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Article: Build Your Unique Style With the Philipp Plein Fashion Line

Build Your Unique Style With the Philipp Plein Fashion Line

Build Your Unique Style With the Philipp Plein Fashion Line

Today, we will talk about a unique brand created by the exceptionally talented German designer, Philipp Plein. This gifted, self-taught couturier burst into the world of fashion, and in ten years, joined the ranks of such giants as Versace and Dolce and Gabbana.

Today, Philipp Plein designs and makes clothes for Madonna, Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj to name a few. He does not only create exceptional pieces; he sews amazing costumes and dresses for entertainers worldwide. Often, he uses these ideas in his clothing lines.

You can buy casual trousers and t-shirts from Philipp Plein, as well as designer bags, men’s formal black leather belts, and other accessories.

Philipp Plein is a German fashioner of not only clothes but also shoes and accessories. So, if you want to buy not only casual trousers but to buy designer bags online, try this brand because it stands out thanks to its creations for people who intuitively choose unique pieces of clothing to suit their extraordinary lives. The driving force behind the company is human inspiration and creativity to establish new trends, rather than following them. We can assure you that if you want to buy men’s formal black leather belts, they will be the most unparalleled belts your friends have ever seen.

Belt Skull Black

True designer clothes, shoes, and accessories in the “Glamorous Gothic” style (as Plein speaks of his brand) with rivets, spikes, and images of skulls that have become the hallmarks of his brand. Even in his boutique decor, Philipp uses this theme when designing the interior walls, which are also lined with Swarovski crystals. Items such as leather jackets, high-heeled shoes, micro-shorts and clutches embroidered with crystals have contributed significantly to the brand’s success. “At the heart of every collection is shocking luxury and rock and roll,” says Plein about his brand.

Hoodie Sweatshirt Tie Dye White

Medium Travel Bag PP1978 Black

Philipp Plein’s signature black clothing is embellished with vivid appliqués, motifs lined with rivets and grommets, and animal prints and patterns in which the designer’s initials or signature skulls are displayed. Even for the simple pieces, such as bomber jackets, the designer adds a bit of rock and roll in the form of “metal-ized” fabric or details on leather jackets. Crystals, embroidery, sequins, and fur are not only on clothes but also on the brand’s bags and shoes. “Fashion should evoke strong feelings; for example, it should make you cry or laugh. I think the main thing is to dream. Therefore, I will never do bland things,” Philipp explains.

Hoodie Sweatshirt Vampire Black

Philipp Plein also says thatt: “My client is a young rogue, for example, a football player like Cristiano Ronaldo; he drives a Ferrari, wears diamonds, and falls in love with lingerie models. Guys like him are afraid to be like businessmen; they want to dress expensive but not boring. All my collections are a tribute to the hooligan, rock and roll lifestyle.”

“Our things are like a 20-year-old beauty that everyone wants. In this world, everything revolves only around sex, and I know how to sell it,” he once said in an interview with Evening Standard. You can see that his brand is for impudent and free people who know how to enjoy life.

Three Philipp Plein Product Lines

Four complete lines, women’s, men’s, and children’s goods, are the main pride of the Philipp Plein brand. “At the moment, our bestsellers are men's and women's collections. But we do not distinguish them in any way, much less try to emphasize the goods of a certain category. The success of the brand should not depend, for example, only on shoes or bags. Why limit yourself?”

In our online store OriginalLuxury (Philipp Plein) we are pleased to sell this stunning designer’s clothing collections. We chose its best pieces for you and will describe them each in meticulous detail.

Buy t-shirts online and become the most fashionable person at the party!

If you want to buy t-shirts online, you may choose among the wide selection on the Internet. But we suggest that you stand out by buying a t-shirt from the brand that dresses such stars as David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, and Johnny Depp.

T-Shirt Round Neck SS Skull Crystal Black

Philipp Plein products a re cool and are a perfect complement to a luxurious life for those who feel young and ambitious. You will immediately stand out from the crowd and garner many admiring glances. Others will appreciate your taste, and people from your environment will imitate your style.

T-Shirt Round Neck SS Evil Smile Black

Where is it better to buy casual trousers?

If you are confused and do not know where to buy casual trousers, this brand will also help you.

Jogging Trousers Vampire Black

Philipp Plein Fashion House launched its first clothing collection in 2004. Since then, he has not changed his chosen style — at first glance, an impossible mix of glamorous and gothic styles. Philipp Plein collections are mainly made in dark colours and decorated with numerous rhinestones and skull prints. For example, the line of men's trousers includes sports models with appliqués, inscriptions, scuffs and rhinestones, as well as ripped jeans and leather biker pants. This theme is definitely not for your average office employee.

Super Straight Cut Painted trousers Miss You

You will be amazed by tight or loose-fitting pants with skulls and other cool prints, as well as rhinestones. High-quality jeans with unique accessories will instantly make you visible in the crowd. People around you will admire your style, and you will become a trendsetter.

I want to buy designer bags online. What is the best choice?

A handbag for ladies or a cool men's bag (sports or not) is an indispensable everyday accessory needed for work and study, but also just for an ordinary walk; there, you can put your favourite book, for example. I carry my little dog in my bag; she is comfortable and enjoys it. If you want to stand out and feel fashion-forward, it is better to buy designer bags online — and one of the best choices is Philipp Plein.

Shoulder Bag Multicolour

Philipp Plein handbags come in many types and sizes. The main colour, of course, is black, since the main idea of the brand is hooligan rock and roll, and the main print or appliqué with rhinestones is the skull (sometimes with bones). Also, you can find red, grey, and white models. Very extraordinary and trendy bags are sometimes produced.

Philipp Plein designers are not afraid of provocative themes, decorating their bags with skulls, spikes, and other rebellious paraphernalia. For those who like to amaze others, the brand has touts with a panda painted in the style of the Kiss group and backpacks with gloomy prints. Anyone who wants to carefully dip their toes into the aesthetics of the brand can buy a laconic tote bag with a small skull or brand logo. Plein sells small shoulder bags with large, somewhat provocative details — such as an animal face clasp, metal spikes, or reptile skin — Here are some Philipp Plein style samples:

Believe me; with such a bag, any girl will feel inner freedom and feed her demons a little. Rock and roll is alive, baby!

Buy men’s formal black leather belts from Philipp Plein brand.

A men’s formal black leather belt is an essential accessory because it reinforces man’s masculinity.

Collections of the German designer and rebel, Philipp Plein, are characterized by a clear separation of male and female principles. Even using the same accents — for example, rocker rivets or rough skin — he creates brutal and frankly feminine clothes and accessories. Philipp Plein’s men's belts collection is presented by extravagant glam-rock models. The business card of the line is branded with skulls with buckles, large plaques with a label, metal spikes, contrasting stitching, and a newspaper print.

Belt Original Black

The designer has created such unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. His belt buckles are presented in different types and combinations, such as two letters, PP, indicating the brand and place of creation — or maybe a buckle in the form of a razor, skull, scarab beetle, or wolf.

Belt 2 Black

All belts are made of genuine leather; they are extremely durable. One such belt can emphasize the courageous and extraordinary nature of a man and make him the centre of attention in any crowd.

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