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Article: How to care for and maintain your luxury T-shirts

How to care for and maintain your luxury T-shirts

How to care for and maintain your luxury T-shirts

Your favorite T-shirt lost its original shape, “shrank” or, on the opposite, stretched, lost its color and the print got damaged? When buying premium clothes, of course, you wish it maintains its good appearance for a long time. However, after 5 to 10 washings, the thing stops pleasing you with its appearance. It sometimes doesn’t mean that the item is bad, it may mean inappropriate maintenance. Let’s learn how to maintain a luxury T-shirt in proper condition, so it remains beautiful and fresh for a long time.

Material and print: don’t miss the point!

Designers not only offer T-shirts of various designs, but make them from various fabrics. Linen, cotton, silk, and other types of fabric can be used for making clothing, and each type requires its own style of care. So, please pay close attention to the instructions and descriptions.

Another important point is prints made on fabric. Prints make things unique and allow you to express your individuality and style. For example, Philipp Plein T-shirts, each attracting attention with unusual prints and radiant colors. To understand the ways of care, you need to determine the print application method.

  • Thermal transfer is poorly compatible with mechanical washing.
  • Digital textile printing favors manual washing without any use of aggressive detergents.
  • Sublimation: the print will stay in place, if a T-shirt is washed in a washing machine using regular modes.
  • Flex film is comparatively durable, enduring washing at temperatures up to 50°C.

Proper storage is necessary for long wearing

Luxury t-shirts storage

Yes, that’s right: poor care sometimes means improper storage. Have you ever noticed that T-shirts are piled in accurate piles on shelves or hang on hangers in shops? In general, this is exactly the method of storing your elite T-shirts in a wardrobe. Do not bend or crumple with pressure. Avoid sunlight and high temperatures; an ideal place is a dark and somewhat cool room with medium air humidity.

What is a better method of washing a T-shirt?

For a luxury T-shirt to serve as long as possible,

  • Forgo machine washing in favor of manual washing or use delicate modes, when forgoing is not an option;
  • Water should be cool or warm, between 30°C and 40°C;
  • It's better to pull your T-shirt inside out before washing it;
  • Use laundry detergents for color or white clothes (depending on the color), avoid using aggressive detergents;
  • Iron your T-shirts pulled inside out at low temperature so as not to damage the delicate fabric.

What better shouldn’t be done during washing?

Innocent at first glance, these actions during washing may lead to sad consequences for your fashionable T-shirt:

  • washing without pulling it from inside out;
  • soaking for a long time, overnight, for instance, in active detergents and bleachers;
  • using hot water;
  • intense rubbing and squeezing;
  • strong wringing.

How should a luxury T-shirt be dried?

For your favorite Philipp Plein or Billionaire T-shirts to keep attractive appearance for a long time, they should not only be washed, but dried properly as well:

  • Better avoid a drying mode in your washing machine;
  • We also recommend to avoid using any heating elements in general;
  • Natural drying on a rope with pins will also be a damage;
  • Ideally, just hang your T-shirt on a hanger.

Getting rid of spots

Unlucky dinner or social event, and you need to wash off spots from your premium T-shirt? Here are some effective methods:

  • Baking soda and a small amount of water is a universal method. It will help you get rid of yellow splotches, spots from white wine, beer, liqueur, traces of lipstick or sweat.
  • Salt solution will deal with fresh blots and fat drips.
  • Lemon juice will be useful in removing stains from berries, lipstick, brew, or cosmetics.
  • Dishwashing liquid will sometimes be better in removing fat spots than expensive stain removers, especially that it often is easily accessible.


As you can understand, it’s not that hard to enjoy your favorite T-shirt for a long time. All you need is to follow the simple rules of storing, washing, and drying. We hope that these recommendations will help you in maintaining the proper condition of your luxury T-shirts.

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