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Article: New Style Handbags From Krenoir — for Those Who Wish to Elevate Their Status and Showcase Their Sophisticated Taste

New Style Handbags From Krenoir — for Those Who Wish to Elevate Their Status and Showcase Their Sophisticated Taste

New Style Handbags From Krenoir — for Those Who Wish to Elevate Their Status and Showcase Their Sophisticated Taste

The word Krenoir comes from two words: “creation” and “noir” and exceeds the lofty expectations created by its name. Each of this Italian brand’s handbags is a unique mixture of its creator's inspiration and the latest fashion trends, leading to the creation of an accessory that complements your image — that of an expressive and successful woman who knows her worth. Luxurious new style handbags made of genuine python or alligator leather will elevate your status and showcase your refined taste.

For those who wish to buy branded handbags online, Krenoir has many stylish choices.

A women's handbag provides a glimpse into her soul. Often, we underestimate the role of this accessory in creating our sophisticated look. A classy and elegant wardrobe features many diverse handbags — from totes to clutches — and this variety is the spice of life! We can assure you that a Krenoir handbag is a perfect addition to your polished wardrobe. And right now, you can buy branded handbags online from Krenoir in our online store «Original Luxury».

It’s almost impossible for us to leave the house without a purse; every woman’s wardrobe contains at least one. Just the thought of inadvertently leaving our bag at home is enough to make most of us cringe because our entire lives are held together by these unique creations: documents, money, cosmetics — and much more. Furthermore, the bag is an important expression of each woman’s style and personality; that’s why some of us prefer neat little handbags, while others prefer spacious totes or pretty backpacks, etc. It is easy to see why some people say that you can judge the character of an owner by their handbag.

How to Choose New Style Handbags to Suit Your Image

Handbags are not merely practical but also uniquely decorative. When creating her daily look each morning, a classy woman carefully considers all the details of her attire. A real lady with a refined taste knows that even a plain scarf or a thin, seemingly invisible belt can fundamentally change her entire ensemble — making it truly intriguing and refined. Bag magic works the same way; at their best, new style handbags can make or break a stylish look.

Let's look at the basic rules for combining handbags with clothes.

  1. The colour of the handbag should resonate with any eye-catching element of clothing; this pulls together the entire image.
  2. If the emphasis of your ensemble is on bright shoes, a matching handbag will be inappropriate. Show restraint by pairing them with a plain bag in a subdued shade and discreet details that match your clothes.
  3. If your bag is eye-catching (with vivid prints or brightly decorated details), your shoes should be plain and soft in colour.
  4. Bright bags are perfectly combined with clothes of more subdued colours.
  5. A look designed exclusively with one colour looks boring and somewhat tasteless, and it is completely devoid of imagination.

Universal colours for handbags, however — as for other style attributes — are white, beige, brown, grey, and black. Handbags in these colours can be combined with almost any clothing. If you are afraid to experiment or prefer a businesslike style, your wardrobe should be entirely composed of handbags in these tones.

How to Choose the Shape and Size of Your New Style Handbag and Buy Branded Handbags Online

More than demonstrating the taste of its owner, a new style handbag accentuates the advantages or emphasizes the disadvantages of a woman’s figure. So, how should you buy branded handbags online? How can you make the right choice by buying the best bag for your figure? Here are some essential rules.

For short girls, neat bags in small sizes work best. A large and bulky bag, or one with large accessories and a pattern, will look completely out of place in the hands of a smaller lady. Such features will make a shorter girl appear even shorter. Also, such girls should avoid bags with long handles, which will also make them appear even shorter.

To tall girls, as well as girls with a large physique, we highly recommend bags in large sizes. Small handbags will greatly increase the appearance of your height and size. Also, tall girls should avoid bags with short handles; they will make you appear even heavier.

Bags with a soft shape work better with a smart casual (expensive casual) or tidy casual (neat casual) looks and knitwear ensembles. In these bags, there is a certain romanticism — even if they are made in black.

A more rigid, structured form is well-suited to the image of a businesswoman, to certain dramatic looks, and to ensembles created from clothing that has a clear laconic or architectural cut.

Python-Croco Kandie Handbag Multicolour

If you are a business woman and love to look fashionable, Krenoir bags will suit you perfectly. These handbags can be worn in everyday life,

Forestgreen Croco Mini Kandie Handbag Green

to work,

Beige Hollywood Handbag

and to a glamorous party.

Ailsa Flamingo Mini Handbag Pink

If you are a fan of accessories, use bright, eye-catching ones sparingly; less is more. If your look is a riot of colours, your bag and shoes should not feature complex patterns and bright prints. Subdued, soft tones are ideal in this case.

Try matching your bag colour to your belt and shoes or other accessories, for example, gloves, a scarf, eyeglass frames, or a scarf. Use restraint; add emphasis without fussiness; otherwise, your ensemble will be oversaturated. It is enough to wear one or two key pieces that match the colours of your handbag.

How to Choose the Best Dressy Scarves for Ladies to Complete Your Look

How can you harmoniously fit dressy scarves for ladies into your look? Follow these two rules:

  1. The scarf and handbag should have the same primary colours.
  2. Your scarf and handbag should be of the same style. As the picture below demonstrates, the business bag fits perfectly with the scarf tie.
Ultimately the choice is yours. Krenoir is one of the newest and most sought after brands today, winning multiple prestigious awards for its exquisite design and quality.

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