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Article: Men's Handbags vs. Backpacks: Which is Better?

Men's Handbags vs. Backpacks: Which is Better?

Men's Handbags vs. Backpacks: Which is Better?

More and more often it is a choice between the important things that may be needed during the day and how to fit them into a handbag. Sometimes we have so much to take to work that we need the right luxury bag. Modern designers and fashion trends offer a great variety of handbags and backpacks, it only remains to choose that accessory, which will simplify the task of transporting things. In this article we will figure out what accessory will be able to change your day for the better, to make it more comfortable.

Mens bag

Important points of choice

The right accessory will emphasize style and character, demonstrate status, and most importantly, make life easier. To approve your opinion about what is suitable it is better to start from several criteria:


This is the first thing we pay attention to. For example, Philipp Plein bags are always created in a variety of styles, suitable for both free and formal styles. However, for a strict dress code, you may need a classic briefcase or shoulder bag, in any case, it will look better in leather. Before you pay attention to the design, think about what you will use it for and what style of clothing to wear it with.


What will you need during the day? The size and functionality of a luxury bag depend on it. If it's only the keys, wallet, and phone, the crossbody bag will be ideal. If you need to carry more documents and a tablet, then it`s better to choose handbags, and if the work requires a laptop and other things then a backpack with clever pockets and compartments is indispensable.


Think about how far and for how long you need to carry things. For long distances, the backpack will be preferable. If you will need to refer to the bag often, it should be on hand, and easily accessible.


Depending on the design, create any look you want. For a casual style, use Philipp Plein bags with jeans, a jacket, or a T-shirt. Put on a suit with a shirt and tie, choose a classic, more understated version of a bag or briefcase and you have a business look.

Benefits of accessories

Using the accessory as the main one, you can appreciate its main advantages:

  • Variety. It comes in all sorts of designs, shapes, and sizes, which allows you to choose the necessary model online.
  • Purpose. Designers think it through for different purposes of use such as sports, travel, business meetings, and documents.
  • Functionality. It especially matters when you need to quickly get something out or put it down.
  • The luxury bag can complement and even create a more professional, formal, or casual style.


Bags have certain disadvantages compared to backpacks:

  • Capacity. There can be sufficient capacity limitations.
  • The limitation in organization. Bags have fewer pockets and compartments in which to place things.
  • Uncomfortable to carry. If the model comes with short handles, it will necessarily occupy one hand, with a shoulder strap which is often "digested" or gives a load on one shoulder.



The backpack is a versatile accessory in everyone's life. You can wear it with jeans, cargo pants, or shorts in an alliance of T-shirts or a hoodie, complementing it with sneakers, and street, sports, or casual style will be complete. It doesn't look much different with suits and shoes.

Billionaire Medium Backpack Lion Dark Blue - Final Sale


Unlike handbags, backpacks have their advantages:

  • Capacity.  Designers usually offer products with different compartments and pockets, so that you can fit many things, as is done in Billionaire.
  • Weight distribution. Due to the two straps of sufficient width, the load on the back falls evenly on both shoulders.
  • Free hands. This gives freedom of movement, especially useful in active situations.
  • Convenience. The design often includes a cushioned back, adjustable shoulder straps, and breathable lining, which makes the use unsentimental.
  • Safety. It is safer for equipment and important things.


The given accessory also has several disadvantages:

  • Most backpacks are not made for business style, so, you need to select carefully a model for a specific purpose.
  • Limitations in access. If you wear a backpack behind your back it will be difficult to get something quickly.
  • You need to be careful with the choice of materials so that the product is reliable and lasts for a long time.


Mans bag

It is safe to say that luxury bags are a multifaceted and necessary element in the life of every modern person. Now accessories are presented in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, fillings, and functionality. So everyone can choose the model that will fit their purpose of use. In general, stylists recommend sticking to handbags for a business image, and backpacks for everyday and street style. In the end, it is still up to personal preference to choose between such independent products. However, sometimes it is advisable to have both a bag and a backpack for different occasions.

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