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Article: The Psychological Effects of Wearing Branded Clothing

The Psychological Effects of Wearing Branded Clothing

The Psychological Effects of Wearing Branded Clothing

Clothing is an important part of every person’s life. We wear clothing due to various reasons: to protect ourselves from prying eyes and cold, to follow traditions, social and cultural conventions. For many people, brand clothing embodies all the best characteristics a piece of clothing may have: materials, sawing quality, design, fit, and relevance to the latest fashion trends. However, don’t forget that besides its plain usefulness, premium Jeans or any other piece of clothing has a significant influence on your emotional and psychological state. In this article, we will try to discover the influence that designer clothing has on the mood, personal qualities, and self-esteem.

How brand clothing influences strangers

Let’s imagine a stranger in the street coming up to you and asking, for instance, the way or some other small thing. Would you answer his or her question with the same level of readiness if he or she wore designer clothes, or just a cheap unattractive alternative. Possibly, you will answer that you are always kind to people who need help. However, studies conducted within the framework of “Brand Social Advantages” showed that a person in brand clothing has a 3.8 times higher chance to receive assistance.

Brand clothing is a step to social perception

Have you ever noticed the way clothing influences people? Thus, a luxury T-shirt in combination with a suit evokes sensations of competence, confidence, and credibility in people. While strangely fitting pants and oversize hoodies create the opposite effect. When getting ready for a business meeting or an interview, we always try to look respectably, to make the desired impression. So, carefully chosen elite clothing becomes not only a tool for self-expression, but a source of high-status impressions for other people.

Brand clothing influence on complexes

Not many of us were lucky enough to grow up in complete prosperity. Some were born in a poor family, some did not have parents, some were not too lucky at school. Childhood is the origin of most fears, doubts, disconfidence, and other complexes. When, after growing up, you enter a shop of luxury clothing and make a purchase, you reward yourself for the fact that despite any troubles you succeeded. When buying clothes of Philipp Plein or Billionaire brand, we say to ourselves: “I deserve it”. When you look perfect, you may notice that even your bearing changes, your shoulders stretch, and you start feeling confident.

Brand clothing influence on motivation

One may ask, how can designer clothes motivate? The one who is constantly on the go and growing, will understand it right away. Let’s say you afforded yourself a couple of premium jeans and a couple of T-shirts, but what’s next? It’s hard to update the wardrobe and follow fashion, when one is broken. Development of competence and skills leads to professional and career advancement, self-actualization, which provides the opportunity of choosing the clothing one prefers. After reaching a result, we can set another goal and start moving towards it boldly because one victory is already behind us.

Brand clothing influence on mood

Have you ever noticed that factory-supplied clothing requires a long and exhaustive choosing process? One needs to check if the sutures are straight, how the clothing fits the body, and guess the extent to which the fabric is practical and natural to. While any piece of clothing, whether it is a luxury T-shirt or a jacket is made to fit the silhouette ideally, emphasize the advantages of the figure, provide good feelings, and create a stylish image. This is put in everybody by nature: when we look beautiful, we like ourselves and others like us. This boosts our spirits, self-esteem, and we feel perfect inside.

Brand clothing is a perspective for the future

The modern world may appear unstable to someone, because there is no complete confidence in the future. This is why people prefer to invest in shares, things, and luxuries. This may be clothing from an elite clothing shop. Besides the fact that high-quality attire may become a part of your elegant image even in future seasons, clothing haute couture never loses its value. On the contrary, exclusive capsule collections may even become more expensive due to their uniqueness. Just choose a stylish outfit and you will stop worrying about “gray days” to come for sure.


Brand clothing is not only a fashion driver; it is the embodiment of the modernity and powerful communication tool which influences both ourselves, and others. It transferred from a genre of art into tools which moved the world long ago. The existence of a close relationship between the industry of fashion and psychological condition has been discussed and proved. The choice of wardrobe items created by designers will improve the public opinion and favoritism, give confidence and raise the status. In the Original Luxury boutique we have a wide choice of brand clothing which, we hope, will improve your emotional and psychological condition and add joyfulness to your life.

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