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Article: 10 elegant ways to tie a scarf. How to create a magical impression using stoles

10 elegant ways to tie a scarf. How to create a magical impression using stoles

Did you know that a scarf is an accessory that can tell others more about you than you can yourself? A properly knotted scarf or stole adds elegance and really elevates an outfit. With a scarf, you can radically change your image — or just add that special final touch. This often-forgotten accessory (especially in combination with a good perfume) can be a smart trick to get somebody’s attention...

How to choose a scarf

  • The first and most important consideration is the length of the product. Long scarves can create the illusion of added height.
  • Color is another important factor in choosing the right scarf. Try to select a scarf to complement your eye color and skin tone. The chosen color should not blend in with the tone of your face. Universally flattering colors are soft pink, red, and pastel shades.
  • Finally, pay attention to the material. Silk will tell others about your sensitivity and sophistication. A wool scarf can emphasize simplicity and charm. Cashmere can pair perfectly with a business look.

Once you’ve selected your perfect scarf (or three!), the next step is to choose how to wear it. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways to style a scarf:

Paris knot

Let's start with the simplest. The Paris knot is very easy to make. Simply fold the scarf in half, wrap it around your neck and slip the ends through the resulting loop. This option is perfect for wearing everyday scarves in cold weather.



This option is quite stylish and unusual, but it requires some practice, as the technique of tying it is a bit more complicated than the previous one. To tie a scarf in this form of a wreath, follow these steps:

  • Drape your scarf around your neck so that the two ends of the scarf are at your back, not in front;
  • Then, cross the free ends and bring them around to the front, creating a loop around your neck;
  • Next, take the two ends and slip them into the loop formed around the neck, while pulling the ends, wrapping the ends around the loop material;
  • Continue to wrap each loose end around and around the loop around the neck, forming a wreath, until the two ends of the scarf meet in the front;
  • Pull the remaining free ends out through the lower part, arranging neatly.

This option is a perfect addition to an everyday look. Combining a lightweight design with a dress or blouse adds an interesting focal point to an outfit.

Double necklace

Use a short thin scarf for this tie. The double necklace looks most effective when the scarf has a fringe. Wrap the scarf around your neck and tie it on the side with two knots, forming a loop around your neck. Hide one end of the scarf at the back. Pass the other end up through the loop at the front and arrange it neatly over the loop. 

Stylish casual

To wear a scarf this way, a scarf of any length and thickness is suitable. Wrap it around the neck so that it forms a loop at the front. Let the ends of the scarf hang down the front, one end from outside of the neck loop and the other from under it.


Tie the ends of a long scarf together in a knot. Pull the scarf over your head, and wrap it around your neck several times. This is perfect for knitted patterns in winter weather.


To make a shawl, use a thin long scarf or stole. Tie the ends in front with a double knot, straighten the scarf, and shift it slightly to the side. This style is suitable both for a business look and for everyday wear.

Contrast Snood

This technique is for those who have an artistic flair, because it allows you to play with different combinations of colors. Take two thin scarves in contrasting colors (either long or short scarves will do). Tie them together at their ends using a double knot to create one long infinity scarf. Wrap the resulting snood several times around the neck. Hide the knots under the cloth.


Take a long and rather thin scarf and wrap it around your neck. From one end, make a wide loop on the side and wrap it with the second end to make a bow. Adjust and spread out the resulting bow. This tie has a charming and coquettish look. This method of styling a scarf can also add elegance to a men’s look.


For this knot, you can use any scarf. Even a short one is suitable, because this knot looks best under clothing. Tie a scarf with a knot at the front of your neck. Arrange and straighten one of the resulting ends loosely over the front of the knot. Hide the ends under a jacket or coat.

Hidden loop

Wrap a long scarf that is not too thick around your neck twice and hide the ends at the back. This scarf pairs perfectly with outerwear.

How to leave an unforgettable impression using a stole

Pay special attention to stoles. This kind of scarf is very versatile. It adds femininity to your look and is a great finishing touch. A stole is especially beautiful when you tie it on your head, creating an effect of Hollywood glamour.

The most common way to wear a stole is to drape it over your head and wrap the ends around your neck. In this case, the first end of the scarf is in front, and the second is behind.

But stopping with such a simple option is categorically impossible! After all, the stole can be tied in an unlimited number of ways, some very artistic.

Sometimes it Is difficult to choose a hat when you do not know which style will fit you best, but, with the help of a stole, you can create many looks that are custom to your face and head shape.

How to combine a stole with other clothes

A stole is one of the most flexible accessories in any woman’s wardrobe. Therefore, don’t limit yourself to wearing it only with a coat or jumper.

For example, a bright pattern can match perfectly with a black dress or a business suit, adding some more of your personality to your look.

Going to an outdoor event or dinner? Tie a stole on your head and pair it with sunglasses for a glamourous look.

A brightly colored stole of knitted fabric can emphasize a smile perfectly. Pick a complementary lipstick to make it stand out even more.

This type of accessory goes particularly well with fall outfits. Choose a knitted coat and your favorite skinny jeans, and then add a knitted stole, neatly wrapped around your head.

Autumn variations

During the rainy fall weather, right before the cold winter creeps in, a stole is a most welcome addition. Consider how beautifully a stole pairs up with your favorite coat.

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