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Article: ZILLI FRANCE - Coming to

ZILLI FRANCE - Coming to

ZILLI FRANCE - Coming to

Zilli is a renowned French luxury apparel brand that focuses on luxury formal ready-to-wear for a modern man. Founded by Teofilo Zilli in 1965, this brand originates from Lyon, France. Currently the company produces a plethora of men’s ready-to-wear clothing and accessories including leather jackets, coat, shirts, sunglasses, jeans, ties, shoes, belts, and many more.

Being one of the top international luxury apparel brands for men in the world requires constant emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. This is why Zilli still produces its leather goods and ties in France (with over 70 skilled craftsmen responsible for creating the products), with virtually all clothing manufacturing situated in Milan, Italy.

The infamous Zilli logo and attention to detail of every piece contributed to huge success of this brand worldwide. With celebrities, government representatives, and prominent businessmen choosing and endorsing the brand, it was able to capture the Living Heritage Company label from the French Economy Ministry, paying respect to Zilli’s attention to quality, craftsmanship, and heritage.

Being on the forefront of men’s fashion, Zilli is an outstanding brand to partner with, and we at OriginalLuxury are proud to launch this partnership to bring this heritage brand to Canada once again. With the first collection arriving in second quarter of 2020, with some items already presold, we are confident in success of Zilli’s renaissance for the Canadian Market.

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