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Article: How to tie a scarf in the winter to look stylish

How to tie a scarf in the winter to look stylish

Top 5 ways to beautifully tie a scarf outerwear to make the image a stylish and modern

Tie a belt

One of the most trending options today is just to throw a long scarf over the top of your outerwear, straighten it and tie it up with a belt or a belt. It looks very modern and do not have to suffer with knots. This technique creates a multi-layer effect and for this the scarf must be wide enough.

French loop

Already the classic way to tie a scarf was loved by many: warm, stylish and not difficult. Pierre Richard wore a scarf in his comedies. This option is borrowed from the men's wardrobe, as well as much in modern fashion. The scarf will not need such a long, but not quite short, so that the loop is worthy.

Volumetric negligence

We have already written about modern stylistic reception - negligence. That scarf can be casually wound around the neck, creating a maximum amount. Here the wool knit scarf will be appropriate.

Use a sweater

The way to wear a knitted sweater instead of a scarf came from the west, when designers began to repeat the images of homeless people in their collections. Sweater on the neck looks very original and stylish. However, in Russia, it is more likely that they will not take the risk.


No less popular is another type of scarf - a volume scarf in a cage. It is tied up simply, with a triangle down on the chest, and ends are wrapped around the neck and hidden under the triangle. Looks stylish and cozy.

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