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Article: Men’s evening scarf – a sign of elegance and style

Men’s evening scarf – a sign of elegance and style

The scarf is one of the most stylish and practical men’s accessories. A carefully selected, quality scarf adds not only warmth, but also charm. A scarf is not only a woman’s accessory, in fact, it is very often worn by the most stylish men across Europe.

A bit of history

Interestingly, the first mention of this accessory appeared 2000 years ago, in Ancient China. This variation of the modern scarf was worn by warriors, as a means of protection against harsh weather. This accessory evolved years later in the Russian Army, where it was worn as a mark of distinction. It also became popular in countries with arid climates, where wrapping a scarf around the head helped to keep hair clean from the dust in the air. Eventually, the scarf became more than just a practical accessory, becoming a staple of modern style.

Why should you wear a scarf?

Although many people sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion, wearing a scarf does not force you to make this choice. Scarves are not only stylish - they provide warmth and are very practical. In addition, scarves come in just about every color and print, making them very easy to mix into your day to day wardrobe. Adding a scarf to your look is an easy way to add color and personality to your style. Some other benefits of wearing scarves include:

  • Scarves are suitable in any season, and with practically any look.
  • Wearing a scarf indicates the time and effort put into your outfit. It is an easy way to add an extra dimension to your every-day look.

How to choose a scarf

The most important thing to consider when choosing to buy a men’s scarf, is the quality of its material. Remember that this accessory in direct contact with your skin all the time, and so natural fabrics are preferable. For the cooler seasons choose wool and dense cotton, and for warmer seasons, silk or viscose.

Also consider which clothing items you will be pairing your scarf with. This will help you determine the size, color and style that you are looking for. A cozy woolen scarf is an indispensable part of a winter wardrobe, protecting your neck and face from the frosty wind. If you want to impress your business partner, choose a luxury silk scarf for a meeting.

Once you’ve determined these key attributes, it is now time to pick the color and design. Consider some of the following points before making this decision.

Combine different neutral colors.

You can safely pair together different neutral colors and shades, such as black, white, gray, beige and brown. So, for example, pair your beige jacket with a gray, brown or black scarf.

Play with shades of the same color.

Alternatively, you can opt for a more monochrome look. This involves selecting clothes of one neutral shade. If you choose to go down this route, try playing with different textures or shades. For example, a light gray scarf is suitable for a dark gray coat, dark blue for a blue jacket, etc. These variations create a clean, classic look.

“Pull” a color from clothes.

For this option, pick a patterned or multi-colored scarf, of which one of the colors is present in another piece of clothing. For example, a scarf in a red, white, and blue check match well with a red sweater. The red will tie the two articles together, making you look well put together. You can pair a black jacket with a black and red scarf, a beige jacket with a beige and blue scarf, and so on.

Pair bright colors with neutral ones.

If your outfit is neutral, add color with a scarf of any bright color or pattern. This rich accent will make a boring look more fresh and interesting. If your clothes are alright loud and bright, a neutral scarf will always be appropriate. For example, a dark red sweater can be complemented with a gray scarf, or a blue coat with a cream one, etc.

Methods of tying scarves for men

There are several basic ways to tie a scarf, and it is recommended that you try multiple methods to choose the ones that work best for you, and also to be able to change up your look multiple times with one scarf. Try some of the following:

City dude. This style includes wrapping the scarf around yourself multiple times, for an effortless look. It is one of the most popular ways to tie a scarf quickly and stylishly, while maximizing warmth. This pairs well with a coat or jumper etc.

Simple guy. This look consists of tying your scarf once at the front. You can leave this look loose, or tighten the knot around your neck for added warmth. This style fits with leather jackets and cardigans.

Traveler. This involves the scarf being wrapped around the neck several times. It is important to learn how to properly thread the ends of the scarf to maintain the clean look.

Intellectual. Thie method requires you to throw the scarf on your shoulders and hide the ends carefully under your jacket. This is a great option for warm spring weather or an official event. As a rule, you can use this way of tying a men’s scarf for formal evening events.

Dude. And the last option: hang a scarf around your neck - and that’s it! Do not tie or hide it. For this look, pick a men’s scarf that is thin and medium length.

The scarf as a gift

Purchasing a gift is often a difficult undertaking. The options are endless, and the selection process can become overwhelming. A scarf is a universal item that makes an excellent gift. Buy a luxury men’s scarf for that special someone, and be sure that they think of you each time they wear it. The safest choice is a thick wool scarf that is perfect for winter. Or if you are shopping for a man with a bolder style, pick a brightly colored silk scarf.

Add the finishing touches to your perfect selection with some beautiful packaging- or, let Original Luxury do all the work for you! All scarves purchased from the Original Luxury online store come beautifully packaged, making them an excellent selection as a gift for any holiday or special occasion.

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