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Article: Clothes and accessories from Zilli. Premium quality from France and Italy for stylish and successful men. Available in our online store now!

Clothes and accessories from Zilli. Premium quality from France and Italy for stylish and successful men. Available in our online store now!

Clothes and accessories from Zilli. Premium quality from France and Italy for stylish and successful men. Available in our online store now!

Zilli is a French luxury fashion brand for men that was founded in 1970 and still stands for impeccable quality and a unique style. The glory of Zilli back in the 1970s came thanks to leather and fur products, which were distinguished by solidity, luxury, and practicality. These items were mainly men’s outerwear garments, which the amazingly talented master tailor Teofilo Zilli sewed made-to-order in his workshop in Lyon, France.

The Zilli brand is Franco-Italian. The clothes are mostly sewn in Lyon, France, and shoes and bags are made in Italian factories. The Zilli brand has changed stylistically in the last couple of years: proportions and silhouettes have been modernized, and styles and finishes have become lighter. But the signature passion for the accentuated and impeccable neatness of every garment and every accessory remains Zilli’s hallmark. These items are designed not to rip or fray, and even jeans always look brand new. All kinds of crocodile and python piping and trims are not just decorative touches - they are functional. They protect the sleeves of jackets, polo shirt fasteners, and the openings of pockets of jackets and trousers. Zilli’s exotic leather and suede are fantastic. They are lightweight, flexible, and not afraid of moisture. This season, the primary colour of the collection is light blue. Some of the items you will find in our online store are very classic, almost conservative vests, jackets, polos, briefcases, oxfords and topsiders, fashionable shirts, and sneakers with a exclusive leather and style.

As you know, in every area of human activity, at some point, a pioneer will appear and set quality criteria and generally accepted standards, which guide all subsequent generations. Until the founders of the French-Italian brand Zilli (master tailor Teofilo Zilli and entrepreneur Alain Schimel from Lyon) started their business, men’s outfits did not have clearly formed character. However, thanks to this duo, the foundations of modern respectable men’s clothing were laid.

In other words, the Zilli brand showed men how to look masculine, fit the times, and remain respectable members of society. Unfortunately, Teofilo did not stay at the helm of the company for very long. Now the company is wholly owned by the Shimel family. However, the approach introduced by Zilli in the creation of each collection has remained and has only improved over time. All the brand lines are significant, but those that we have listed below for your consideration have become beloved classics among our customers.

What to buy from Zilli and where to buy clothes from Zilli. Create a wardrobe of necessary items from Zilli’s sweater store online

Zilli is a brand that should be present in the wardrobe of every successful man. These clothes indicate men’s status and position in society, speak of prosperity. In our online store, you can buy many different items from this brand. We have selected the items that we believe should belong to you. This Zilli tracksuit is perfect for those who like long walks:


    And here are some hats that will be a great addition to your fall or winter casual wear:




      Fortunately, to buy clothes of this brand, you no longer need to fly to European countries or visit boutiques in the capital of your country. Instead, you just need to visit the sweater store online and buy everything you need.

      Buy sweaters online from ORIGINAL LUXURY from our online store

      The Zilli men’s clothing range is designed so that every connoisseur of this brand can complete his wardrobe only with the clothes and accessories of this brand. The product lines range from everyday, to business, to evening, to solemn. Zilli pays special attention to the lines of practical and comfortable casual items. It is worth recalling that Zilli was at the forefront of the development of this style. You can buy any sweaters online in our store. We have clothes in many different styles, but casual Zilli sweaters are the most popular items.



        In the collections of the Zilli brand, you will find many different kinds of garments in various branches of the casual style:

        Everyday. This line includes primarily comfortable examples of Zilli clothing: long sleeves, T-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, polos, chinos, denim items, comfortable and informal shoes, and so on.

        Smart. This trend is complemented by a wide range of items designed in a business style: shirts, blazers, skinny trousers, shoes in a business or office style, and so on.

        Sport. This category is full of Zilli clothing with a sporty slant: T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, trowels, sneakers, and the like.

        The colour scheme of all lines is selected to suit any appearance. It is versatile and is built mainly on the basic colours of black, grey, beige, white, blue, light blue, and burgundy.

        To complete the sophisticated look, buy designer sunglasses online in our online store

        Like all Zilli products, our collection of frames and sunglasses aligns with the brand’s core values of style, quality, and luxurious materials. In collaboration with the renowned French luxury optics company Grosfilley, they design striking eyewear with expressive details complementing beautiful classic shapes. Exclusively for Zilli frames and sunglasses, Grosfilley engineers and designers have developed the gold bar spring hinge for the temples—which is one of the brand’s most recognizable symbols—and the leather inserts that can be seen on the temples and frames of Zilli glasses. You can buy designer sunglasses online in our online store to complete your classy style.

        The sunglasses of this brand feature polarized lenses from the Italian company Divel, which have also been created especially for Zilli. The latest anti-reflective, oleophobic, and hardening coatings guarantee clear vision, accurate color rendition, and reliable protection from ultraviolet radiation. Furthermore, the use of precious metals such as gold, palladium, and ruthenium for decorative finishes is intended to emphasize the high status of the wearer, and the carefully designed and hand-crafted Zilli frames and sunglasses provide the wearer with the highest comfort.

        Sunglasses sale online in ORIGINAL LUXURY

        The Zilli men’s fashion house, a symbol of impeccability and respectability, has taken the concept of luxury to a new level. Our brand of luxury incorporates the high aesthetics of everyday things, the preservation of the traditions of manual craftsmanship, and a tireless movement forward. We are glad to inform you that we are arranging a sunglasses sale online.




          Buy sunglasses online as a present for a man

          As we said, the Zilli brand is the brand for successful men. Also, the clothes and accessories of this brand are absolutely perfect as gifts for men. You can buy sunglasses online in our online store, as a present for your boyfriend, husband, partner or brother, and you also can buy a lot of other clothes and accessories. So even if you want to buy a cap or do a bit of cardigan online shopping, just go to our store, and choose from hundreds of products selected especially for you by our professional advisors!

          Other accessories from Zilli. Buy leather gloves online

          Being luxuriously expensive and having been created from natural materials like leather, cashmere, and silk, Zilli’s accessories are not only in demand and instantly recognizable but also exemplary. Nowadays, Zilli’s designs have justifiably even a certain cult status, which shows the excellent taste of our customers. Because of our products' high quality and brand recognition, choosing these iconic items is beneficial for your career and promotion in society. Check out the luxurious leather gloves from this fabulous brand. You can also buy leather gloves online in our store.


            Minimalism can be seen in the designs of many lines of the company’s accessories. The accessories have been designed in neutral palettes, prints, and patterns. Patterns are often selected by customers in an oriental style, for example, Arabic, Persian, or Indian. These oriental designs are so utilitarian that they don’t overwhelm your outfit.

            We hope you enjoyed our article on the world of the Zilli brand. Follow us for latest updates on our promotions and discounts!

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