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Article: Women's scarves as a combination of practicality and style

Women's scarves as a combination of practicality and style

A scarf is an accessory that is not considered often enough when putting together an outfit. Which is particularly interesting given the potential of a scarf to express your individuality and elevate your look. Initially, scarves were designed for a purely practical purpose – protecting your neck and chest area for cold weather. Over time however, this accessory made its way onto the catwalks of fashion shows.

Scarves always remain relevant, it is their colors, fabrics and shapes that change in style. Although like all things in fashion, center trends remain timeless. Based on this, every woman should have at least a couple classic scarves in her closet, complimenting her collection with a few trendy ones as preferences change.

Main trends

Despite some looks prevailing through the times, there are some clear trends that emerge with each fashion season. The following are some things we’ve noticed this season.

Colors & Patterns.  Bright, saturated pops of color are present in many collections, and fully monotone looks in others. As for the print, geometry, floristry and animation are popular. 

Length. Long maxi scarves are one of the main trends, hanging over one shoulder and almost grazing the floor.  

Volume. Oversize-style scarves still dominate the scene. These are wrapped in multiple layers around the neck and upper body.

Fur. The novelty of this season is a fur scarf. It can be paired with any wool jacket, replacing the need of the classic fur coat. Keep in mind that real fur is not necessary to achieve this look, the main focus should be the design – going for the dramatic.

Knitwear. This is a classic variation of the scarf that never goes out of style ever. Although the size of the knitting, thread, and patterns change, the preference for handmade knit scarves continues. This season braids, huge pompons, and fringe have been popular twists on this classic.

Palatines. Two in one: wide scarf + cape. The popularity of these scarves remains unchanged. These are often worn in the style of a poncho, but naturally look much more stylish with all the same functional benefits.


Shawl. This is a large square or triangular scarf. In Europe and Russia, the first shawls appeared in the early 19th century. They were surprisingly thin and made of lace, but were very warm. They were often used as wedding accessories.

Classic Rectangular Scarf. Previously used only to escape the cold, this has become a common fashion accessory. It is no longer only paired with outerwear, and can now be styled with practically any outfit, including dresses and casualwear. There are many ways to tie style this scarf, creating a new look each time.

Baktus. This model is originally from Norway and was named after the hero of the Norwegian cartoon - a gnome who wore this scarf. Classic baktus scarves are triangular in shape and are knit with tassels at the ends and / or yarn of sectional color, adhering to folk style.

Snood scarf. This style is similar to the infinity scarf, but typically sits higher around the neck. It first appeared in 2008 in Missoni and Barberry collections. This scarf is extremely practical in terms of its warmth, and is a favorite in the hands of needlework lovers.

Tippet. This is a light rectangular cape that is quite wide (1.5-2 meters long). It used as a scarf or as a hat.

Boa. The boa is a long narrow scarf made of fur or feathers. It was first introduced to fashion in the 19th century, and then found itself at the height of popularity. It was considered a more risqué accessory, often appearing and disappearing from the catwalks.

Tie-scarf. This style returned to fashion in 2014 at the Prada show, and the following year the same model was in the Yves Saint-Laurent collection. This season, a thin women's tie is found not only in glossy magazines, but also on the streets.

Materials and size

Two of the key choices in selecting the right scarf are its material and size. Experts recommend products that are made from natural materials such as silk, wool and cashmere. Alternatively, you may select styles that contain viscose - crepe de chine, chiffon, crepe satin, crepe georgette and twill. Avoid synthetic fabrics. This is an accessory that is worn on your bare skin, and having high quality natural materials will make you more comfortable and limit the possibility of irritation and redness.

When considering the scarf’s size, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Scarves that are thin and long, (30 cm x 140 cm for example) are perfect for wrapping in several layers around the neck. Wider styles are better suited for draping around the shoulders and chest for warmth. If you prefer a more fashion forward look, with small bow or knot around your neck, then you would opt for a smaller scarf (90 cm x 90 cm). A square scarf with a side length of 70 cm will help create a beautiful flower or ring on the neck, or it can be styled around on your head. As you can see, the main criteria for selecting a size is really the look that you are going for.

Selecting a color

Once you’ve chosen your size and material, you will be faced with countless choices of color and patterns. Neutral shades never go out of style, and are a great classic to have. A combination of a warm and cool shade (yellow and blue for example) adds a pop of color to your look, and is suitable for the office or for a casual outing.

Color combos also change with the seasons. For example, in the spring, designers lean towards light and floral designs. Whereas in the fall, ladies’ red and black scarves are more popular.

In 2019, women’s orange scarves have come back into style, complemented with pastel-colored outfits. Bright pink and purple accessories are worn with outfits of cool shades. Ladies’ burgundy silk scarves can be paired with elegant and daring outfits.

This season is also filled with original prints, including twists of classic checkers and florals, and even camouflage motifs. Animal prints are also popular for both silk and fur scarves.

Ladies’ red silk scarves are very popular in autumn, particularly when paired with beige coats. Or if you want to complement your image in the summer, you can use different light women’s colourful scarves.

How to pair your scarf?

Carefully pairing your new scarf with existing pieces from your wardrobe can end up being more of a challenge than it seems. Styling your scarf with multiple outfits can help to ensure that you get the most wear possible from it. We present a few ideas below to help you get started on this journey:

With your classic beige coat:

  • Select a similar colored knit scarf to create a monotone look.
  • Use a bright shawl, to add a pop of color.
  • Pick a patterned scarf with a hint of beige to look thoughtfully put together.
  • Wear your fur scarf for a classic twist.
  • Tie your silk scarf and tuck it in for an understated but modern look.

Your fur coat will look great with:

  • A black 'skinny' scarf; tucked to make your coat stand out.
  • A silk scarf tied around your hair for a simple addition of color.

How to fashionably tie a scarf?

For some reason, many people do not pay attention to how a scarf is tied, or stick to just one option. The best way to master some creative options is to practice. Try out some of the styles below to get better wear out of your scarves.

Hippopotamus option. This style is best executed with a large knit scarf. Wrap it once around the neck and leave the edges hanging down in front at different lengths.

Standard loop. Fold the scarf in half and wrap it around the neck. Tuck the free ends into the loop.

Stylish Bow. Fold your square silk scarf multiple times so that it is more of a thin rectangle. Wrap this around your neck and carefully tie the ends into a bow.

Faux-tie. Similar to the bow above, wrap this around your neck and tie in a simple knot, leaving the ends to hang.

Scarves and other accessories

Bags and scarves are two of the most commonly worn accessories. Paying extra attention to how you pair them will elevate your look even further.

Play with materials. If you are shopping for a fall or winter scarf, it is important to keep in mind how it will pair with other winter accessories. Don’t restrict yourself to only buying pieces from the same set. Experiment with complementary colors or patterns in similar fabrics. Or vice versa, use different fabrics but with the same colors.

Mix colors. Mix and match the colors of your bag and scarf to create additional dimension in your outfit. For example, you can combine an olive-green women’s scarf with a bag of pastel shades. Or, pair a women’s yellow scarf with a black bag. The combination of yellow and blue also looks very stylish and is a less formal option than black and yellow.

Size is the main thing. If you chose a larger scarf, this should be the main focal point. Opt for thinner accessories and a smaller bag when pairing with this style.

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