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Article: Why is brand clothing so expensive?

Why is brand clothing so expensive?

Why is brand clothing so expensive?

For a long time now, designer brands are part of the culture and the benchmark for fashion. Being luxury items, and status symbols, Louis Vuitton, ARMANI, Gucci products are prominently featured in magazines and social media. What is the secret of such popularity? Many people wonder what makes clothing with famous labels so expensive.

What is designer clothing?

Before we discover the reasons for the high price tags, let’s learn the basic definition of the term designer clothing. In essence, this is a type of clothing made in limited quantities by famous luxury brands. The best clothes for exceptional people – this phrase can be applied to each new item. To create such an item, a unique design is developed, high-quality materials and techniques are used; it is often custom-made and expensive.

The most prominent brands making designer clothing are Prada, Versace, CHANEL.

Regardless of the circumstances, famous brands continue to develop and thrive year after year. For example, the percentage of luxury clothing increases by 3.5% annually. With that in mind, according to general calculations, the value of the industry itself is estimated at around 300 billion dollars.

What are the cornerstones of such dynamics, motivating the high-end price tags of brand clothing? The main reasons for that are the following:

Top quality and best materials

Unlike mass tailoring factories, brand clothing manufacturers do not use synthetic materials and low-quality accessories. For example, Versace is famous for making their own textiles, and both Louis Vuitton and Hermes use natural leather of rare species in their products.

Exclusive items by other designers are made of natural cotton, silk, wool, or linen.

A special charm is added to designer clothing by using golden or silver accessories, jewelry encrusted with diamonds and other precious stones.

High labor costs

As previously mentioned, luxury brands strive to do everything to the highest standards. Caring about their products, they use American or European labor, given that their goal is not high quantity, but ideal quality. To achieve this, a large staff of professional, well-paid employees is hired. Everyone from fitters and tailors to designers and jewelers are professionals in their field. Consequently, their pay is higher than average.

Particular audience

Most clients of fashion brands are respectable, well-established people with no financial difficulties. They value their status and give no mind to the price tag if the brand’s name and the article in question are worthy of this.

Brand name investments

Famous brands are well-known for a reason: they invest massive amounts of money in marketing and branding. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on one average seasonal campaign. A-list celebrities are invited, and preview publications are commissioned in prominent outlets to fuel interest in new collections.

Business model

Generally, it is considered that the price of a given product is reflective of the costs necessary to produce and sell it. In the luxury segment things are different: there is no definite basis for prices.

Designer clothing is sold at the price for which consumers are willing to buy it. Considering the custom nature of clothing items, a constant buyer competition is present. If you don’t buy an article of clothing right away, someone else certainly will.


Haute-couture clothing presents a possibility to become truly unique. It is hand-made using a unique tailoring and is generally one-of-a-kind.


As the market and the popularity of designer clothing grows, many people are left wondering why prices of brand clothing are so high. As it turns out, there are many reasons for that: best materials and techniques, professional staff, marketing campaigns, creative decisions, exclusivity.

Expensive clothing by famous brands will always remain popular, for it is bought to highlight one’s status, to be perceived on par with people from high society, to always be in vogue, at the peak of success. It can even be bought for the purpose of investment.

Do you have any more questions regarding designer clothes? We are ready to answer any questions you may have!

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