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Article: Exquisite accessory Garners Admiring Glances

Exquisite accessory Garners Admiring Glances

Exquisite accessory Garners Admiring Glances

Is it necessary to spend several hours a day putting on makeup and selecting a perfect combination of clothes? Or can you throw a colourful scarf over a trendy outfit and meet your significant other like that?

What would most people say? Sometimes a casually dressed individual is a  lot more attractive compared to a brightly or elaborately adorned individual wearing extravagant clothing. Psychologists advise that to acquire self-confidence and admire your reflection in the mirror, you must feel attractive without spending hours achieving your “perfect” image of yourself.

We will share some simple tricks with you to help you create a romantic and carelessly desired look in the best way we know how — using designer scarves from Faliero Sarti. We assure you that the results will be unforgettable.

1. Choose designer silk scarves or modal, and rayon scarves that set off your skin tone.

If you have dark skin, designer scarves in light colours will suit you. If you have pale skin, choose a bright shawl tone or one that matches the colour of your eyes and hair. Younger fashionistas should choose colours that emphasize their youth, and character. Do not forget that when creating your look, either the top or bottom should be voluminous — not both.

2. Allow yourself to relax.

On the beach or in an informal setting, simply tie a designer scarf like a dress and relax. Did you know that a well-thought-out image, perfect make-up, and styled hair can not only add age but also make you appear unattractive? Try to look as if you did not spend three hours in front of the mirror before going out.

Do not be afraid to go out with slightly dishevelled hair and without makeup (or minimal makeup). Stop hiding your natural beauty behind tons of makeup.

3. Experiment with lingerie.

All underwear is different. Some underwear is perfect for every day; we like to save lacy concoctions for special occasions. But what if you started to wear beautiful, sexy lingerie every day? Try it, and you will immediately feel more tender and feminine; it works!

4. Choose feminine wardrobe items.

Often choose clothes that accentuate your figure and look elegant. Forget about stretchy t-shirts and sagging sweatpants. At the beach, change your jeans for comfortable skirts, dresses, or a scarf, to achieve that energetic and careless look.

5. Buy pretty scarves, and pair them with lingerie-inspired clothes.

For several years, lingerie-inspired clothing styles have remained fashionable. Women all over the world have fallen in love with this trend; thanks to it, you can look stunning—and importantly, never vulgar! Start with a lace top or dress in a lingerie-inspired style. Buy pretty scarves to complement your look, and you will be classy and sexy!

And now, we will tell you about the super style that suits those girls who like to spend hours in front of the mirror — creating casual, sexy, and romantic looks while experimenting with a mixture of styles.

Boho style. What is it?

Have you heard about the Boho style? If you have not, we assure you that you have seen people dressed in this style—both on the street and in fashion magazines.

The term "Boho" comes from the French word "bohemiens", i.e. immigrants from Bohemia, nomadic gypsies, and traveling artists. Their colourful clothing—characterized by its many folds, ruffles, jewelry, and scarves—represents the basics of the Boho style.

Bohemian style, like modern, arose in the 1960s. It is akin to the hippie style—but more original and sophisticated. We owe the revival of Boho, in its most modern version, to Kate Moss; she began to mix different styles, pairing well-known brands with flea-market finds and adding ethnic elements. Her elegance and sexual abandon inspired delight and the desire to imitate her. Designers and stylists began to create images in the Boho style and develop the style further.

The Main Features of the Boho Style — Buy Pretty Scarves to Create This Romantic Look

I want to touch beautiful things with my hands to feel their texture. With its comfortable and textured materials, Boho is a paradise for kinesthetics. You can buy pretty scarves in our store to create a fashionable Boho look.

Here are the main features of the Boho style:

Loose clothing: Boho style clothing does not constrain movement. But the waist, if desired, can be emphasized — with the help of belts, scarves, or tucks. This designer silk scarf, for example, will do the job perfectly. For this, you can also buy cotton scarves.

Layering: Several layers can not only provide warmth but also emphasize the features of each layer, creating a bizarre combination of shades and textures. For this, you can buy these pretty ladies’ scarves.

Unique Handiwork: Dressing in the Boho style, it is necessary to emphasize your individuality to stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is to wear unique, one-of-a-kind items, such as designer silk scarves.

Artificial Abandon: A girl dressed in the Boho style looks as if she did not aim to impress — she put on the first thing that came to hand. However, her whole image is carefully planned and tested. For this, you can buy ladies’ scarves of this type.

Boho Styles

Modern Boho is a mixture of other original styles, such as:

Hippies: loose hair, flowers, embroidery, fringe, jeans, loose blouses made of natural materials, slippers and sandals, large bags, woven bracelets, baubles, and headbands.

Grunge: faded and “dirty” shades, “torn” clothes, artificially aged items, various buttons, and larger items.

Vintage: lace, fur, velvet, varnish, large jewelry, dresses with ruffles, coats, boots, hats, gloves, and reticules.

Safari: linen and cotton, genuine leather, khaki and sand, patch pockets, valves, belts, drawstrings, and comfortable shoes with thick soles.

Folk and ethnic: Chinese, Indian, Latin American, African, Uzbek, gypsy, and even Russian folk motifs. National ornaments and embroidery. Kimono, sarees, tunics, long skirts with ruffles, woven sandals, wooden clogs, and accessories made of wood, metal, stone, glass, and leather.

One of the varieties of Boho style can be emulated, depending on which of these styles is emphasized. For Boho-chic fashionable now, lace, ruffles, velvet, guipure, chiffon, and furs (including natural ones) are typical. Of all the styles that make up Boho, the emphasis should be on the vintage style. But elements of other styles should also be present.

Where to Buy Ladies’ Scarves to Create a Boho Look

In our store, you can buy ladies’ scarves that will suit a fashionista who seeks to create a stunning Boho look. With us, you can buy ladies’ scarves and experiment by creating sexy and romantic images at the same time.

And this scarf will help you to create a hippie ensemble.

Faliero Sarti Paris Multicolour

This scarf will work with folk and ethnic fashions.

Faliero Sarti Japan Grey

This scarf will help you to create grunge look.

Faliero Sarti True love Multicolour

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