, Philipp Plein creations have been able to establish themselves in the world of luxury. Adopted by famous soccer players and rappers, the brand has seen remarkable worldwide success thanks to its collections of clothes and accessories, among which there are t-shirts with skulls, furs, leather pants and crocodile leather bags.

Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein is a German stylist born in Munich. He made his entry into the world of interior design in 1998 where he often combined steel with crocodile skin. In order to not waste surplus materials, he decided to create bags and accessories, which he offered in addition to his interior design collection.

In 2003, he was called by the brand Moet & Chandon to decorate a lounge for the CPD Dusseldorf show (International Fashion Show), in Germany where in return he was invited to present and sell his clothing line. In 2004 he launched his brand, which is now recognized by a smiling skull, under the name of Philipp Plein. The headquarters of the company are currently in Lugano, Switzerland and its showrooms are present across many cities in Europe, America and Asia.

A Big Dreamer

Philipp Plein feels happy and blessed to be where he is now in the world of fashion! He used to go to law school and was planning to become a lawyer, but along the way he started designing. Inspired by Baus Haus he designed and produced steel furniture, developing complete furniture collections, or – a complete lifestyle, along with lamps, vases and all kind of home decor. This was the first step to designing clothes.

At one point, he was using crocodile, ostrich, and python leather for his furniture. However, there was so much leather leftover, that he decided to use it for handbags and small leather goods. It was his first step into the fashion world!

People soon began buying his bags. Meanwhile, his parents were still hoping he’d become a lawyer or a doctor. This motivated Philipp to show them his ability to create something out of nothing. At the beginning there was no strategy, like a normal young guy Philipp was full of dreams, emotions, with limited knowledge of the business world.

At the beginning, you need to be tough and end up questioning yourself. Am I going in the right direction? Will I succeed in it? Building a business requires you be strong and have to believe in what you are doing. It is the most important! You have to dream and continue dreaming because it’s your motivation. You need dreams - if you have no more dreams what is the reason to be alive?

The first Philipp Plein fashion show was in Milan, Italy in 2010.

The Conquest of Show-Business

Philipp Plein entered the fashion world in 2004 with a collection of military jackets decorated with a skull made of Swarovski crystals. The theme was announced: The Style Will Be Bold. Philipp Plein knew how and whom to surround himself with. He collaborated with supermodels such as Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum, whose images contributed enormously to the notoriety of the fashion house.

In 2009 he opened his first boutique in Monte Carlo and in 2012 he introduced himself to the world of football by dressing the AS Roma players. It's through this that he gained many fans in the world of sports, among them were David Beckham, Arturo Vidal and Nicolas Anelka. This was followed by the world of rap. Famous celebrities including Snoop Dogg adopted his sweatpants, wide jackets and T-shirts with provocative messages.

In addition to the clothing line, Philipp Plein has been offering a complete range of accessories since 2006, including shoes, belts and scarves. Adorned with metal pins and chains, Philipp Plein leather bags remain faithful to the principle of the German fashion house: the more there is, the better.

From Luxury to Gym

T-shirts depicting a skull, a shark or naked women are among the most popular pieces by Philipp Plein. Always positioned in strategic locations, the signature shops have multiplied in cities like Paris, Milan, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. At the end of 2016, the designer launched a new line, the Plein Sport, less flashy and more casual. Today, it is the first luxury sports brand in the world.

Joining the world of football and rap, Philipp Plein made his way into the world of show business. Despite favoring the colors black and white, the German brand offers an extravagant style, both in clothes and in fashion accessories. Philipp Plein fashion shows are brazenly exuberant, attracting photographers and fashionistas from all over the world. Among some of the most iconic models are the following pieces:  the men's skull sweatshirt; the crocodile effect bag; and the men's bomber jacket.

Philipp Plein Clothing - We are born to be different!

The Philipp Plein brand has three product lines intended for different markets: Philipp Plein, Plein Sport and Billionaire Couture. With 60 boutiques around the globe, it's not hard to imagine why the success of these brands keeps on growing.

The essence of the Philipp Plein collection revolves around the world of hip hop and rap and the universe of sport, all blended together with a luxurious, sophisticated and glamorous style. The collection contains biker jackets, sweaters with iridescent tones and embroidered skulls, white evening dresses embellished with pearl embroidery with vertiginous slits, sleeveless down jackets, varsity t-shirts, and vintage jeans.

Rich leather pieces with impeccable shapes convey a Rock'n'Roll and Heavy Metal aesthetic. Throughout the collections you will discover bold ready-to-impress prints, as well as black and silver tones with attractive metallic and leathery surfaces offering a dynamic look.

Philipp Plein is all about extravagance, with the best quality materials and sharp tailoring guaranteeing functionality, look and style. With the motto “We are born to be different!” there is no contender, just you!

Handbags by Philipp Plein

Get ready for the most beautiful embellishment and intricate detail you'll find this season! Add to your stylish outfit by incorporating a statement piece from Philipp Plein. These pieces are made with dynamic expressive prints, and highly-polished accents. Unlimited rhinestones and classic leather gives the Philipp Plein handbag collection a punk motivated edge.

No matter whether you are only intrigued by fashion or a real expert, registration on  is free to any person who wants to become a member of our community. We continuously offer you great fashion designer pieces for a unique wardrobe.

Love at first sight for the iconic collection of handbags from the PHILIPP PLEIN brand? Our vast assortment includes many accessories. Check it out now to discover your next favorite piece!

Sunglasses by Philipp Plein

Make sure your style stands out, whenever the sun is out, regardless of the season, with Philipp Plein sunglasses. “Expressive” and “bold” superbly embody the brand's signature, intense style. From aviators and cat-eye to large square frames, each pair is unique with or without embellishments, rhinestones, and skull inserts.

Hard-edged urban style and aviator sunglasses feature gradient and tinted lenses with silver-tone studs, detailing and engraved branding to the arms. There are sunglasses capturing the spirit of Rock-n-roll, offering a slightly darker edge.  for a lighter look, tortoiseshell-effect sunglasses come in beige, black or maroon.

All items come with a sturdy protective case. Many sunglasses in this brand are unisex. They are Designed in Switzerland and Made in Italy.

The First Fragrance Brand is on The Way

In 2019, Philipp Plein anticipates its entry into the world of perfumes at the 23rd Pambianco-Deutsche Bank Fashion & Luxury Summit. "We still have a lot to develop. We don't have any licenses yet, but we'll start next year by launching our first fragrance by getting the first license agreement”, explained Plein.

Philipp Plein Group - A Luxury Start-Up That Goes Up To 300 million

"The brands in our portfolio (Philipp Plein, Billionaire, Plein Sport) have enormous growth potential, especially in the retail segment. There are still unexplored markets, we are following a global strategy". "We are a young company and we feel like a start-up," Plein continues and says: "If I had the money, I would buy Gucci".

Ennio Fontana, General Manager of the Group, states: "We did everything alone, independently, without help, hard work, ideas, diversity, average age - 28 years. Philipp is German but also a little Neapolitan".

An exponentially growing and extremely ambitious luxury brand, which acts as a start-up with such a wide-ranging strategic vision, requires great operational flexibility and maximum execution speed, which can only be guaranteed through the implementation of a digital platform enabling omnichannel.

The designer also reflected on his business growth: “Philipp Plein is not just a name, but a lifestyle brand. When we analyzed the fashion world, we discovered many historic brands with decades of experience, but there are few emerging brands because the market is really competitive and there is not much room left for emerging brands. We started as a niche brand and now we can say that we have become a brand”.

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