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Article: What to wear to a Christmas party – a guide for men

What to wear to a Christmas party – a guide for men

What to wear to a Christmas party – a guide for men

You can wear different outfits for each day of the year, or wear the same one all year around, but the holiday season is a perfect occasion for you to change things up: reinvent your look and stay in style all the time. During the Christmas season, the holiday spirit takes hold of almost everyone: why not reflect the magical mood in your wardrobe as well?

What to wear to a Christmas party – style tips

To be in the spotlight of any party, just follow these simple tips:

Make a list

Planning is the key to success and the guarantee that the holidays will be stress-free. In addition to a gift and a shopping list, consider planning your wardrobe. It is better to take some time in advance to look through your clothes, think about what you will wear and for what occasions, think what elements are missing to create your look. For the best results, check the list twice.

Black tie

You don’t have clothing items fitting for a black tie? Perhaps, you don’t have the accessory itself? We don’t blame you: there are only a few instances that can occur in life to wear such an outfit, but if you ever receive an invitation indicating “Black tie”, you should seriously consider the dress code.

Whatever the occasion, we do not recommend renting a suit. It is best to use clothes you already have, which you can wear in “everyday life” as well as combine with a tie. Remember: you don’t always have to buy a suit to go with a tie. You can start with a blazer: a blue velvet one would look striking.

To avoid being seen as banal, put aside your white shirt if you are planning to wear a suit. Choose a merino black shirt or even a cotton Billionaire Polo SS Crest T-Shirt Black, which will look great with chinos or wool pants.

Christmas holiday party

What to do if you receive an invitation to a party where it is obligatory to wear a Christmas-themed jumper? How could it get any worse than that? It probably will, if you choose to wear uncomfortable new clothes. Better pick something appropriate from your wardrobe, or something that you would not be sorry to throw in the trash afterwards.

A print in the Fair Isle style can also be interesting. Your saving grace can be a light-blue textured sweater that is appropriate for the whole season, just like Zanone Giro Z-Man Sweater. With this kind of clothes, you will always fit in.

For bottoms, you can choose dark blue suit pants or regular thin-striped pants. Soft wool or cotton material will smooth out the boldness of the sweater. Complete the look with brown or dark-brown leather boots.

Casual pub Christmas party

The beauty of such an event is in the fact that you don’t have to take a lot of effort on creating your look or choosing fancy clothes. During the cold season, layers work well in clothing. You can combine shirts with warm knitted pullovers, and on top - a bulkier outerwear - a coat or jacket.

Nevertheless, it is worth adhering to a certain texture and tone of fabrics. A cashmere coat in neutral or dark colors will go perfectly with a dense wool sweater. Zilli Jeans Blue jeans and rubber-soled boots will complete the look, and the striking wool scarf Joshua Ellis CPG/49833 Red will top it off.

Office party

An event for which it is always difficult to choose a suitable outfit. You need to strike a balance between the festive mood, a certain liberty, and the nature of the place where you work.

Giving up business suits, strict outfits and ties is a great idea. You can wear a loose cut blazer with a shirt that has a loose collar. A polo can complete the look. As bottoms, choose loose pants a tone darker than the jacket, perhaps a little pleated. You can also choose to wear penny loafers - they will fit well in any atmosphere.

Corporate Christmas party

This is a special kind of a Christmas event. Here you need to look smart and festive and get away from the standard office suits. A headscarf tied in a roll can truly transform your look.

The entire look can be built based on a double-breasted suit. The shirt or neckline can be bright, light, appropriate to the event.

Outdoor party

Are you planning to spend your Christmas night with friends? You don't have to go to great lengths to make an impression on them, but it's still a good idea to give it some attention.

  • Given the season, you can't do without layering. Coats and other large clothing should be put aside, wear a bomber or a leather shearling jacket. Underneath it there could be a jacket and a green or red shirt, corresponding to the theme of the last days of the year. Wear tight Billionaire Super Straight Cut Double B Jeans Middle Blue as bottoms. Depending on the temperature and the pace of the party with friends, the look can be changed by taking off or putting on the blazer.

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