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Article: What New Year gift to choose for someone who likes branded clothes?

What New Year gift to choose for someone who likes branded clothes?

What New Year gift to choose for someone who likes branded clothes?

The New Year is coming, and the gift list keeps getting longer? The time has come to go shopping, but now the question arises: what is the right gift to give to a man? Of course, you want to impress him, and make sure that your gift will outshine any other. To find the answer, we have asked for advice of experts in the field of the best branded clothes.


The item any man’s wardrobe always needs: a white t-shirt which is soft to the touch. This article of clothing of a classic design will be a basis for a complete look. For instance, Billionaire SS Statement T-Shirt White, made of natural cotton, will not only look great on its own, but also combine with shirts, blazers, hoodies, and coats.


So cozy and so stylish, this Philipp Plein Jogging Jacket Statement Black, wouldn’t you agree? The fabric has decorative inlays, buttons, a brand logo, it is pleasant to the touch. Immediately it is obvious that the German brand has tried hard to make a fashionable design. It will be cozy to spend holidays in it unpacking and looking through presents, or to go to a friend.


A warm textured hoodie is not only a timely gift to a man on New Year's Eve, but a stylish addition to a fashionable look. Take not of Hoodie Tracksuit Blue, a creation of the Italian brand, Barba Napoli. A precise cut, a straight silhouette and an elegant addition of contrasting inlays. This piece will last a long time and become a base for almost any style, and the combination of luxurious cashmere and natural cotton in the yarn makes the product not only wear-resistant, but also very pleasant for the body.

Watch winder

A watch is a reflection of any man’s status. Why not consider this and choose to give him a watch winder? A powerful sturdy cube of interesting design with a leather platform for attaching the watch, with many settings, like Rapport Formula Single Watch Winder. Such a gift will not go unnoticed by the recipient, and everyone else present at the New Year's celebration.


This is the perfect time to give a sweater as a gift. Here is a tip: if you cannot decide which sweater to choose, stick to the classics and neutral tones. The best model in this case is not voluminous, but rather more fitted, of a medium density. For example, a virgin wool sweater with small cuffs and a rounded collar Zanone Giro Z-Man Sweater Grey can be the perfect choice.


Of course, at first glance, it may not seem like an easy purchase. However, if you are close enough to the man for whom you want to buy a gift, you should have no trouble finding out his size. However, you still have to guess which model you should choose, but who can resist a pair of black leather rubber-soled Billionaire Runner crest shoes Black/gold?

Glasses case

No matter what kind of glasses a man wears - regular glasses or sunglasses, they always need careful storage. A stylish case in this situation is a nice gift.


In winter, it is the limbs that suffer most from the cold, and men often neglect to buy a pair of gloves. But giving them as a New Year's gift is exactly what will give the holiday the right atmosphere. Pay attention to this creation of the Zilli brand. The combination of a pleasant soft leather with equally magical cashmere, gives us the stylish design of Leather Gloves Black. It's for a reason that French designers are famous for their fashion solutions. 


The best gift for a man would benefit from a change of style. Unfortunately, not everyone is equipped with this clothing item, preferring to walk around in a jacket throughout the winter, but for someone who sees a perspective in life and wants to demonstrate his character, a coat is a must. Let's not try too hard choosing the design, it is better to pick a model that looks equally great with suits as in a layered look. For example, a double-breasted Barba Napoli Spider Coat Burgundy of a straight silhouette cut is made of real virgin wool with a slight addition of cashmere. It will not only change up any look, but also will serve many seasons thanks to its unique design and high-quality material.

Unique accessory

Does the man you're looking for a gift for like interesting items and out of the box solutions? Give him a shoehorn with a brutal design - Pasotti Silver Skull has Marilyn Manson and Stu Block twist to it, for example.

Bomber jacket

The best New Year's gift for the man who is tired of serious suits and office life. Textured, unusually quilted, and brightly lined, the black Philipp Plein Nylon Jacket - Bomber Hexagon is a great idea for everyday wear and going out with friends to the pub.

Still in doubt? Wondering which item is best for your husband, boyfriend, father, friend, brother, or grandfather? OriginalLuxury will advise you on anything so that you can find the perfect New Year's gift for a man.


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