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Article: Fashion tips by Christian Dior

Fashion tips by Christian Dior

Fashion tips by Christian Dior

In the world of fashion, Christian Dior brought a lot of novelties and fashionable clothing items for the beautiful half of humanity.  The works of the great couturier are beautiful, perfectly designed, and unusual. Fashion of the 40's and 50's undergoes a new reading in our time, but many of Christian Dior's ideas are still relevant and interesting. The great couturier's Dictionary of Fashion, published in the 1950s, offers six fashion tips that will help any woman bring femininity, sophistication, and elegance to her image.


According to Christian Dior, the bow is not only a way to fix an outfit, but also an elegant ornament. You can cover the high neckline with a bow tie, or tie a belt using this form. The couturier experimented with this accessory for a long time and came to the conclusion that both small and large bows of many materials can be adapted to a variety of feminine looks.


Christian Dior believed that a well-chosen, elegant vest could be an excellent substitute for a blouse under a suit. This fashion idea was revolutionary at the time. Now, many opinion leaders wear the vest on the bare skin, with jeans or even combined with suits. The vest is now at the height of fashion, and who knows if that would have been had not the great couturier introduced the idea back in his day.

Polka dots

Polka dot fashion never ends. It is a relevant option in almost any situation, subject to the right color choice. Black and white is the classic variant. Blue with pink is beautiful; green, scarlet, and bright yellow are uplifting; and beige with gray looks aristocratic. By the way, polka dots have always been popular among aristocrats. They are very refined, light, and far from boring.

Pink color

Christian Dior considered pink a symbol of femininity. According to the great couturier, this color must be in the closet of any self-respecting woman. It was in the 1940s and 1950s that pink became very fashionable thanks to Christian Dior. And trends using this color have not weakened ever since.


Thanks to the great designer, more than half a century ago the magnificent fringe trim came into vogue. According to Dior, the fringe adds playfulness, flirtatiousness, and airiness to a look. In addition, fringes create an atmosphere of celebration and fun. And there is absolutely no difference whether it is sewn as a braid or made from the main fabric.

Gray color

The couturier considered gray color a symbol of practicality and elegance. Gray, according to Christian Dior, is a universal color for a suit or outerwear. It is the color of practicality and officiousness. If a woman has a certain antipathy to black, the best substitute is gray.

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