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Article: Women’s workwear 2020: how to dress like a pro

Women’s workwear 2020: how to dress like a pro

"I love being a woman, even in this world of men. After all, men can't wear dresses, but we can wear pants.” Whitney Houston.

A modern woman spends a great deal of time at work, but for many, it is very tricky to still look fashionable and original in the office amongst all the grey tones present in office clothing. This is where accessories come in. They are an easy way to make even the blandest of outfits more exciting, and are perfect for expressing personality.

Besides from personal expression, a great outfit adds confidence, and in the workplace, that is something sure to make you stand out. They say that you should dress for the job that you want, and not the one that you have, and in today’s world, that is truer than ever.

"Always dress as if you are going to meet your biggest enemy," says Kimora Lee. We live in an environment where the first impression matters! It takes about 60 seconds for someone to make their first impression, and to determine whether or not we feel like we can trust the person in front of us. This becomes extremely important in the business world, as making the wrong impression can ruin deals and prevent career growth. This makes the way you dress to work that much more important.

Typically, the office dress code dictates business or business casual wear is required. And often times, these terms are associated with bland pieces. However, many designers have taken it upon themselves to produce a collection of business clothes, which has merge femininity, professionalism and character. It is important to take these pieces and make the most of them with the perfect accessories.

Wearing a dress for the office

When it comes a business look, aside from the power suit, there is the classic black dress, which the famous Coco Chanel loved so much. It is a timeless option that is still very popular to this day. Of course, there are also many more variants – including various shades, accents, fabrics and shapes.

In addition, the way of styling a business dress has evolved, with a popular look becoming one accessorized with a scarf. Accessories are the cherry on top when it comes to designing an outfit. Chosen correctly, they can polish off your outfit, all while showing off your personality.

A scarf can also help add color to a neutral business outfit or a black dress, making this accessory extremely practical and useful. A classic scarf in muted colors can impress your colleagues just as much as a properly and tastefully colored matching scarf. It is an accessory that every business woman should have.

Original Luxury has a huge range of scarves, take a look at the many options.

Here are some examples that you can choose from our Mantero or Christian Lacroix collections, to revitalize your office look.

Stylish pants

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to office clothing - is classic pair of pants. And this item will always be relevant, regardless of the season.

Dress pants are considered the basis for creating a business image. Therefore, always pay attention to the cut and style of the pants that you select, picking the pairs that will match well with your different blouses and shirts. Don’t forget to take your office dress code into consideration – picking more casual styles for casual Fridays, or shorter lengths for the hot summer weather.

For an original look, pair your dress pants with one of the gorgeous Philpp Plein shirts offered on the Original Luxury online store.

Classic business suit

If you work in an office, then your wardrobe should have at least one suit. Besides being always ready for an interview should a great opportunity arise, it is also always a safe choice for important events and business meetings.

A classic suit does not have to be black – in today’s market there are many other options available. Navy and grey are good neutral choices, or you can go with a brighter color if you’d like to be more bold.

Take care to try various cuts to see which style is most comfortable and flattering for you. For example, looking at pants alone, the options include, skinny, cropped, flared, wide-leg, straight-leg and more. Or, you can opt for a pencil skirt or dress to match with your blazer instead. The best way to pick a suit is to try on as many as you can before making a selection.

Once you’ve picked your power suit, the next step is selecting the perfect accessories to complete your look. Original Luxury has an excellent selection of bags, scarves and wallets to bring your outfit to the next level. These are all items that you can use to express your own personal style, and are easy ways to reinvent your suit each time you wear it.

Original Luxury’s collection of accessories offers original products, brought to Canada exclusively by us. The perfect piece is waiting for you amongst our wide and diverse range of timeless pieces.

Anna Wintour says "Create your own style ... make it unique to you, but identifiable to others". It is our mission to bring exclusive and sophisticated brands to Canada for the first time. Find your accessory online on our online shop.

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