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Article: Man's opera scarf: how to choose, how to wear

Man's opera scarf: how to choose, how to wear

Initially, the founders of fashion trends were mainly women. However, in the modern world, many men also strive to be stylish. Fashionable accessories, scarves in particular, are able to place accents, give a restrained outfit a bright, catchy and attractive detail. In a men's wardrobe, a scarf performs several functions. First of all, practicality. Each model should protect from adverse weather conditions such as cold or wind. At the same time, a fashion accessory helps to emphasize your merits and attract attention, reviving a routine look.

Fashionable Models of Men's Scarves

A man wants to look confident, but unobtrusive in society. A stylish scarf will help diversify your everyday look. To emphasize individuality for 2019 fashion designers developed a plethora of fashionable men's colourful scarves of different models, and styles.

In a men's wardrobe, a scarf performs several functions at once: it protects, gives an image of style and attracts attention.

First of all, a scarf should be practical, protect from adverse weather conditions such as cold and wind. At the same time, even the most ordinary model is able to emphasize your merits and attract attention. The main point is to learn how to choose the right model. You should not wear a scarf just because it is fashionable, the product should be combined with your image and overall look.

Traditionally, a man’s scarf has a rectangular shape of arbitrary length (scarf, muffler, stole). Less commonly, triangular shapes (shawls) could be found. In recent years, a geometrical form of pipe (snud, collar, hoodie, sherpa) has become popular.

Men's scarves can be of different textures. Knitted accessories are especially popular. In the new season, relief knitting, as well as geometric patterns, are demanded the most Especially well with courageous way squares and rhombuses are combined.

It is recommended to choose a scarf that is in season. During the cold season (winter-autumn), mainly knitted and voluminous models are worn; whereas in the warm season (summer-spring) - thin products. The style should be in harmony with the image of a man; knitted scarves or snoods are hardly suitable for a business style.

The golden rule of the male look: a scarf should always be several tones lighter or darker than the main clothes.

The colour scheme of men's accessories is not as diverse as that of women’s. As a rule, in men's wardrobe there are more plain and restrained colours. Blue and grey colours, as well as classic black, are very popular.

Men’s Opera Scarves

Classic men's accessories are usually medium length in discreet monophonic colours. Worn with any outerwear: jacket, coat and down jacket. In winter, a scarf can always be wrapped several times around your neck.

It is also important to remember that the shade of your scarf should be suitable for your complexion. Properly selected colours can emphasize the unusual colour of one’s eyes, dark skin or beautiful hair colour. The product may contain a discreet print. A feature of the model is its practicality and style.

A cashmere scarf, made in a classical style, is worn by those men who are not used to experimenting, but rather prefer stability and sophistication in clothing.

You can choose any classic scarf for opera

Also among men it is very common to wear men’s white silk opera scarf.

For men who prefer a more daring dress code, long knit products are ideal. This model can be worn with a jacket and a down jacket. Some men mistakenly assume that a long knitted pattern cannot be combined with a coat. However, with a right combination of details and colour solutions, this look would look very bold and stylish.

Such a scarf model requires some other bright addition. A long knitted scarf is in perfect harmony with aggressive boots, a hat or gloves in tone and jeans with a "ripped" effect. Interestingly, the first mention of this accessory appeared 2000 years ago. Even in ancient Chinese civilization, scientists found burial places where sculptures of warriors had a scarf around their necks. Of course, they wore this accessory not for beauty. A practical scarf served as a means of protection from unpleasant weather: rain, cold, or gusts of wind.

Later in the Russian army, this modern accessory served as a mark of distinction. During the time of Peter the Great, scarves were worn over the shoulder. With succeeding rulers, these products were decorated with brushes on the left side.

In states where the climate is arid, there is a lot of dust and pollution, so people wrap their heads in a scarf. This helps to keep one’s hair clean. Over time, this habit became a tradition, and this accessory has become an indispensable wardrobe item.

For special occasions, men should consider wearing satin scarves or shawls. The usual colours are black or white. Men's Italian silk scarves are usually worn in theatres, museums or maybe operas.

Classic business suits are ideally combined with business style scarves. Traditionally, they have plain colours or soft print. In such scarves, men look elegant and noble.

The romantic style of a scarf is usually chosen by male romance. This is a stylish, very expressive and sophisticated accessory made of cotton, linen, fine wool or silk. Such a scarf can be decorated with fringe and have an unusual pattern, often checkered. One of the representatives of this style is the stole - a long, thin and wide scarf. A stole product is very popular among women, but modern fashion offers interesting men's options for this accessory.

When buying a men's scarf, special attention should be paid to its colour. Colour can add or eliminate a few years and refresh one’s appearance. Blue and grey are classic scarf colours. They can be monophonic or explosive. If there are any doubts about selecting a colour of a scarf, then blue is always a safe bet.

A white rectangular scarf or white scarf is also a classic. This colour is especially advantageous in shading the black colour of the coat. Black colour ages the skin of one’s face, although. Scarves of bright colours or printed ones are better for young gentlemen to choose; on adult men, they look somewhat ridiculous.

You can choose a model for a particular season, based on the type of fabric and knitting. In winter, a scarf will perfectly warm your throat, protect against colds and hypothermia. During the summer time, a scarf will complement your personal image.

The advantage of this fashion accessory is that you can wear a scarf with various clothes. Find your model, which will be a good purchase for any wardrobe.

Effectiveness and fashion trends. Everyone who wants to follow fashion trends must certainly stock up with at least one version of any scarf.

A laconic and comfortable combination of things such as a tan overcoat and a scarf will appeal to gentlemen who like to spend days in constant motion. Thinking of adding a bit of classics here? Opt for dark brown leather desert boots to complement this ensemble. When a pleasant spring comes to replace the winter season, you always want to dress stylishly and look excellent, attracting the attention from the people surrounding you. A similar ensemble will definitely help in this.

A good quality scarf is suitable for any clothes. The main factor is to choose the right model. A properly selected scarf will make every look complete and original. It is not necessary to buy your favourite model. If desired, it can be easily and quickly connected. This will be an ideal gift for every man who will feel appreciated by the warmth of his beloved significant other.

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