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Article: Tips for wearing hoodies in style

Tips for wearing hoodies in style

Tips for wearing hoodies in style

Do you remember the times when a person wearing a hooded sweatshirt and carrying a bag, or wearing a black-and-white top with a balaclava was considered untrustworthy? Nowadays, hoodies have practically become a basic element of a fashionable wardrobe. Why not learn how to wear it correctly? Here are some tips by experts to help you choose the option perfect for you.

Hoodie in a multi-layered look

To capture the essence of this style, a hoodie on a zipper will be perfect. A good choice, for example, is the Philipp Plein Anniversary 20 th hoodie. Try it on over a classic white T-shirt with a neckline, and finish by putting on a coat or a blazer. Skinny jeans and light sneakers go well with a multi-layered look.

Hoodie in an Athleisure look

To keep yourself fresh and comfortable during athleisure, a hoodie is the best choice. Don’t worry about others thinking you are too lazy to change into more appropriate sportswear: nowadays clothes have clear cuts, they are made of soft, heavy, high-quality fabrics. Long gone are the days of baggy shapeless clothing complete with various logos.

To match the Athleisure look, choose the Philipp Plein Hoodie Sweatshirt Institutional Black and pair it with joggers of the same color and a pair of simple leather sneakers. There, your look is complete.

Hoodie with a leather jacket

If you don’t particularly enjoy high-low style in clothing, which is admittedly not for everyone, you can keep to its more conventional interpretation. Wearing a leather jacket with a hoodie creates a look which is never out-of-season. This look will demonstrate that you know a lot about fashion.

Using a leather jacket as a basis for your wardrobe, combining it with standard indigo or black jeans, you can experiment with choosing hoodies of several different colors, for example Barba Napoli Hoodie Tracksuit Blue. A finishing touch for this look is a pair of leather or suede boots, which will make your style more ornate. This combination works well in any situation for off-work and everyday wear.

Hoodie with a suit

If you have the courage to combine a hoodie with a suit or a blazer, you risk establishing yourself as a member of Club Menswear. However, you shouldn’t necessarily reject this idea outright: if you do everything right, you can become the embodiment of fashion.

To successfully create this intriguing look, choose a gray medium-density hoodie Philipp Plein Men’s Gray and try it on with a charcoal-gray suit. As for footwear, you should choose whit sneakers with laces rather than work boots.

Hoodie with fitted pants

Wear smart pants and complement them with a hooded sweatshirt. This is the perfect solution that allows you to combine serious and casual styles. This also avoids parallels with a teenage attitude.

Nowadays, we are observing a considerable shift towards high-low fashion, and in this context, a hoodie will be just the right choice with long classic or business coat, as well as wide pants.

For this kind of combination, a hoodie of a neutral color is a good option. A pair of pants and sport sneakers go well with it. To make your look more visually distinct, put a print or an art on the bottom part of the hoodie as seen in Billionaire Hoodie Luxury Dark Blue. It can also be a simple checkered or striped pattern. 

General tips for wearing a hoodie

  • Forget clothes popular in the past: Linkin Park and other logos from the 2000s should stay in the past
  • When choosing a hoodie, note the fabric. You should prefer natural, practical, and durable materials. You get a special bonus for choosing looped fabric or matte pure cotton
  • To maintain an elegant image, pullovers are preferable, whereas buckles and zippers make your look simpler, with a rebellious touch
  • Don’t chase the trendiest hoodie, especially if you plan on wearing it for an extended period of time while maintaining the reputation of a fashionable person. In this case, it is best to choose a more universal option of a neutral color, so it easily becomes a part of your everyday wardrobe.
  • Forget baggy clothes as well, for they do nothing but make your look sloppy. Fitted hoodies are your way of demonstrating elegance and precision
  • If you are not sure on which shape to choose, consider a hoodie with a logo or inlays. Small additions and unobtrusive weaves are sure to attract attention.
  • If you are no longer a student and are not on campus - wearing university hoodies is not a good decision.
  • Wearing a personalized sweatshirt based on a comedy movie, for instance, is also not advised.

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