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Article: Designer luxury scarves from leading European brands. Discounts for popular models

Designer luxury scarves from leading European brands. Discounts for popular models

Designer luxury scarves from leading European brands. Discounts for popular models

Where to buy scarves in Toronto?

If you are looking for a place where to buy a scarf in Toronto for the coming fall and winter season, then you do not even need to leave your home, as there is a huge sale in our online store! Now you have a unique opportunity to buy luxury scarves from the most renowned European brands at a considerable discount. In this article, we will tell you in more detail about the brands you can buy on sale.

Buy women’s fall scarves from the famous French brand CHRISTIAN LACROIX

Today, you can buy women’s fall scarves at a discount from the world-famous brand Christian Lacroix. Christian Lacroix’s creations are based on a fascinating combination of his Provençal roots, passion for folklore, and fascination with the history of clothing. This designer has created a new form of luxury that is youthful, sophisticated, and Baroque at the same time. His fashion house offers shawls in bright, extravagant colours that will be the perfect gift for a woman. We have selected the most popular and elegant models:

One more great gift idea for your girlfriend - buy a designer scarf from Faliero Sarti

Leading Italian brand Faliero Sarti is famous for its luxury accessories. These shawls and stoles are made from cashmere, modal, rayon, cotton, wool and other materials with the addition of Tuscan herbs. The herbs give the scarves a truly unique, sophisticated aroma. These lightweight, soft, and comfortable pieces are delightful. The stylish but classic design in a discreet pastel palette is the perfect complement to any look. For more than half a century, Faliero Sarti has been creating airy masterpieces from natural angora, cashmere, cotton, and silk. An excellent choice of gift would be to buy a designer scarf from Faliero Sarti. It is the best present to keep your loved ones warm in fall and winter and make them look even more elegant.


Women’s accessories of this brand are made from natural silk. This designer’s range includes shawls, scarves, and stoles. For their colouring, special patented technology is used, thanks to which the products do not lose their colour even after a long time. Just look at these beautiful models:

A men’s cashmere scarf is the best option for this fall and winter

If you want to look elegant and presentable this fall, then we advise you to buy a men’s cashmere scarf from one of these brands:

Joshua Ellis

This company was founded back in 1767. It has been producing the world’s best fabrics for more than 250 years. Even the slogan of their company is “The Art of Cashmere.” They make cashmere fibres, camel wool, sheep wool, and Escorial ® (the world’s finest natural wool fibre), creating exclusive fabrics and accessories with experience passed down from generation to generation. Do not doubt the quality of these scarves - they are 100% cashmere or virgin wool. Such a scarf will not only add elegance but solidity to your style. Pay attention to the models that we have specially selected:


Billionaire scarves are designed for successful men in large cities who know how to work and play. An elegant 100% silk scarf is what everyone dreams of. All Billionaire scarves are produced in small quantities, and the number of stores where you can buy this brand’s products is strictly limited. From us, you can get these scarves of the most vivid colours at a discount. Here are some options for you:


This brand produces excellent wool scarves that will protect you from the cold in fall and winter. Scarves in this line are presented in various shades, from austere brown to a delicate peach colour. So, anyone will find an accessory to their liking.

How do I buy a scarf online if I don’t have the opportunity to try it on? How to choose a scarf of the right colour and texture for a woman and a man

Many people are wondering how to buy a scarf online. How to choose the right one if I cannot try it on? In this section, we will give you some advice for both women and men.

In order to choose the right scarf for a coat in colour, you need to match it with the colour of your eyes and skin. Scarves are worn close to the face, so this accessory easily emphasizes skin tone and draws attention to the eyes.

It is necessary to focus not only on the range of colours of the outfit but even on age.

The universal colours include red, greenish-blue, lilac, and pale pink. Pale yellow, pink, and apricot are considered rejuvenating colours. When choosing a scarf for a jacket or coat, remember that selecting accessories in light shades for light colours is undesirable - such a combination will make you go unnoticed. Instead, scarves in yellow, blue, green, and red are suitable here.

For women who wear grey coats, it is preferable to have scarves in contrasting colours or shades of grey. Women who prefer black outerwear can choose accessories of both light shades - they refresh the image - and bright colours (purple, green, blue, and red).
Secrets of choosing a scarf for the type of figure:

Petite women should not get carried away with bulky scarves. But, for young ladies with narrow shoulders and wide hips, such scarves are suitable. On the other hand, women of short stature will appear a little taller with a long accessory thrown over the neck.

There are not many tips for men on how to wear scarves. This is primarily because men rarely wear brightly coloured clothes. Usually, men’s suits are designed in two or three colours.

The width of a man’s scarf is usually 15–35 centimetres (cm), and the optimal length is 180–200 cm. Products longer than two meters are most often for women. For a business style, it is more expedient to purchase narrow products that can be worn with a business suit and a classic coat. Wider models are ideal for sports and casual wear. Accessories shorter than a meter are difficult to tie beautifully around the neck, but they are perfect for everyday wear.

There are also universal requirements when choosing a scarf for a coat.

Firstly, you should consider the style of your coat. For more sporty options, warm and dense variations are successful. For classics, light ones, for example, from cashmere. Still, a leather coat should not be combined with knitted products since this looks odd.

Secondly, the colour scheme of men’s scarves is quite conservative. However, despite this, one should not forget that it is necessary to select a product while taking into account the general colour scheme of the wearer’s wardrobe. Classic and popular colours are blue and grey scarves, as well as products in large check patterns. When choosing a colour, you should be guided by the same rules as when buying a tie. Choose a product that is a couple of shades darker or lighter than the main clothing (suit or coat). Stylists recommend choosing monochromatic models or models two shades darker than the strict classic business style of dress.

White also belongs to the classic colours of men’s scarves. By tying a snow-white scarf over a coat or suit, you are guaranteed to attract attention and stand out from the crowd. A black scarf will not be the most successful purchase, as it, in most cases, gives the wearer an earthy shade and visibly ages the skin of the face. Accessories in sky blue or light blue, navy blue, and light grey will refresh the look and make the image lighter.

For men who prefer a sporty clothing style, scarves of various shades are ideal, but it should be remembered that too bright scarves are seen as poor taste. However, there are exceptions to this rule. Bright products with various accessories will perfectly complement informal outfits and the outfits of teenagers.

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