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Article: The ultimate guide to dressing like a celebrity

The ultimate guide to dressing like a celebrity

The ultimate guide to dressing like a celebrity

Celebrities always attract our attention, become style setters, style icons, and always appear inapproachable. Sometimes, it seems there is a deep chasm between you and them. Do you want to feel on top of the world in any situation, draw attention and favor from those around? The most effective way to approach the idols observed by millions is to dress like a celebrity. By selecting an appropriate image, luxury clothes and style you can obtain self-actualization, attention, and develop your own taste and style. In the following article, we offer a complete practical guide to dressing like a celebrity and achieving success.


Dressing like celebrity

What do you see a celebrity like? Shining on the red carpet, drinking a latte in a coffee-shop, doing exercises, or attending a formal event? The point is that public people have such a multi-sided life that they have an outfit for each event. Which allows them to choose a proper image.

High-society style

It is the time when a celebrity is in public, observed by many people and cameras, so all elements of the outfit have to be elegant and luxurious. For instance, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, Ed Westwick, Johnny Depp often choose clothing of Philipp Plein brand fitting the event. This helps them look fashionable, stylish, and unusual at the same time.

Yellow Quilted Down Vest

Every-day image

In their every-day life, celebrities prefer to mix with the crowd and not to attract any attention, selecting a simple and sometimes relatively negligible look which may consist of:

  • worn jeans;
  • smock;
  • oversize sweaters and jackets;
  • simple T-shirts;
  • sneakers.
Zilli Polo Zip Beige

Business image

A celebrity can often be seen in this style. At that, the clothing may be in a formal style, or more casual.

Billionaire Blazer Slim Fit Crest Black/Gold

Clothing quality is a key component of a celebrity’s image

Whatever the image a celebrity is caught by photographers in, whether elegant or negligent, one may note the quality and forethought the attire was sawed with and the perfect fit of the clothing. The reason is luxury clothes, so refrain from forfeits and invest in creating a high-quality wardrobe set.

Take the season into account

Even if the idol wears light clothes in all the sources, it is not a reason to suffer from cold. Put on stylish attire and accessories, and do not ignore the importance of the luxury outer garments. Main conditions:

  • relevance to the selected theme;
  • comfort, unrestrained movements;
  • up-to-date brand, for example, Bogner.
Bogner Erico-D jacket -  Final Sale

Assess your figure

Do you want to try on a celebrity’s image? Then try to compare the type of your figure with that of the celebrity. It always is simpler to choose similar clothing to a similar figure. Anyway, when dressing up, try to emphasize your advantages, because there are different ways of getting the best of a combination of a suit and a shirt, for instance.

Attention to details leads to a successful style

Buying clothing aligning yourself with celebrities is not enough. You need to consider important accents to be revealed in effective accessories. Sometimes you may even not follow the celebrity’s set precisely, but to emphasize your style using appropriate items. Do not hesitate to experiment, put on a Borsalino hat, Moschino scarf or Billionaire high-status belt. In general, something fitting the chosen image and the event.

Follow the fashion

You, just like a celebrity often assisted by professional stylists, always need to stay on track. Examine the latest collections, blogs, get inspiration from pictures and videos, attend fashionable gatherings. 


Properly shaped character is the essence of a flawless image. Taking inspiration from the style of celebrities, one may achieve the same effect of attractiveness and perfection. To start looking like a celebrity, it is enough to study his/her style, your figure, wear luxury clothing, and use accessories actively. This way,  you will be able to feel confident in any circumstances, and products of famous brands represented in Original Luxury boutique will undoubtedly help you in this.

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