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Article: Bogner jackets

Bogner jackets

Bogner (originally known as Willy-Bogner-Skivertrieb) is a German brand that focuses on luxury athletic wear, specifically for the winter season. Bogner product range varies from ski-pants and tops, to comfortable and warm high-tech outerwear. Company currently has a number of lines including the Fire+Ice outerwear line that includes high performance jackets that make a true fashion statement. The product line captures everything that a man or a woman may need: from a vest, or a toque, to snow pants and winter jackets and parkas.

Given the Canadian climate nuances it is important to have a warm and stylish winter jacket that could be worn on a daily basis, with a proper performance jacket for those interested in winter sports. Our store carries a large variety of men’s and women’s winter jackets from Bogner that are both fashion and performance essentials.

Long winter parkas, or shorter winter jackets are all down filled and have water repellant structure that makes these jackets exceptional during winter time. With innovative stitching technology these winter jackets will keep you warm even in the coldest settings. We included both classic looks, as well as more intriguing camo and patterned quilted finishes to cater to the most demanding customers.

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