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Article: The VOLON: revolutionary handbag brand from Korea

The VOLON: revolutionary handbag brand from Korea

The intriguing appearance in the haute couture market, a cultural coup in the industry and the sources of inspiration for cult designs – everything that you should know about the Volon and even more.

The Volon is probably the first Korean brand that has reached worldwide popularity and incredible success in the luxury high-fashion segment. Founded in 2013 by the creative director Eujung Jang, this accessories brand has quickly received recognition of the iconic fashionistas. The most stylish women from all over the world have been spotted in recent seasons with the accessories from this Seoul-based label. From Leandra Medine and Olivia Palermo to Gilda Ambrosio and Veronika Heilbrunner – each fashionmonger has an exquisite Volon purse in her dressing room.

No one what is the secret behind Volon’s success; however we can only suggest that the instantly recognizable designs are achieved due to ultra-sleek and structured shapes, as well as amazing use of colours and collaborations with iconic artists.

Having studied music and working in interior design before inventing The Volon, Eujung Jang still finds her inspiration in the fine art and Korean art history. All of this is undoubtedly represented in the works of this fashion designer and in her peculiar approach to design. The brand’s outstanding “Cindy Flower” bag, for instance, was inspired by a hanbok – a traditional Korean dress, which is used for business celebrations.

Speaking about her decision to move into fashion, Eujung Jang has acknowledged: “I do not strive to assure myself or somebody else that I am extremely talented at something like other artists do. But I was always sure that I could realize the beauty of art and design. Now I feel that I am quite skillful at harmonizing them”.

Nowadays each collection is created at The Volon studio in Seoul and exclusively by the most talented artisans. Not only these versatile designs have a double meaning, but at the same also applies to the name of the brand, which reflects Korean origins and a global revolutionary spirit.

The word “Volon” was inspired by a well-known quote of Jean-Jacques Rousseau – “la volonté de tous”, which means “the will of all”. The origins of the name exemplify exactly of the brand stands for – utility for all clients, regardless of whether or not they are true fashionistas or just someone who liked the design of a given purse.  This is exactly the opposite of what most of the high-end fashion houses consider the norm. Moreover, the name of the brand, pronounced in Korean language, is translated as “main contents”. Therefore, the Volon is called to be the most important subject of any discussion.

So, what can the fashion lovers and admirers of the Seoul-based label expect for the Fall-Winter 2019-2020 collection? Making a collaboration with the Korean graphic artist Lee Sol and getting inspiration from the ultra-simple, angular design of a box, the latest collection is an embodiment of total minimalism: clean lines and stark silhouettes.

One of the most outstanding accessories of this season is the glossy “Chateau” bag with stylish crocodile-skin effect. It can be worn on the shoulder or across the body with a chain strap. You can also use it as a clutch and carry the purse in your hand.

If you look for something smaller, you will definitely like the Volon “Po Box” and “Po Trunk” shoulder bags, which are not excessively large, but rather spacious enough to fit everything you need. You undoubtedly know, that the most fashionable accessories this season are the micro-sized bags. Thus, the Volon offers an interesting model with a chunky gold and acrylic chain strap.

The Volon offers a great variety of bags and purses: for different styles and ages, for casual wear or for celebration, for all seasons, and for any outfit. Given the variety of shapes and sizes available in our store, there is no doubt that you will find your perfect purse at OriginalLuxury.

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