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Article: 7 Men`s Fashion Trends For Summer 2024

7 Men`s Fashion Trends For Summer 2024

7 Men`s Fashion Trends For Summer 2024

We're always trying to switch up our closets as the spring comes, but it's not always that simple. Despite being cyclical, new styles and fashion aspects have their own peculiarities; therefore, you have to stay up to date with them. Furthermore, the concept of a striking image may not always align with innovations. Original Luxury has gathered the essential men's fashion trends of 2024 to help you avoid decision-making challenges. Once you understand them, you can completely reorganize your wardrobe and significantly upgrade your image. 

Light blazers to replace strict suit jackets

Although a strictly lined suit jacket adds status and sets the mood for business, isn't it unnecessary to wear one for most occasions? Summer is the only season when you can relax and not wear a suit jacket. It will certainly look fantastic with shorts, chinos, and jeans, but it will seem incomplete. In favor of laid-back vibes, menswear trends these days reject fussy ones. Fashion never belongs to those who overly conform to established standards and eliminate any trace of originality from their images. However, this does not concern the quality; it should still be at the highest level.


So, let's move away from strict blazers and choose unstructured, sleek, loose, unlined blazers. Just look at these incredible models from the new Barba Napoli and Montedoro collections - an excellent combination of elegance and comfort. They will look great on the figure in an ensemble with any pants and outfits without causing any fuss.

Jeans are a timeless fashion with its own rules


It is difficult to imagine the closet of a modern man in which there would be no jeans. From year to year, another replaces one style, and there is always a reason for this. Not long ago, guys doomed themselves to a complete lack of comfort, choosing models of skinny, which could only be ripped off the legs. Men's outfits in 2024 give total freedom of movement. Give preference to comfort, so pay attention to models of jeans that promise a loose fit. These can be fully wide or straight across the leg. If you prefer not only jeans that will allow you to move freely but also to create a more stylish silhouette, it is better to opt for straight models that are slightly tapered. You will definitely find such clothes in the straight-cut collections of Philipp Plein and Zilli.

A fashionable jacket that will look cool


Not sure which jacket to wear with your fantastic look? Many want to add hardness to the style by going with a biker alternative or going elegant with straight-line models. Though it appears unfeasible at first, try combining both with leather bombers. In addition to their timeless appeal, such premium men's clothes expertly accentuate masculinity and blend functionality with refined style. Try pairing a Billionaire black leather bomber, which exudes elegance and sophisticated design, with business or jeans, pants, and shirts to look and feel great. 

Polo shirts bring a stylish breeze in your look



Polo shirts are still a part of this year's summer trend. They combine comfort and elegant designs in a way that perfectly reflects the freedom trend.  Choose the classic solid-colored Zanone model for a calm, sophisticated style or the Billionaire one with colored vertical inserts to give your look a unique character; either way, it will always look luxurious. Versatility is another advantage of the polo, which is totally committed to the men's fashion trends in 2024. Combine it with a blazer and pants for a dressy or business style. For casual or street style, boldly try it on with shorts or jeans, and complement it with a cardigan, sweater, or windbreaker of your choice.

What shoes are fashionable in summer 2024?


Avoid pointy toes, intricate lacing, and superfluous decorative elements because men's summer shoe brands do not stand rigidity or pain. Fiorangelo leather loafers go well with shorts, chinos, and summer pants, but hotheads can combine them with suits. And how can you imagine a summer outfit without sneakers? For example, in Hyper $hock from Philipp Plein with a textile upper, you will not be unnoticed, and at the same time, you will get maximum comfort.

Shorts are your everyday companions


If not now, when else should one wear shorts? All you need to do is choose the appropriate model to enhance your appearance with summer clothes that will make stylish changes. First, let's talk about length. In 2024, short designs or styles that reach the knees with a straight cut and an elongated waist are preferable. Additionally, pay attention to the fabric's structure. If its texture is close to suit one, you can wear them in a corporate setting while maintaining a casual student look. You'll look great in metropolitan style, at the beach, or at a party if you wear multicolored shorts or monochrome clothes with vibrant prints.

A summer shirt is nothing too fancy


Nothing is better, especially in urban or business style than wearing a linen, cotton, or silk shirt. A simple shirt made of quality materials with a slim fit and no excessive patterns is another trend in men's fashion in 2024. On the other hand, adding classy stripes, checks, or lozenges to vintage Barba Napoli shirts will give them an air of luxury. 

This year's summer fashion primarily focuses on ease and comfort combined with a passion for premium and natural materials. Sleek silhouettes and exquisite apparel ensembles free of restrictive "repertoires" will offer you the elegantly fashionable look you've been aiming for. If you need assistance coming up with your unique style, the experts of the online store Original Luxury will undoubtedly help you complete your closet with luxury brand clothing from the latest collections!

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