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Article: Women’s handbags – how to choose and where to buy?

Women’s handbags – how to choose and where to buy?

A classic handbag is a something that every woman has, and needs. To learn how they differ and where to buy the best designer models – read below.

Elegant handbags – prices and types

A modern bag is a wardrobe element that has long ceased to be a purely functional accessory. It is often used to elevate your appearance, sometimes more so than even a new suit, shoes or hairstyle. It comes in an endless variety of models, colors, shapes and sizes. Therefore, before you buy designer handbags online, it is important to determine what price category you are shopping in, and what the main purpose of your handbag will be.

Well priced designer handbags – a good solution with savings

Of course, the number of handbags that are needed varies for every woman. Some women are satisfied with only one or two, and whereas others have a special room for storing countless variations of this accessory. And each of these women may have bags that fall within various price categories.

Although it is not necessary to always buy designer handbags, it is recommended to have at least one, which will become a constant staple in your wardrobe, complementing any outfit. A high quality bag, of neutral design, has the potential to become a long lasting piece that you will turn to year after year.

We can say that in our modern world, there are at least four staple bags that every woman should have:

  • A tote bag. Usually, these are large and have medium-sized handles. They are useful on a trip, when going to the gym, on the beach or for shopping.
  • A medium-sized bag that holds its shape. Such an accessory can be worn for work, for a walk, or for meeting a friend for lunch. This is the classic every day bag, and is a great candidate when it comes to investing in a designer handbag.
  • A crossbody bag. This bag is small in size, and usually carries just the most necessary things – your keys, wallet, phone, and lipstick. It comes with long handles, and frees up your hands, perfect for moms and women on the go.
  • A backpack. This style also frees up your hands and is indispensable for traveling or for a walk with children. This style is becoming more and more popular, and can be very elegant. If you haven’t already, check out the Original Luxury online store to pick up a new style backpack.

When selecting a bag, you should also consider what material will work best for your lifestyle. In some cases, a cloth bag is suitable, whereas others may choose to opt for suede. Leather (or faux leather) options are universal and fit every situation and purpose.

In today’s world, finding a quality bag is not synonymous with heading down to the mall. You can buy branded handbags online at our store. In our assortment, you will find bags from brands such as Cromia, The Volon, Mantero, and Philipp Plein. The Original Luxury site offers bags of various styles from these brands – we're the first to bring these to Canada!

The modern backpack – elegant and comfortable

Only recently, has the backpack begun to serve more than a practical function in a woman’s wardrobe – it has become a classic functional accessory. In today’s world, there are countless variations of the classic backpack, enough to fit every woman’s style.

Modern women’s backpacks are made of various materials, although natural leather is still the most popular option. They can be hard or soft in shape, have many different options of fasteners, and are still a very appropriate option in any fashionista’s wardrobe.

In our online store, you can buy the best backpacks. The Original Luxury site has a variety of the best models of some of the most popular brands in the world. These brands are exclusively available in Canada through our site! Our bags are the perfect option to complete your flawless look!

Buying branded handbag online – some useful tips

Buying a bag can be quick and efficient if you know exactly what you are looking for. Here are some suggestions to keep you happy with your purchase:

  • Determine what purpose you want your bag to serve, is it for special occasions? Or your every day work bag?
  • Research different materials that suit your lifestyle. Leather is considered the most durable and long lasting, whereas suede makes a great seasonal accessory.
  • Pay attention to the color of metal finishes on the bag.
  • Consider your existing wardrobe. If picking an everyday bag, consider the shoes and jacket that you wear most often and pick a bag to match.
  • Save the models you like, taking into account all of the above. Look to see if there are certain styles that your gravitate towards – these are likely a reflection of your personal style!
The final important point to consider when choosing an elegant handbag is price. In our catalog, you will find a wide range of bags at varying price points, starting at $150. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to choose the perfect accessory for yourself, while staying in your budget.

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