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Article: Hats and scarves from the MOSCHINO brand. Be stylish this fall with pret-a-porter accessories - buy Italian scarves and hats!

Hats and scarves from the MOSCHINO brand. Be stylish this fall with pret-a-porter accessories - buy Italian scarves and hats!

Hats and scarves from the MOSCHINO brand. Be stylish this fall with pret-a-porter accessories - buy Italian scarves and hats!

MOSCHINO is an Italian brand that produces clothing for women, men, and children. In addition, the company designs and produces MOSCHINO perfumes, accessories, and footwear. The main philosophy of the brand refers to fashion with humour and irony. MOSCHINO-branded products are coloruful and designed for comfort. Pret-a-porter accessories from this brand are premium, partially handcrafted accessories that feature high-quality materials and expert sewing. Buying an Italian scarf of this brand is an excellent way to create a luxurious but individual style.

The history of the MOSCHINO brand. Why have fashionistas worldwide been buying Italian scarves of this brand for the last 38 years?

MOSCHINO is an Italian brand that conquered world capitals, made Hollywood stars fall in love with its clothes, and earned the title of one of the most extravagant brands in modern fashion. Today, we will recall key events from the history and style of MOSCHINO. These vital moments will help you not only get to know the brand better, but they will also help you look at MOSCHINO in a new way and understand why, for such a long time, fashionistas all over the world have been buying Italian scarves of this particular brand.

The brand was founded by Franco Moschino, who registered the MOSCHINO Couture brand in 1983. An ironic attitude to fashion is the basis of the brand’s philosophy. In the first women’s casual collections, the designer used pop art images, ironic slogans such as “100% fat-free”, and cartoon characters that brought the brand worldwide popularity. In 1985, the Cheap and Chic line was launched, and a year later, MOSCHINO Jeans.

The starting point of the brand’s popularity can be attributed to 1988, when the first MOSCHINO mono-brand boutique opened in Milan.

At the time, his brand stood on a par with other luxury houses, which did not stop Moschino from making controversial statements and often ridiculing “fashion victims,” including his own clients. “My approach is a complete contradiction; I know about it, but what’s the big deal? Why should I accept a fashion business just because I work in it?” he said once.

Moschino’s influence on the fashion of the eighties was substantial, and his collections were filled with details that are now symbols of the decade.

After opening a boutique in Milan, Franco Moschino released several more striking collections. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1995, and the brand continued to collaborate with a new Creative Director. During the brand’s existence without its founder, MOSCHINO has completed numerous enchanting projects, including the stage costumes for Madonna’s tour in 2008 and the launch of the online store in 2009.

Jeremy Scott has been Creative Director of MOSCHINO since 2013. Jeremy began his career as an illustrator at Versace, founded his own brand, and later became Creative Director of MOSCHINO. Scott’s unique vision and talent perfectly translate the brand’s fundamental values: irony and humorous rebelliousness. So, once after model show, Jeremy Scott comes to his bow in a T-shirt with the inscription: “I do not speak Italian, but I speak the MOSCHINO language.”

Under the leadership of Jeremy Scott, MOSCHINO has presented collections dedicated to fast food, contemporary ballet, an escaped circus, and a mix of classical and sporty styles.

Items from the MOSCHINO collections are remembered for their stylish barbs to the fashion industry and their extraordinary cuts and prints that have been in the brand’s DNA since inception. Today, you can also purchase MOSCHINO scarves or hats at attractive prices from our online store.

Why buy women’s fall scarves from MOSCHINO?

MOSCHINO is famous for its absolute freedom, sense of humour, and unique style. Thanks to its founder Franco Moschino, the brand is radically different from the standards of high fashion. The Italian designer revolutionized the way women dress by giving them the freedom to dress how they want. The only standard that has passed with MOSCHINO through its long history is the high-quality standard. Women all over the world buy women’s fall scarves to create an elegant but individual style. Have a look at these models, and you will fall in love with the accessories of this brand:

Buy a men’s scarf as a romantic gift

Do you want to surprise your man and give him an expensive, slightly crazy, but lovely gift? Buy a men’s scarf, made from 100% wool, with an eye-catching design. We have highlighted several popular options here:

Buy a wool scarf for your girlfriend to keep her warm this fall

Buy a wool scarf for your girlfriend, mom, or sister, and you will forever have the status of a caring and thoughtful man. Here are some options for beautiful, stylish wool scarves for women:

If you want to buy a designer hat, MOSCHINO hats are for you!

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman or non-binary customer, you can buy a designer hat of this brand, as the options are vast.

Here are male models:

And this is a female model:

MOSCHINO clothes and accessories are loved for their beauty, sexuality, and femininity. A woman or a man who wears a MOSCHINO hat is a sparkly, self-confident person who does not depend on social status. Today, the brand has millions of fans around the world. Among them are Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Rita Ora. Even Michelle Obama has been seen wearing MOSCHINO clothing.

How to choose the right hat?

A hat is an impactful accessory, as it is located right next to the face. A hat can flatter a face shape, highlight imperfections, make the skin tone fresh, or give it extra years. Therefore, it is crucial to consider style, colour, shape, and size when choosing a hat.

Because of the importance of choosing the right hat, we want to give you some tips specifically for your face shape and height:

Choosing a hat according to the shape of your face. For example, an oval is considered the ideal face shape. With this face shape, there is no need to consider a hat’s shape - any will suit. However, everyone else needs to know which models will flatter their face shape.

With the help of a headdress, a round face can be slightly stretched and made visually less rounded. For example, Beanie hats or elongated hats topped with large pompoms make for great choices. Caps and hats with visors that can be worn asymmetrically are also good choices for this face shape.

A square face requires a similar approach, but we have an additional challenge to smooth out the angularity. Give preference to hats that do not cover the forehead - the bulk should be on the back of the head. Wear berets, hats, and caps with slight asymmetry.

An elongated face, on the other hand, needs to be made a little more rounded. Small, knitted hats that cover the forehead do the job perfectly.

How to choose a hat by considering your height. Everything is simple here: the taller the woman, the more voluminous the headdress should be. Miniature tight-fitting hats made of thin knitwear do not flatter tall women, and voluminous knitted hats and boyar-type fur hats look odd on short young girls.

Buy a black hat to look stylish

Black hats are a versatile option for those who want to stay stylish and stay warm. They are suitable for both men and women and can be worn while jogging, walking with children, and when going to work. Black hats look spectacular on blond-haired people with long hair but are also suitable for people who completely cover their hair under a hat. It is better to buy a black hat than a simple bandana, especially if you live in a cold country! Youngsters who have chosen a minimalist style will enjoy our black hats with inscriptions, various patterns, and applications. The inscription will help express your position in life and attitude to the world, and, of course, it will characterize you as an individual with your own unique style. Here are some options of MOSCHINO male models (We will let you in on a secret - sometimes women buy these models too!):

Go shopping in Milan or buy a hat online?

Our store partners only with genuine world-famous Italian brands, which is why our products are distinguished by a superior level of quality and stylish design. Instead of traveling to Milan to go shopping, you can buy a hat online from a well-known Italian brand on our website. All you need to do is go to the section of designer hats.

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