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Article: The best Italian brands of women's handbags

The best Italian brands of women's handbags

The best Italian brands of women's handbags

Nowadays the bag is not just a product in which we carry our stuff, to let our hands be free. It reflects the style, status, taste, and even personality of its owner. You can go shopping with a roomy Gucci, have a business meeting with an elegant Cromia, or go to the theater in the evening with a sophisticated Prada. All these luxurious bags can be in the closet of a determined, self-sufficient woman with impeccable taste. But you can wonder what they have in common. The thing is that they all have Italian roots, and it is not surprising, because Italy is considered to be the world capital of handbags. The highest level of quality, and craftsmanship, elevated to the rank of art, incomparable design, centuries-old traditions, and stunning materials are the secret of the success of the famous Italian brands of handbags. Shall we get acquainted with the best representatives?

Best italian handbags

Dolce & Gabbana

Since its foundation in 1985 by two designers whose names are forever inscribed in the history of world beauty Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the fashion house has established itself as a producer of luxury clothing.

Features of Dolce & Gabbana handbags

During its existence, not a single collection of products has been released, but among the signature features of the accessory can be highlighted:

  • combination of leather with a striking design approach
  • new solutions in the design
  • bright patterns, spectacular combinations of textures
  • variety of shapes with sizes
  • brand logo made of crossed DG symbols, which became a signature decoration of the Italian handbags brand
  • unique techniques of embroidery, applique, and incrustation with stones.


Founded back in 1902 the company grew from a small family business into a whole silk and textile empire. Nowadays the brand has become a world leader in the production of the most popular accessories.

Mantero bag features

Lightness, certain boldness, ambition, and positivity are evident in all products of the brand, but the most characteristic features are:

  • mesmerizing bright prints
  • exclusive fabrics
  • incredible combinations
  • inimitable forms - just look at large diamond-shaped bags and rectangular clutches
  • simple and functional solutions.


This brand continues the list of internationally renowned designers. These particular products are chosen by Hollywood stars and various celebrities.

Features of Gucci handbags

Since its founding, in 1921, the brand has been known as a revolutionary in creating unique designs:

  • Incredible fittings in the form of a bomblet handle, a vintage buckle like the Horsebit, or the tiger head from the Dionysus collection.
  • The double logo is an unusual emblem that increasingly acts as a decorative element in its own right.
  • Transformation. You can see how you can change handles and even the very shape of the product with clever design and fittings.
  • The peculiarity of fabrics. Only expensive natural materials are used, and some materials are even woven in the form of a sign "GG".


The history of the Italian handbags brand started in 1963. It grew from a small company into a world leader with collections of stunning accessories.

Cromia Mina 2012 Bluette

Features of Cromia bags

Handbags have become a popular choice among those who follow fashion because of their unique features:

  • Eco-friendly and natural, high-quality materials.
  • Elegant design that combines refined classics and modern trends.
  • Attention to detail in the well-thought-out models, fittings, and construction.
  • Variety manifested in shapes, colors, sizes, and types of wearing.

Italian brands will help feel chosen!

The list of designers who create unique luxury bags can be long, but the brightest representatives of them are considered:

  • Prada is an icon in the handbag industry, it is believed that any model with the logo of this brand can become a decoration of the image.
  • Marino Orlandi, a work of art in accessories, stands out for its special "picture" prints, embossing, and perforation.
  • Furla is high quality combined with practicality and classics for those who appreciate comfort in luxurious Italian handbags.
  • Arcadia suggests bright models with accents on transformation.
  • Tosca Blu is a perfect solution for both casual and business styles. Quite simple at first sight, the product is distinguished by bright solutions and unusual combinations.
  • Moschino offers colorful youth solutions, cruise, and beach collections for a positive stylish mood.
  • Fendi gives special bag constructions, unusual decorations, and incomparable small purses to be worn under the armpit became the trademark of the brand.
  • Armani is classic with a touch of individuality in some of the best-selling accessories in the world.
  • Miu Miu brand is known for its bold designs with decorative elements such as fur, feathers, chains, sequins, and paints - everything to emphasize playfulness and inimitable character.
  • Versace is another iconic brand in the fashion world, catering to a diverse audience. Re-evaluated classic in a fashion concept - that's what we can call accessories with this brand.


Best Italian handbags

Wherever we go, the bag is an integral part of a style, a status sign. That's why it's important to choose an accessory that fits your image and can hold all the things you need. Be it bright like Mantero, elegant like Cromia, or mysterious like Furla, the main thing is to choose accessories to make you happy!

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