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Article: Wearing oversized clothes: tips for men

Wearing oversized clothes: tips for men

Wearing oversized clothes: tips for men

Long gone are the days when buying clothing of a larger size was a strategic decision: you could use the same clothes several school years in a row, for example, having no need to buy anything new for your wardrobe. This century, however, clothing trends, set in part by well-known brands such as Dior Homme and Saint Laurent, mostly favor close-fitting clothes.

Despite that, lately, fashion went in the opposite direction, influenced by a particular “baggy” dress code of developing modern pop culture. You don’t see yourself wearing such a look? Here are some tips from a famous stylist, Sarah-Ann Murray, working with such personalities as John Hill, Samuel L. Jackson, and Stanley Tucci. Let's find out how men can properly wear oversized clothes and be the epitome of fashion trends.

Buy bigger, not more

It is wrong to assume that if only a jacket several sizes bigger than yours is left in the store, you can buy it and pass it for an oversized jacket. This leads to the article in question not fitting you right, as if it were stretched out on a hanger. Even a larger clothing item must fit you right and have particular proportions and construction. That is how real oversized clothes are created, with proportions increased strictly in specific places.

Dress for the occasion

Of course, oversized clothes are not always possible to present in an elegant evening look, on a fashionable social occasion. However, a certain liberty and ease of tailoring, as in Armani's flowing wide-brimmed suits, looks quite sophisticated.

Keep it balanced

Having no diversity in your wardrobe, using nothing but oversized clothes, can lead to you being seen as a shapeless dump truck roughly crushing everything around at full throttle. Sometimes, something more “restrained” is in order. For instance, an oversized coat can be the perfect addition to a close-fitted jumper, and oversized t-shirts work well with tighter jeans. However, don’t overdo it with too tight-fitting jeans, it is better to choose a classic straight cut.

Larger T-shirts

These should be a part of any wardrobe, along with basic, classic articles of clothing. Larger t-shirts embody street skate culture, and anything to do with street culture is of great interest in haute couture circles nowadays. White clothes will of course look striking, but don’t pry away from bright colors either, just balance the tone at the bottom.

One more thing concerning t-shirts: it is widely considered that the ideal length of sleeves reaches the middle of the biceps. In this case, such a rule doesn’t always apply – in some t-shirts, sleeves reach the elbow level. Furthermore, sometimes even longer sleeves are preferable to avoid ropey-looking hands.

Larger coats

When choosing oversized clothing, it is best to keep to simple, neutral tones. The best choices are gray, dark blue or white. Too bright or high-contrast colors can make you seem too thin and sharp.

As for fabrics, wool coats with a flowing effect are better put aside: jackets and parkas are the better options.

Larger trousers

Even taking into account current fashion trends of oversized clothes, don’t make yourself look tiny in comparison to what you wear. No matter what, your trousers shouldn’t drag on the floor, and your belt has to fit you right. A soft, a little bit flowing fabric with clearly outlined lines along the length and the waist looks more advantageous. Jeans are rougher, so it is better to wear them with coats and layered clothes - t-shirts and shirts.

Oversized shirts

You should avoid elegant, haute-couture clothing items which, although large, seem somewhat out-of-place in your wardrobe. A large checkered or patterned shirt over a white T-shirt and some loose jeans looks good. The cuffs should be rolled up and not saggy in any way.

If you plan on wearing something over your shirt, a combination of a thin blazer with a loose long solid color shirt will look striking. The same can be said of a combination where a jumper is worn over a shirt.

A shirt with short sleeves will always look fashionable paired with a swinging Cuban collar. This outfit is characterized by a loose style, so wide trousers can be used with such a shirt.


Even in the oversized style, the suit does not go beyond the established limits - the sleeves should go down to the shoulder and reach to the bone on the wrist. It will look better with a T-shirt, not a shirt, otherwise you will look like a man from the 1980s.


Evidently, it is easy to get into oversized clothing culture if you consider certain points.

Do you still have questions? We will gladly give you advice on creating an impeccable image.

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