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Article: Fall/winter 2022-2023 trends

Fall/winter 2022-2023 trends

Fall/winter 2022-2023 trends

Every year, contemporary designers make predictions on trends which will be relevant during a particular season. Today we will look at trends which will be popular in fall/winter 2022-2023. We will focus on the latest trends in clothing, footwear items, and accessories.


The most sought-after clothes are raincoats and coats with epaulets and storm flaps, which decorate the articles in question, making them more striking and glamorous. Having puffed epaulets can visually enlarge the shoulders and make the silhouette sophisticated. A storm flap will bring a touch of romance and elegance to the look. Menswear-inspired blazers are also trending. This kind of outerwear is versatile and practical, gaining popularity among women.

Sleeveless outerwear remains relevant. Such clothing is popular among drivers and those living in regions with warmer winters. For those seeking to keep their hands warm in style, designers suggest adding long gloves to the look.

In the current season, outerwear made of leather is still relevant. Using leather clothes, you can create stylish and dramatic looks. Leather is the ideal material for making literally anything. Leather items are present in collections of many famous designers, so you can effortlessly find a jacket, a raincoat or a coat which will become a fine addition to your wardrobe.

Casual wear

       There exists an opinion that many famous designers only create haute couture clothes. This opinion is unfounded, however, for they also create articles of clothing specifically for everyday life. Fashion designers are interested in having women buy articles of clothing made by them and use said articles daily.

       The main trends in casual wear are multiple layers, knots, and a degree of carelessness to the look. The idea of having multiple layers is appealing to fashion enthusiasts of all ages, for it is striking as well as practical. Complex knots add a rebellious and free-spirited touch to the look, which strikes a chord with modern women. In the current season, silhouettes with puffed shoulders are also considered a fashion trend. An older generation still remembers the popularity of shoulder pads sewn to blouses and jackets.

       Additionally, intricately tailored clothes are trending this season. Fashion designers create looks in several styles from deliberately imitating streetwear to prim, intricately tailored clothes. Such articles are ideal for women used to being in the center of everyone’s attention, catching mesmerized gazes. Next season, designers suggest adding a coat with asymmetrical fur inlays, a stylish business suit with high shoulders and a mystical suit coat to your wardrobe.

       As for skirts and trousers, articles with high waist are relevant. Such clothing is comfortable and visually striking. This style suits women with larger hips and a pronounced tummy. Shirs on the hips help cover them visually, accentuating femininity, and romance in the look.

       The unisex style still holds its position and remains relevant, having erased gender boundaries a long time ago. This style has gained a lot of attention among women. The main reason for it being that this style provides freedom and endless possibilities because it is not limited to just clothing, but also footwear, accessories, and behavior.

       After reading today’s article you will be able to create a fashionable, stylish look, relevant this season, fall/winter 2022-2023. This season’s trends are quite varied, which means that every woman can choose clothing for all occasions: for business, leisure, a walk, or a date.


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