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Article: The best fabrics and materials for luxury men’s T-shirts

The best fabrics and materials for luxury men’s T-shirts

The best fabrics and materials for luxury men’s T-shirts

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of luxury t-shirts? Perhaps it's the color, the design, the type of pattern or print, and the comfort of wearing. However, there is one thing that is not always taken into consideration - craftsmanship and incredible fabrics, without which it would be impossible for big brands to create such amazing clothes that we love. Now there are a lot of materials ranging from natural, mixed, and ending with synthetic. So sometimes the choice for many people is not an easy task, because each fabric has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's focus in this article on those that are considered the best and can be an excellent basis for sewing a designer T-shirt.

best material for t-shirts


Cotton is an unconditional favorite among all the materials that are used to make Philipp Plein T-shirts. It is attractive because of its naturalness, versatility, practicality, easy processing, and comfortable wearing. If in the past cotton was just cotton, these days there is a great variety of fabrics because of the peculiarities of weaving and processing. For example, organic cotton is eco-friendly in processing, softer, and more expensive. Depending on the knitting method, it can be knotted or more textured.


Luxury cotton t-shirts have many advantages:

  • considered the most neutral and hypoallergenic;
  • soft and pleasant to the touch;
  • durable;
  • comfortable to wear;
  • lie flat on the body;
  • absorb moisture;
  • do not require additional care;
  • not prone to deformation.


Despite the many advantages, can have certain disadvantages:

  • slow to dry;
  • overtime fade;
  • with improper washing can slightly "shrink";
  • quite heavy, although this factor can also be referred to the merits;
  • prone to the formation of folds.
White Round Neck T-Shirt


This material ranks second in popularity for tailoring luxury t-shirts. It is the most expensive and difficult to process, but the beauty is worth it. It is the material used not only by Philipp Plein but also by Zilli and Billionaire to create their premium products.

The advantages of silk

Undoubtedly, silk is one of the most expensive materials in the world, but its advantages are worth it:

  • a stunning appearance, created by a smooth slightly shiny surface;
  • comfortable sensation. The fabric seems to envelop the body with softness and comfort;
  • low weight, so, you do not feel it on the body;
  • preventing your skin from drying out, keeping it always moisturized;
  • giving the sensation of coolness in hot weather;
  • absolutely safe for sensitive skin and people prone to allergies.


Despite the many advantages, the material has certain disadvantages, they include:

  • increased requirement for care;
  • tend to slip, which can cause discomfort, for example, if you want to tuck a luxurious T-shirt into your pants or shorts;
  • low coefficient of abrasion and wear resistance;
  • susceptibility to dirt and damage.
Philipp Plein T-Shirt Hexagon Black


Linen is another natural and quality material used by Zanone and Billionaire for sewing clothes. It is the one that can be seen in the latest collections at fashion shows.

Advantages of linen

Linen is respected among people who appreciate quality because of its merits:

  • linen helps keep you feeling cool on the hottest days;
  • it has high breathability properties;
  • considered the most durable of all fabrics;
  • the material is not only hypoallergenic but also antibacterial and does not absorb extraneous odors;
  • resistant to fading;
  • keeps its shape;
  • it can repel harmful UV rays.

Disadvantages of linen

Given all the positive qualities of linen, there are certain disadvantages:

  • most prone to the crease, the appearance of folds;
  • on its own does not have the desired whiteness;
  • does not have elasticity;
  • has certain requirements for care.
Billionaire Polo SS Members Only Red - Final Sale

Mixed fabrics

To achieve the desired effect, manufacturers sometimes add additional fibers to the basic composition. In Philipp Plein shirts, for example, a small amount of elastane or nylon is added to give elasticity to cotton, increase endurance, and reduce the tendency to crease. Zanone experiments with combining cotton with silk to achieve extra elegance, a certain texture, and a feel to the wearer. Also, some manufacturers sometimes use small amounts of polyester to improve the durability, smoothness of the fabrics.


Best t-shirts materials

Designers use a variety of high-quality and primarily natural and safe fabrics to make luxury t-shirts. They always provide us with comfort in wear and a stunning appearance in style. Depending on the concept and design of the model, the type of fabric is selected. When you choose a t-shirt for yourself, your preferences should always guide you, and this guide to the best fabrics will help guide you to the right model. In any case, if you have any questions about the choice or care, the Original Luxury specialists will always give practical advice.


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