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Article: Emphasize your status and refined taste with Italian umbrellas Pasotti

Emphasize your status and refined taste with Italian umbrellas Pasotti

Emphasize your status and refined taste with Italian umbrellas Pasotti

Pasotti umbrellas have graced the hands of style icons like Jennifer Lopez and Madonna, so there is no surprise that they are considered to be one of the most prestigious brands. Each model of umbrella embodies and exudes elegance and exclusivity. Considering this, the Italian umbrella Pasotti can serve as an exquisite gift for somebody close to you who values sophistication in the details of their accessories.

In general, the streets of a dreary, rainy day are dotted with black, blue, and grey umbrellas. These are popular for their versatility and practicality in matching with most outfits. However, Pasotti has upped the style game by flawlessly combing practicality with impeccable design. Pasotti umbrellas are considered chic luxury. Users of Pasotti umbrellas can stand out, rejoice, and show off their sophisticated taste on rainy days amongst the crowds of dulls, lifeless grey and black canopies. Why plainly repel the rain when you can do it in colour and style?

Why should you buy umbrella from luxury brand Pasotti?

All accessories are made in consideration of style and usefulness. Despite being secondary to the main parts of your outfit, accessories add colour, spark, and imagination to even the plainest look. Imagine you have an important date – looking perfect is key. A stylish girl will usually buy herself an expensive dress, matching shoes, and some accessories. Normally, these accessories include jewelry, a bag, or a hat, amongst others. However, the world is unpredictable, and a bag and a hat won’t always protect your outfit from a bout of bad weather. For this reason, more and more people are going into a boutique looking for Pasotti umbrellas to match style with protection. Today it is even more easy as you can buy umbrella of luxury brand in online stores.

Features of the European umbrella Pasotti

Pasotti accessories are widely represented in many countries around the world. They are bought quickly by anyone who wants to be in trend. The European umbrella Pasotti is a great choice for a variety of reasons.

  • They are made using expensive and high-quality materials. Preference is given to waterproof polyester (100%). Umbrellas are sewn by hand, hiding the mechanical base.
  • Strong steel is used in making the frame. This means that the umbrella is resistant against very strong gusts of wind and the service life of the frame increases.
  • Exclusivity is the brand’s hallmark. Its appearance draws the eyes of anyone walking around the user. The unique handles are made from metal, wood, or bone and are decorated with Swarovski crystals, leather, or stones.
  • Every person is interested in making their look complete and elegant. Pasotti umbrellas are beautiful and can be presented as a gift to a friend or close relative. You don't even need to wrap them, as they are always sold in a beautiful, branded box.

Design of the umbrella: Luxury Pasotti types for everyone

There are two types of umbrella configurations available from Pasotti. As well as these, Pasotti often creates exclusive, limited edition models of umbrellas. Luxury Pasotti designs can be compared to many famous fashion brands on the market today.

The first type is a cane umbrella. These umbrellas are traditional and elegant, featuring a full-length central cane and designer handle. They are presentable and practical with a small weight.

The second type of umbrella from Pasotti is the folding model. They keep with the sophistication and style of the cane models, but they add an element of versatility which cane can’t achieve. For this reason, they can be stored easily in a bag or in the glove compartment of a car, and when rain strikes the owner will not be far from their umbrella. Due to the light weight, carrying the folding model in your bag won’t be a burden.

Since these umbrellas come in a wide variety of colours and styles, you should heed some advice when choosing yours – don’t just buy any colour. For example, people with pale skin should avoid green and blue designs as it greatly contrasts against the skin and makes it seem paler. For these skin types it is best to buy in warm and pastel shades. Additionally, a warm coloured umbrella will evoke feelings of warmth on a cold, gloomy day.

How to buy a quality umbrella online and not a fake

Unfortunately, the Canadian market is full of knock-off products that dishonest sellers pass off as originals – the so-called ‘expensive fake.’ In the case of Pasotti umbrellas, it is easy to understand if it is an original (to be on the safe side, you can also buy the original umbrellas online in our store).

Here are some tips on avoiding fakes and examining originals:

  • Inspect the handle for the presence and absence of dents, scratches, and chips. There should be no flaws as Pasotti umbrellas are carefully made and packaged.
  • The handle must fit anatomically in the hand. If it interferes with your grip, the model will not function well when you are trying to stabilize it against strong winds.
  • Open and close the umbrella to investigate the reliability and strength of the mechanism. The original will not jam when performing this procedure.
  • Check the canopy fabric on an open umbrella to see how well it is attached. Remember that in a folding model, the fabric is not tightly fixed; however, there should be no sagging. This is important, as the stretch of the fabric determines how it will cope in heavy rain.
  • Original products always have a label detailing the material of manufacture. If it is absent, its probably means it was mass-produced and is a fake.
  • Pull on the top cap and the handle – this is done to determine the reliability and strength of fastenings. In no case should anything easily leave the body of the umbrella. Quality umbrellas are fastened by hand, and thus the easy release of any part means it is not of high quality.
  • Shake it side to side while open to imitate strong wind. The dome should not swing from side to side.
  • Originals have their fabric attachment points hidden behind the caps, not sewn with threads as in knock-off products.

Standard umbrella cost for the Pasotti brand

Pasotti umbrellas are not mass-produced. They are made in Italy and sold all over the world from America, to Mexico, to Russia. Despite starting by producing products for people with average incomes, all products are now custom-made, unique pieces. Therefore, these umbrellas are appreciated especially by wealthy people who use this iconic brand at social events and business meetings. By taking out a Pasotti umbrella, even without a drop of rain, owners show off their beautifully laced canopies and expertly handcrafted Swarovski crystal handles. As you can imagine, these unique umbrellas don’t fall into the usual umbrella price range.

The starting umbrella cost is 150 euros. However, with that price comes the bonus of being on par in the accessories department with Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez. Both ladies have walked the red carpet with this exquisite Italian brand in their hands.

Best price for umbrella of Pasotti in Canada

You can find the best price for umbrellas in our online store. We also supply clothing and accessories for both men and women from world-famous Italian, Swiss, Korean, French and German designers. So, visit our website and enjoy shopping for original, world-class accessories!

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