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Article: Smart casual dress code for men: Everything you need to know

Smart casual dress code for men: Everything you need to know

Smart casual dress code for men: Everything you need to know

Modern life is inseparable from fashion. Even if you don't consider yourself a fashionista, having a well-thought-out wardrobe is convenient and enjoyable. Today, we want to talk about Smart Casual style in the world of men's fashion. It's the middle ground between classic and informal styles, a not-so-strict dress code.

It's popular because it suits men of all ages and professions. Active, business-oriented, modern men look elegant and feel comfortable in it. Smart casual universality is convenient; there's no need to follow strict rules. Once you understand them, you can create your own unique look.

The history of this style is as follows: in the late 70s, among football fans in England, a style called "casuals" emerged, later spreading to other countries. In the 90s, designers brought this style to the catwalks. Over time, variations emerged — sport casual, street casual, smart casual, business casual. What distinguishes smart casual is the combination of business elegance and comfort! The versatility of the style allows you to have a minimal wardrobe and create many fashionable men's outfits.

Let's look at the basic elements of a smart casual wardrobe.

  • Coat - an ideal option is a straight or fitted coat. The characteristic length is to the middle of the thigh or slightly below. Choose any color: black, dark blue, gray, brown, or beige. This will easily match other elements of your outfit and be suitable for various occasions. Opt for natural fabrics for a flawless look.
  • Jacket - for evenings and leisure. Choose depending on the season and your preferences. Play with color! 


  • Blazer - a key element in smart casual style. The traditional choice is a blazer that is less formal than a suit jacket. Usually made from dense fabric, it can be single-breasted or double-breasted, with rectangular or pointed lapels. Blazers always have metal buttons and are slightly fitted. Depending on the situation, you can complement the look with a tie or bow tie. A pocket square adds a touch of sophistication.
  • Tweed jacket -  A tweed jacket is an embodiment of fashionable conservatism! They are made from wool fabric with a specific weave. The loose fit allows you to pair them with vests and cardigans.
  • Sports jacket is also a basic element in the smart casual wardrobe. The fit is tailored, with regular buttons. Practical in calm shades, but can also be in a bright color.

Smart casual is a wonderfully versatile style that lends itself to layering, so make use of this. Depending on the season and situation, cardigans, pullovers, sweaters, (Zanone) and vests (Zilli)  fit perfectly.


  • Shirt - should be made of natural fabric, allowing the body to breathe and not restricting movement. The sleeve length adds an extra touch to the look. If you're without a jacket, roll up the cuffs for an elegantly casual style. Shirts can be chosen in any color, from classic to bright. Consider that light tones add freshness, while colorful ones with patterns express mood. 
  • Polo/T-shirt - a good choice for a casual and relaxed look. However, if the garment has buttons and a collar, it will give the outfit that "smart" feel. Give preference to natural fabrics for comfort and convenience. A variety of colors allows you to express yourself and your mood. 

    Following the style rules, you can mix and match the top and bottom of your outfit, combining classics with trendy pieces. Chinos are an excellent choice, as are cotton pants in khaki and beige. And of course, jeans, preferably in classic dark shades, without distressing. Slim fit and skinny jeans are also great choices.


    Footwear is an important element in any style! In our case, there are many options for everyday and elegant looks! It all depends on where you're going — a business meeting, lunch, or maybe a date, and what you'll wear for that occasion. Don't forget about comfort!

    • Loafers - choose classic leather ones, brown or black.
    • Derby shoes - add style when paired with jeans, especially suede ones.
    • Brogues - a versatile choice, leather in classic colors.
    • Sneakers or running shoes - for informal events, they should be a solid color. 

      Complete the look with stylish accessories. For a business or office look, if you need to look more formal, add a tie. For a celebration, a bow tie adds festivity. A pocket square always stands out and a leather belt can be the main fashion detail. 


      You might consider a scarf as a bright accent in your fashion outfit.


      Watches and a bag or even a notebook in your hand can complement your look.


      To look harmoniously, combine formal and casual items. Start with classics and then add casual clothing. Here are a couple of outfit ideas:

      • Office look - wear a blazer with a shirt, it can be checkered or striped. Chinos with a thin belt and brogues. Colors should be subtle.
      • Casual look - wear a bright-colored blazer and t-shirt, jeans with a belt, and loafers or moccasins.

        So, are you tempted to dress in a smart casual style? We are ready to help you with that. At Original Luxury, you can choose basic items to create many men's outfits and show off your individuality. You will be effortlessly chic without seeming like you have put in too much effort.

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