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Article: Giving brand clothes as Christmas gifts – how to choose a gift for a man

Giving brand clothes as Christmas gifts – how to choose a gift for a man

Giving brand clothes as Christmas gifts – how to choose a gift for a man

The favorite season of many of us has come: the holiday spirit is now all around us. However, during the Christmas daze you can face a particularly familiar challenge: the difficulty of choosing the right gift for a man. Sometimes it may even seem as if finding the lost Ark described in the Old Testament is easier, but this is no longer the case. We have made a Christmas gift list for you, so you could forget about any problems you may have had in the past with gift giving.


Does the man you want to give a gift to enjoy the feeling of warm sunlight? Then the best and the easiest option would be to choose a pair of sunglasses, because whatever pair he may have can certainly not surpass the amazing look of Zilli Spencer Sunglasses Black from the new collection. Their black frame and the form of the lenses fit almost anyone, so you don’t have to worry about your gift clashing with other clothes.

What to give a man who has everything?

If you doubt on what exactly to buy, or if it seems that the person you want to give a gift to already has everything there is to want, then we have the perfect solution. At OriginalLuxury we have gift cards of any value, so you can more easily decide how much money you are ready to spend. In addition, in the shop which has all the newest collections, even the most demanding man can find something which will interest him.


Banal, you say? Try gifting a collection of socks for the whole year or at least a whole season: this interpretation of a standard gift idea will surely bring a smile to the receiver.


Nowadays, meeting a man with a high-quality umbrella is perhaps as rare as meeting a real-life Santa Claus. For some men, being outdoors during a storm while not having an umbrella is a kind of challenge to nature itself, a kind of primal instinct. Sadly, this often ends with a sloppy look and with catching a cold. Such modern “knights” don’t often think of purchasing an item as important as an umbrella. It is good then, that the Christmas season is a great opportunity for making changes, and the famous Moschino Couture Black umbrella will be a saving grace in case of bad weather.

Woolen scarf

Truly, the best Christmas gift showing care and attention is a high-quality woolen scarf. Simply look at this scarf from an English brand Joshua Ellis (CPG/50109 Blue). Soft to the touch, this cashmere scarf will not only keep the body warm during the cold weather, but also warm the soul. The incredible cut and the royal blue color will certainly make the look brighter, giving it a sense of wealth and style.


Of course, it’s cap season after all, you may say, but there is a substantial difference between a simple banality and a headgear which will look status-worthy on a man. Note this Philipp Plein Beige Crystal Hexagon Cap: this design will not be out of season for some time, this laconic décor with a stylish metal emblem. The texture and color of a cap can become an integral part of the everyday look (when you don’t have to wear strict suits of course).


A  gift - it is literally an integral part of the look of a modern man, but which one to choose - a small, large, or a lap bag? First of all, when buying a bag, you should be guided by the lifestyle of the recipient of the gift, his preferences. The Philipp Plein Nylon Matelasse Print Pouch Black is the most stylish version for a man not constrained by the standards of image. Note, the miniature skull and the inscription look quite catchy, so it will suit those who want to emphasize the uncommon nature of their style. If you are not sure about buying such a model, it is better to choose something more stylistically calm and universal. In that case, the Billionaire Medium Backpack looks spectacular.


We all know how seriously men take the choice of shirts and how they do not really like to "play" with color, so many are afraid to choose this item of clothing as a gift. If you are one of those who cannot choose which style "fits" best and meets the man's taste, feel free to choose an oxford shirt. In that case, the Barba Napoli Classic Shirt Blue is perfect, it will universally go with any outfit.

Cigar case

A gift that can please a man's taste will be ideal. If he knows a lot about cigars, why not make him happy with a cigar case like the Rapport Brompton Leather Humidor Black? In addition, you can safely give such a status gift not only to a close friend, but also to a companion, a higher-up, or a colleague.

What clothes should you not give as gifts?

At first glance it may seem that any article can be a gift, but this is by no means the case, when planning a list it is better to consider that:

 • You can give underwear only to your partner, a loved one, but even in this case you can make a big mistake or not guess the size correctly.

• Re-giving a clothing item that you have is not an option. Imagine forgetting who gifted the item to you and then giving it to the same person by mistake.

• Don’t be a Scrooge. Of course, holiday sales still exist, and it would be a waste not to take advantage of special offers, but if you buy a cheap, low-quality item, you risk being seen as stingy.

• The chosen item should be age appropriate. You shouldn’t give a 40-year-old man dinosaur pajamas, even if you remember him as a little boy.

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